Follow The Money

This is a hastily slapped together rant so I apologize for any incoherent, convoluted ramblings or redundancies. I don’t have nearly enough time lately to write and when I do it’s usually due to reading something and suddenly not being able to keep my mouth, uh fingers shut. πŸ™‚ Thank you.


I was reading a blog post about the EPA being sued for approving a dangerously toxic chemical product manufactured by Syngenta for use on corn crops. It was an article reprinted from a media outlet that rightfully railed against the horribly irresponsible action taken by the EPA. It mentioned the government agency 11 times – including in the title. Interestingly though, Syngenta was mentioned just once throughout the entire article.

It hit me that it has become commonplace to blame government (as an entity) for our failures instead of blaming the people actually making the decisions that hamstring our governmental systems and spread corruption throughout everything we do. We’ve become so effectively conditioned to accept the dogmatic views of Capitalism that we fail to examine pertinent details closely enough to fully understand what is going on around us.

Government is cumbersome in and of itself without manipulative business executives throwing wrenches in the gears and corrupting the entire process with legal deceptions and dark money payoffs. We obediently blame first the guilty official, then the government as a whole.

I understand anger at the EPA as an initial reaction, but deeper thought on the issue should show the futility of this way of thinking. We should be holding accountable the manufacturers of these dangerous chemicals and putting them out of business for the suffering they cause fellow beings and for the destruction of habitats around the world. Then, we should put the major stockholders and people in upper management positions in these companies in prison and, finally, force the executive branch of OUR government to put responsible, caring people in government positions affecting regulation of commerce (and, hopefully, elsewhere as well).

Why don’t we put the lie to the fiction that we currently live in a democracy by challenging our “leaders” to listen to “we the people” for a change?

Obviously, we need to get more citizens involved in important matters instead of spending hours staring at our phones and worrying about the next fix of entertainment to be able to accomplish any of this. That’s a separate difficult problem itself that needs to be addressed. I’m merely highlighting one aspect of this mess we’ve created.

To get back to the point, by suing the EPA we actually weaken the agency responsible for protecting us against the predators who are destroying all life on the planet. We need to get rid of corrupt individuals, not render our government agencies impotent.

One reason this happens is that we’ve been programmed by corporate media to look at these evil actions as being done by faceless organizations and corporations. They simplify everything to fit into a nice, neat little box of “government is bad” and “business is good.” They push hostile ideas on us such as “greed is good” and “if I don’t do it, then someone else will” to perpetuate the destruction of morals prevalent in today’s business models.

They put up a wall of separation between government and the individuals wielding the power. Due to virtually unlimited private money being used to finance political campaigns, whoever has the most money usually wins. So, corporate manipulators basically purchase sections of our government and place corporate agents there to tilt things in their favor.

We have selections instead of elections.

Often, when a corporate politician gets caught blatantly manipulating the system to help “friends” he or she will leave their government position and go back to officially working for the corporation(s) they helped. Of course, in reality they never actually left the company, they simply took the government position so they could be paid taxpayer money to continue to do the bidding of the company.

And, of course, many politicians spend their entire careers accepting salaries from our taxes while receiving a small fortune from corporations to help them bypass government regulation and oversight. Effectively, they are still employed by these corporations. This means that we must end the practices of professional lobbying and private campaign finance as a start. Then, we need to seriously increase scrutiny of exactly where our tax money goes and who benefits from all legislation that is passed.

It boggles the mind to think that we actually allow much of our legislative process to be spent on increasing the obscene profits of wealthy people while a growing number of working poor wind up renting hovels or living in the streets of “the greatest country in the world.” (That is the United States of Corporations for those in other countries who may not be familiar with the almost comical term).

The corporate plan of blaming government for all of society’s ills serves two purposes: the corporations get favorable legislation and/or tax breaks and subsidies and they increase hatred for government hoping to eventually attain the corporate wet dream of a Libertarian society.

Of course, it is almost impossible to change this trend while the vast majority of media outlets are constantly subsumed by larger outlets. This eliminates diversity of opinion and keeps the majority ignorant of important facts necessary to have an informed opinion. This is how so many people are kept obedient.

