No Laughing Matter

I was watching a comedic “liberal” talk show recently and something occurred to me: this isn’t actually funny. People are laughing at serious issues and undermining the attitude needed to correct society’s addiction to mindless ignorance. This ignorance has led to a disturbing pattern of dysfunctional obedience and has caused horrific corruption and rampant injustice throughout the world.

Too many people who describe themselves as “politically on the left” are content with looking clever while having fun making jokes about the ignorant and hateful people they believe are running the show here in the U.S. But that won’t prevent the ignorant and hateful people from stealing more elections and continuing to (appear to) run the show. And the spineless hacks in corporate media will continue to spread ignorance and hate (through fear-mongering) because these traits help them manipulate the ignorant masses into obeying the parasitic ownership class, the wealthy rulers who actually run the show. And they seem to enjoy their temporary hold on what they perceive as power. They’re simply unofficial employees of the rulers, of course, but that seems to be enough of an existence for them. These media hacks, along with low level political puppets in government, are paid well, but they’re nothing more than actors playing their roles.

I’m not saying that everything should be taken seriously, but making light of hateful, disingenuous propaganda that inflicts suffering on so many can be viewed as passive acceptance of a violent, predatory system. They can laugh all they want, but the fear industry experts are laughing back knowing full well that their indoctrination is resonating with hateful thoughts they so meticulously plant in the minds of the people who make it to the voting booths every November.

These Corporate Democrats have an echo chamber of their own. In it they congratulate each other on cleverness which only seems clever when compared to the dull-witted knuckle-draggers they oppose in political circles.

Circles – how apt a word. Most people think and talk circles around themselves to strengthen their dead-end philosophies which contain them inside prison cells of ignorance. A sharpening of awareness would allow them to cut through to the truth of the issues, but complacency (in this case being content with being smarter than simpletons and emotionally challenged barbarians) causes a stagnation of their mental acuity and compassion.

More important is the fact that most of these people fail to come up with possible solutions to serious problems that are leading all of us down a path of self-destruction. That’s nothing to laugh about.

12 comments on “No Laughing Matter

  1. I agree, it’s no laughing matter; and, it reveals the great divide between the entrenched establishment and the rest of us inconsequential peons.

  2. Funny you should mention that. On Friday evening, I was watching “Redacted Tonight” on RT America while my son was preparing a snack nearby.

    “That’s no laughing matter,” he said, joining me.
    “True,” I said. “But he’s (host Lee Camp) raising issues we don’t usually hear about on mainstream news.”

  3. I hear you. I was watching a show that covers stories also covered by corporate media, though they’re given more time and attention. Lee Camp is pretty good.

    Even the show I was watching is often good, but I’m seeing that they actually do very little because the people who need to watch them are busy watching the low intelligence indoctrination. The higher intelligence indoctrination – for Corporate Democrats – would help Conservatives a little. It could raise them a level in relative awareness as opposed to the pure hate and ignorance preaching on a network like Fox.

    However, I feel that these other shows do very little because I see them as vehicles for drawing a line in the sand for acceptable dissent. It may seem like dissent to a patriotic knuckle-dragger, but it is more of a dead end because it will lead nowhere. It allows some pressure to be released without causing effective change. It’s like signing petitions online and sitting back in your comfortable chair to watch things stay the same. It’s not that signing petitions is a bad thing, it just isn’t enough. We need to get people out in the streets, protesting, making noise about issues that are covered disingenuously by corporate media, visiting the offices of politicians in the employ of corporations, boycotting manipulative companies in large numbers and generally raising the level of awareness of as many people as possible.

    We need to vote with our money. After all, we live in a Corporatocracy, not a Democracy.

    Think about all of the people who are angry about trump “winning” the election that didn’t visit an OWS encampment back in 2011. Now, imagine all of them having spent a little time at their local Occupy site. Some once or twice a week, others when they were able. There would have been tens of thousands of people seen on the news instead of thousands (and harder to ignore). If everyone gave a genuine effort, things probably would have turned out differently. Maybe more people would have voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries last year and he would have beaten trump in November. Imagine that for a moment.

    I’m sorry for going off on a tangent, but people need to care more and not be content living in a quasi-democracy which only seems good when compared to war-torn regions in the world (which we are partly responsible for, of course, but that’s a different story).

    Thank you for adding to the discussion. I thoroughly enjoy your blog as well as your insightful comments on other blogs.

  4. As I mentioned in my incredibly long reply to Rosaliene Bacchus šŸ˜ many people believe they are expressing a dissenting voice, but are merely toeing the line of acceptable dissent (which obviously means it isn’t actually a dissenting opinion). It only allows some pressure to be released and therefore prevents actual change from being implemented. The rulers are very clever, but their intentions can be seen through the many smokescreens. It’s just a matter of focusing attention and questioning everything (as you well know). The divide you mentioned will remain until people learn to distinguish between truth and what they want to believe.

    This is why I occasionally write my somewhat offbeat posts that question intentions. I try to get people to look at events a little differently than they are accustomed to. Many other bloggers are better at straight reporting. šŸ˜€

    Thanks for the comment and continue to educate. Maybe we’ll make a difference. Eventually.

  5. Hope so, and you’re correct to question intentions – no doubt about it.

  6. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I renjoyed reading your work. If “OK” please let me know via email.


  7. Good essay – for the most part comedians facilitate the maintenance of the status quo.

  8. Thanks.

    Yes, most comedians do. It’s because they’re sell-outs who care only about becoming popular so they talk about what everyone else talks about and need to aim their opinions (if they have any at all) and commentary at the largest possible audience.

    Also, most comedy today, at least in the U.S., has gone on a straight track to meanness and dysfunction. It’s what sells and most people have very little creativity (check out my recent blog on creativity šŸ˜†) and so parrot what seems to work.

  9. It speaks for you such a balanced perspective. Thanks for the great article! From whatever side, it isn’t correct to ridicule other opinions as there is some background to understand in any view. I made similar observations in Europe, e.g., a comedian used to critical, while fair and balanced, thinking starting to revel in his success by admitting to enjoying the benefits of quota increase from being a “whore of the system.”

  10. Yes, these problems seem to exist everywhere. I usually address the situation in the U.S. not because I don’t care about what’s going on elsewhere, but because I know what’s happening here.

    Fair and balanced, unfortunately, has become nothing more than a cliche in the U.S. We have the predatory organ of corporate indoctrinarion, Fox, to “thank” for that. These despicable manipulators have made war on facts, truthfulness, democracy and decency that I never thought would happen while growing up.

    Thanks for adding to the conversation. Your blog is quite insightful.

  11. Thanks and be ensured that it is evident that you care!

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