Lessons In Life #2

The wild beast of creativity should never be suppressed. If it is, wildness will burst out of the void, turned into mindless violence. This is one of the dark secrets held by the forces that rule us. To be completely tamed is to be completely dominated and that is unacceptable to a human being. Even a person so deeply indoctrinated so as not to understand the concept will rebel subconsciously. That could lead to illness, likely to insanity. Submissive obedience should be considered a mild form of insanity. Instead, we have professional brain shrinkers who tell us that creative thinking is unhealthy. It’s only unhealthy to the manipulative ones who desire unimpeded control over society. Freedom is a much better choice.

Here are 2 pictures of sand mandalas by Joe Mangrum. I met Joe at Zuccotti Park during the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011. He’s very creative and an amazing human being, very compassionate. He made a sand mandala at the park right after the heartlessly brutal Gestapo-like raid by NYPD ordered by former mayor and media billionaire, Mike Bloomberg. He hoped it would remind everyone not to be goaded into violence to match the brutality of the mayor, his Wall Street brethren and NYPD:

The following is a video of a song I recorded in my tiny apartment many years ago. I chose it because I don’t have many to choose from and I feel it’s creative – different than what most people listen to. I have to give a warning: there is some questionable language and an occasional line that appears more violent than intended. However, that might be appropriate since this is about the wildness of creativity without regard to norms. I wrote and recorded the song in a very short period of time. That was my style: spontaneity, usually one take on each track. It’s a low quality recording for having been done on an old analogue 4-track recorder. Also, it isn’t actually a video, but a video made from a still photograph. The photograph was the cover of the album this song was on. It’s a (crude) drawing I made myself. I hope some of you enjoy it anyway…

2 comments on “Lessons In Life #2

  1. There’s much to be said for allowing creativity to move us to take action in whatever way is necessary. Too often people are inhibited by their socialization, more afraid of what others will think than afraid of living a life in mental chains. Freedom and creativity are kissing cousins after all.

    Thank you for sharing this. šŸ‘

  2. You’re very welcome. šŸ™‚ I write what comes to my mind, often after reading or seeing something I find odd. I jot down ideas in a notebook or on my iPad. I’ve decided to share some of these strange meanderings my mind takes.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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