INTERIOR: 3 BLM state directors removed in reorganization

I don’t even know what to say about this. I’m thinking violent thoughts so I better stay quiet.

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR:trumpeteers preparing for opening public lands to exploitation?

“The Bureau of Land Management is reassigning the directors of the Alaska, Colorado and New Mexico state offices to positions at other federal agencies as part of an Interior Department reorganization that sources say is only beginning.

“Alaska Director Bud Cribley, Colorado Director Ruth Welch and New Mexico Director Amy Lueders are among as many as 50 BLM and other Interior career officials notified this month that they are being transferred to different agencies or other positions within BLM, multiple sources with knowledge of the moves told E&E News.

“Alaska, Colorado and New Mexico have all been involved in controversial energy development and natural resource issues in the past few years, and sources say Interior brass do not view the three state directors at issue as being compatible with the Trump administration’s stated push to promote more oil and gas development…

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4 comments on “INTERIOR: 3 BLM state directors removed in reorganization

  1. The final takeover of our public lands for corporate exploitation are underway. I question the sanity of human beings who persist in digging ever deeper and wider the graveyard of humanity.

  2. Very well said.

    It’s difficult to believe humanity will survive the maniacal drive to increase personal possessions by a relatively small group of greedy business executives. They rampage through life taking what they want when they want it without any concern for others. And all the time knowing they are contributing to turning the planet into a toxic wasteland unfit to live on.

    Thanks for the insightful comment and for your amazing blog.

  3. I’m sure any sane person would agree that we live in an insane society.

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