I could go on with more details or ideas about specific ways to combat this vile corruption, but what it really comes down to is veering away from Capitalism. This state religion is the engine that drives most of the problems we face as a society. It encourages greed by rewarding it and inhibits gestures of good will because few working people can afford the luxury of selflessly doing for others.

Why do so many people think we need an ownership class who do nothing but fatten their bank accounts while others do the work? Why do so many feel incapable of changing the system? Why do so many believe they will one day become a multi-millionaire and enjoy the fruits of other peoples’ labor? Better yet, why do so many want to? Why do millions of people vote to give billions of dollars in tax subsidies to wealthy owners of fossil fuel firms and to cut funding to poor children? Indoctrination.

It’s time to undo the conditioning so violently pushed on us by the corporate lap dogs from popular media outlets. We need to stop the manipulators from framing the discussion on every important issue and, most important, we need to stop using the cleverly designed definitions they’ve come up with to push emotional buttons that derail common sense.

Ultimately, since the thread that ties all of the varied manipulators together – from control freaks to simple-minded money worshippers – is money and possessions, we need to pay heed to one common saying that everyone knows: follow the money. Where does it originate and which bank accounts does it end up in? And take it from there.

16 comments on “Follow The Money

  1. There was a time in America, not that long ago really, when fighting back against corporate power was not only acceptable, it was advocated for by a major political party. We need to look at the past in order to see our future.

  2. Could you imagine the rabid attack by mindless quasi-journalists that corporate media big wigs would launch against George McGovern today? And to think he represented a major party for the presidency in 1972. Wow. And so many people in the U.S. refuse to acknowledge the maniacal jump “to the right” that has been orchestrated in recent decades.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Good advice! Who profits from your stupidity, ignorance or naivety? Don’t be lazy, do your own research on line, from Independent, non-Corporate owned search engines, or Blogs. Any entity that is not owned by the RICH 1%!

  4. Exactly. Too many people find excuses to get lost in their own little world and ignore what’s going on around them. Corporate imdoctrination is powerful, but if enough light can be shined on it to wake up more people we might be able to fight back. Otherwise, the entire planet is doomed.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. A beautiful, lucid rant. Great summary: “We need to stop the manipulators from framing the discussion on every important issue and, most important, we need to stop using the cleverly designed definitions they’ve come up with to push emotional buttons that derail common sense.”

  6. Thank you for the compliment. πŸ™‚

    I felt inspired to write, but felt a little disjointed so I thought it might have come across as a convoluted rant. Actually, my writing style is a bit different than what most people like. I rarely meet people that agree with my way of explaining a point of view, but that’s OK. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  7. Eloquent well-argued “rant!”

  8. πŸ™‚ Thank you. I’m glad you “enjoyed” it.

  9. What? Are they crazy? I shared your editorial on all my social networks!

  10. Of course, and McGovern lost big in 1972 even though he ran on a popular anti-war platform. But, I was thinking back to the New Deal/Great Society era from the early 1930s to the late 1960s.

  11. πŸ™‚ Many people don’t like to be knocked out of their comfort zone, often which exists inside a crypt of ignorance.

    Thanks for spreading my point of view. πŸ™‚

  12. Yes, I hear what you’re saying. McGovern definitely got his butt kicked. πŸ™‚

    A large percentage of people voting in 1972 were very obedient about “patriotism” despite anti-war sentiment among young people. Also, the economy was fairly strong, Senator Eagleton’s psychiatric history did damage to McGovern’s campaign and there was talk about the Vietnam War ending soon.

    FDR did a lot for the working class despite growing up in an upper echelon family with ties to financial elites. And Socialism was much more popular in the 1930s than any time since.

  13. I say smash the state and govern ourselves. If you gentlemen don’t want to do it us grandmothers will take charge.

  14. That would definitely lead to a Libertarian nightmare. Those with the money would purchase the military and use it to wipe out everyone that didn’t obey their every whim. The rest would be slaves.

    More humans need to evolve into civilized beings before we’d be able to govern ourselves.

  15. The communists have had the best track record thus far in opposing these capitalist madmen.

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