From the Dictionary of Sanity & Truth:

Capitalism (kap-i-tul-iz-uhm):

1) a social system that originated as an economic system in which living beings are considered commodities that are bought and sold according to the desires of an ownership class who control the movement of goods and the basic economic structure in a society.
2) a religious doctrine which imbues the wealthy of a society with the perceived right to control virtually every aspect of the lives of all citizens, mainly by controlling the economy through ownership of banking and controlling public opinion through ownership of information technology industries; and to invade other nations and steal resources necessary for corporate rulers to collect additional wealth in order to maintain perpetual control over a captured population.

7 comments on “Capitalism

  1. Good grief – it’s so scary!

  2. Exactly. That’s why so many people deny reality.

  3. wondered why i’m looked at
    like a wiget 🙂

  4. You are looked at by some as a potential deal to be made. They have supposedly turned it into an art. 😉

  5. i feel better as a widget
    being a work of art 🙂

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