Bernie Sanders Visits NYC

Bernie Sanders visited the old neighborhood Monday night, October 30th, to lend a helping hand to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. The free event was held at a music venue in Hell’s Kitchen called Terminal 5. Speakers included a union organizer, two immigrant activists – a young woman from Pakistan and a young man from Peru, an assemblyman, Chirlane McCray and Bill de Blasio, but there was no doubt as to who the star attraction was. Bernie Sanders received long, loud applause every time his named was mentioned by another speaker and throughout his speech. Chants of “Bernie, Bernie” puncuated the speeches by McCray and de Blasio along with an occasional call for “four more years.”

The crowd was an interesting mix of young and old and of all ethnicities. Issues touched on were a tax increase on the wealthy, working toward single payer health care, education for everyone regardless of income, raising the minimum wage, increased benefits for workers such as paid maternity leave and one that received howling applause –  fighting the war on immigrants, people of color, Islam and people living in poverty being waged by conservatives around the country and particularly by the trump administration.

Though de Blasio made a huge mistake in supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign, he is still the only choice a sane, moral person in New York City could make (in my opinion).

His two opponents are both dysfunctional conservatives. One is GOP candidate Nicole Malliotakis, who seems to do nothing but attack de Blasio for cronyism and being soft on crime.

The other is calling himself an independent, but is a regular guest on Fox News and the radio show of blatant racist Don Imus. Bo Dietl is a vulgar ex-cop whose campaign is a “tough guy” stance on fighting crime and who wants to hire more police, continue stop & frisk policies and build more jails. He’s basically an attention whore who craves publicity of any type. He constantly slams de Blasio for “turning his back on dead cops” and attempts to spread fear of a city with uncontrollable crime if de Blasio wins reelection.

Neither spends much time talking about actual issues or shows any concern for homelessness or poverty. They’re both more interested in increasing income for business executives and police officers.

I took a few pictures, but I have to apologize for the low quality as my “camera” is an old, feeble iPad. 😀


5 comments on “Bernie Sanders Visits NYC

  1. Yes, “de Blasio made a huge mistake in supporting Hillary Clinton.” Look who’s at his side now. If Bernie doesn’t hold grudges, neither will I.

    That was an important rally. I’m grateful you got there and shared the event with us.

  2. I was barely able to forgive de Blasio for not supporting Bernie during the 2016 campaign. I finally did it at the event since it was evident that Bernie had. He admitted his mistake and spoke eloquently about the need for someone like Bernie Sanders to lead the country out of the self-destructive direction it’s taken of late. I know that last year he was being attacked from all sides, but his lack of courage was disturbing.

    This is a man who has unabashedly defended Socialism for decades. He went to Nicaragua to help distribute food and medicine in the late 1980s and came back to the U.S. talking about the need for compassionate governing in the U.S. He has spent most of his political career defending the rights of the most vulnerable in society. From the day he took office he was assaulted by corporate media for being a Communist who hated the U.S. and wanted to see it come crumbling down, hated police, hated the flag, wanted to tax businesses right out of the country, wanted to push the “homosexual agenda”, wanted to rewrite history and so many other ridiculous things.

    And, from the left, he was being accused of not immediately dismantling Wall Street as if he were actually an undercover agent for the Federal Reserve of Goldman Sachs.

    It was good to see people of all skin tones and all ages as enthusiastic about Bernie as they were during the campaign. What we need to do is not allow complacency to completely dissolve that enthusiasm. If we show people who feel helpless about what’s going on today that there is an alternative to the current trend of disgusting hate politics which does nothing but divide us, we might still be able to rescue this country from the descent into a dystopian Libertarian nightmare wealthy manipulators are steering us into.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I’m feel gratified that De Blasio admitted his mistake. He evolves!

    So true, we need to help “people who feel helpless” to be aware there are real solutions to our problems – and strong leaders and workers already lifting the heavy weight for all of us. We need to get behind them – together!

  4. No doubt about it. When corporate manipulators and the property they own in government indulge in hate politics they do it to divide the population and prevent us from taking control of own lives. When the voters do it they are destroying their own lives, the lives of their family & friends and the lives of future generations. I don’t understand why this is so difficult a concept for so many people to comprehend.

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