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Is anyone still wondering why Noam Chomsky called the republican party the most dangerous organization in human history?

They are attempting to increase death, debilitating illnesses and homelessness among the population they say they serve and, at the same time, want to divert the nation’s resources from the working majority to the wealthy, arrogantly priveleged ownership class who do not work or need the money so generously being given to them by economic terrorists.

If anyone out there believes I am engaging in sensationalism by calling wealthy sociopaths who take from people in need and give to people who have more than they could possibly know what to do with “terrorists”, give me an explanation of what terrorism is and explain how this does not fit the bill. The comment section is open and I have yet to delete or not “approve” a comment on this blog.

It is honest to say that these despicable “people” do not care about children other than those they gave birth to.

It is honest to say they care nothing about disabled people who’ve been given a difficult journey in life under the best of corcumstances (relating to social programs and their needs).

It is honest to say that they give very little thought to the elderly who would suffer greatly under the terrible conditions imposed on them by these austerity measures. The GOP basically wants to discard them into the gutter like garbage.

It is also honest to say that these criminals (who manipulate laws in a disingenuous way to appear to be lawful) care nothing at all about anyone other than themselves, their families and their “friends” – though I doubt people like this even understand the concept of friendship. They are nothing more than greedy prostitutes who want everything while giving nothing.

The hypocrisy of the stated intentions of these people is beyond belief. Their immorality and heartless demonization of “others” is the epitome of dehumanization. This is a character flaw that could not possibly be acceptable to ANYONE. How millions of people support this destruction of civilization is perverse.

If humanity does not get together, finally, and put an end to this savage organization, it is unlikely we will survive this century.

So, suicide and murder will be their legacy even though no one will be around to acknowledge it.

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

Normally, I avoid posting more than one article on my blog in a day. Recently, I rarely post more than once a week. But I just received the Monday Report my Congressional Representative, Rick Nolan, shares with his constituents. Below is an excerpt with crucial information that is important to share because the mainstream media may not.


Rick Nolan’s
Monday Report
From Minnesota’s 8th District Congressman

“A Wish List for the Rich”

House GOP Budget Targets Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid to Fuel Tax Cuts for Wealthy People and Corporations

Dear Ms. Hand,

So much for President Trump’s campaign promise not to cut Medicare and Social Security. Trump and House Republicans last week signed off on a catastrophic budget plan to slash Medicare by $500 billion over ten years and turn it over to costly the private insurance industry. Traditional benefits would be replaced with a…

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10 comments on “Important News

  1. We the people have to stand together as one to counter this assault on our lives. I see no other way.

  2. Thank you so much for your powerful comments and for sharing Nolan’s crucial update. 🙂

  3. Obviously, I agree. It even means making peace with the sick people who currently support this despicable behavior. Educating them on the consequences of their actions and reaching them deep inside, beneath the fear and hatred, is key. I see no other way of surviving.

    Thanks for your comment. I know you are educating people with your blog. We need to figure out how to reach those who need the education instead of continuing to preach to the choir. I’ve left this blog untouched for months at a time due to the realization that I wasn’t actually contributing to solving our problems. I still haven’t figured it out. Hopefullly one day…

  4. It’s the least I can do.

    Also, I apologize for the intensity of my rant. While I fully believe everything I wrote, I too often get caught up in strong emotions. It’s because I care, but afterward I realize that I’m polluting the energy I’m sending and probably negating what I’m trying to do. I’m going through a difficult time myself right now so I guess that contributes to the frustration in my writing. I’m still learning. 😀

    I want to thank you for your beautiful, balancing posts that contribute calming energy and help people achieve stillness, if even for a moment. It’s a beautiful thing.

  5. I’m sorry to hear you’re facing challenges and I send my best wishes to you. I appreciate your apology although your arguments are important, honest and appropriately passionate IMHO. There’s no need to regret speaking up against cruelty and violence. Silence is a far greater problem in times when people’s lives and the earth are at risk.

    I also want to thank you for your kind words. It’s not easy for me to find moments of peace these days, but how can one ignore and fail to pass on the message of a dragonfly/damselfly? 🙂

  6. It’s tribalism, and an US versus THEM mentality.

  7. You got that right. They are obviously young souls with much to learn and need to be taught lessons from wiser people (which would appear to be just about everyone else on the planet).

    Your comment reminded me of the amazing song “Us And Them” by Pink Floyd. The lyrics are amazing in that they express a powerful message with an economy of words and the music is soothing, yet incredible. Absolute brilliance. I listen to it often at night to relax. 😀

  8. In one of her blog posts, Carol Hand talked about being a loving presence in the lives of those around her. We have to start there. It makes a difference.

  9. Absolutely. Everyone needs to feel welcomed otherwise there will be no progress. We definitely can’t continue with things the way they are. It must change. Wisdom is a great thing. Especially when coupled with compassion.

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