Is leadership something to be feared? Can organizing people and making them aware of basic human rights EVER be a bad thing? What does it say about a prison system that dehumanizes those they say are to be rehabilitated? (Though the prison system’s idea of rehabilitation is more like brutally training people to obey). And what does it say about a society that treats people in such a despicable way?

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

6/23/17 Emergency Appeal

Supporters received word that Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, prisoner-organizer, artist and revolutionary, was picked up by Virginia officials and removed from Clements Unit on Thursday, June 23rd. He is no longer being held by Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Rashid is a very good organizer and was moved from Red Onion State Prison because of his influence and leadership. It seems now that Texas also could not handle his principled determination.

Thanks to so many people phoning Virginia Interstate Compact Supervisor Terry Glenn, we have found out that Rashid is now in Florida at a “reception facility.” However, we do not know where that is, if he can receive mail there, or where he will end up. We will keep you informed as we find out more.  In the meantime we are asking people to phone Mr. Terry Glenn back on Monday.

Rashid is Minister of Defense…

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  1. People need to act fast. It’s amazing how easily people can simply disappear in the prison system.

  2. It sure is. The stigma of being in prison causes a lot of people to assume someone is a bad person and deserves rotting in a cell like a corpse. Prisoners become invisible. Meanwhile, many of those same people voted for a piece of crap like donald trump for president. It can make you crazy.

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