Western Governors Seek to Weaken Endangered Species Act

Wouldn’t this be like releasing violent criminals from prison, arming them and allowing them to hunt predatory Capitalists and the crooked politicians they own?

Summit County Citizens Voice

Suggested changes would lead to extinction of some species

A lynx kitten in Colorado. Photo courtesy Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Staff Report

Governors of western states talk a good game when it comes to natural resources conservation, but when the rubber hits the road, they’ve never really been willing to walk the walk.

At its recent meeting in Montana, the Western Governors Association endorsed a  policy resolution today that, if adopted into law, would substantially weaken the core of the Endangered Species Act.

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2 comments on “Western Governors Seek to Weaken Endangered Species Act

  1. Our profit-oriented corporate government have little, if any, understanding of the interconnected, tightly woven fabric of life on our planet. When the remaining threads unravel in plain sight, there will be no need for all that money stashed away in some offshore haven.

  2. I know there are many people who don’t understand that we are all inter-connected and all have a stake in preserving life on the planet. However, it’s truly astonishing that so many wealthy people – and some are not stupid – can follow a suicidal ideology merely to have large numbers in a bank book and more possessions than they can use. It makes you wonder if they actually believe they can survive a world-wide cataclysm that they are helping to bring about.

    It’s also interesting that millions of Christian Fundamentalists in the U.S. don’t believe that we are our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper. They’re selective in what parts of their religion they shove in people’s faces as they support sadistic austerity economic plans and redistribution of wealth from working families to wealthy individuals who already control obscene amounts of money.

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