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Sometimes the world is like an insane, criminally dysfunctional boxing ring in which insidious corruption is the rule as opposed to the exception and the “referee” joins in the fight – for one side.

“In this corner we have a sensitive, 69 year old political prisoner with the moral courage to stand up for his principles in the hopes of making the world a better place to live in regardless of what may happen to his health, his freedom and his life.”

“And in the other corner we have a brutal gang of violently immoral, barbaric, well-armed white supremacists with low intelligence who willingly obey the sick, twisted orders of psychopaths working for the financial benefit of a ruling class bent on dominating a society to the point of rendering them mindless and devoid of their humanity.”

The following is from the Free Mumia NYC website:

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Political Prisoner Herman Bell Assaulted

Black Panther Party political prisoner Herman Bell was viciously assaulted by guards at Great Meadow Correctional Facility (Comstock) on September 5, 2017. While being “escorted” by a guard back to his housing unit, a guard struck Herman, age 69, in the face causing his glasses to drop to the floor. This same guard then repeatedly punched Herman about the face, head and body. Responding to a commotion, 5-6 other guards arrived and joined in the assault. One of them was able to knee Herman in the chest causing two cracked ribs. Another guard took out a bottle of mace and sprayed it all over Herman’s face, eyes and mouth.

Herman was then taken to the prison infirmary. X-rays have confirmed fractured ribs. Herman’s left eye is damaged from the mace and blows. He has bruises to his body and is suffering headaches, a sign of a possible concussion.

Herman Bell has now been charged with “assault on staff”. Defying common sense, they allege that Herman, for no apparent reason, slapped the guard escorting him. He did this, they claim, in a location out of the view of all inmates but in the presence of other guards. He is now in the Special Housing Unit (box) at Five Points Correctional Facility where he was transferred after the incident.

Herman Bell has not had a disciplinary violation in over 20 years. He was scheduled to begin a three day family visit with his wife a few days after the incident, their first such visit in over 2 1/2 years. In addition he is to appear before the parole board, for the 8th time, in February 2018.

Herman has, however, been the target of guard harassment due to his political background. Visitors report that guards processing them and in the visiting room comment that they are visiting a “cop killer” or “terrorist”. Some guards have been seen passing around the book “Badge of the Assassin” written by Herman’s prosecutor.

At this time, we are encouraging everyone to take the time to write to Herman or send him a get-well card, so that the authorities know we are paying attention and are concerned for Herman. Stay tuned for updates as we develop this campaign.

Herman Bell’s new address is:

Herman Bell 79 C 0262
Five Points Cor. Fac.
P.O. Box 119
Romulus, N.Y. 14541

4 comments on “In This Corner…

  1. This is such a heart-breaking account of the abuse of power. It reminds me of the dynamics highlighted in “The Stanford Prison Experiment”, highlighted in a BBC documentary that my students will be watching this semester (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRtZJId5AiE&t=78s). Tragically, this type of abuse by those with petty positions of power over others is increasingly being sanctioned by the psychopathic behavior of bullies in powerful positions, although it’s nothing new. It reminds me of plantation overseers – poor whites without property who were placed in charge of slaves to buffer plantation owners from resistance – an effective way to divide and conquer people who shared collective oppression.

  2. The torment of the oppressed never ends.

  3. Exactly. This is the same manipulative, sociopathic behavior by powerful people in a different era. They have devised this twisted system and exploit it to the fullest to derive benefits with absolutely no risk whatsoever. Prison guards are plantation overseers. They are picked for their low intelligence, penchant for violence and obedient natures. Capitalism is merely the next step after slavery in a procession of oppressive systems that derive maximum profit from resources – human or mechanical.

    Thank you for an insightful comment that gets right to the root of the problem.

  4. Yes. Apparently the rulers feel that they can never let up in their level of violence figuring that it prevents people from being able to gather their wits and formulate a plan to challenge them.

    It’s why I feel that violence cannot be a solution to our problems. I believe that when it comes to using tactics of violence, the most violent will always “win” – if you can call it winning. Actually, everyone loses.

    Thanks for the comment.

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