A Little Help For A Brother?

Censorship, distortion of truth, racism, sexism, religious intolerance, mental slavery, war profiteering, fanning the flames of suicidal ignorance & hatred, obscene profiting on imprisoning those who refuse to meekly obey the dominant culture… is this what the United States is about?

The following is just one example of the state of our penal system, a system that profits on torture yet pretends to take care of the innocent. We have distorted the concept of justice and built a system of judicial brutality. Don’t just blame the cops, blame everyone who keeps this system in place:

Jalil has submitted a request to Gov. Cuomo requesting commutation of sentence to time served, as the parole board is obviously biased. A fair and just parole hearing is impossible for Jalil and our other NY State political prisoners.

Jalil has been in the SHU since December 6th for teaching Black History – a course approved by the administration. He’s taught Black History for almost 2 months, now teaching about the 1960’s, anti-Vietnam War movement and the Black Panther Party.

Jalil was written up because the authorities didn’t like what he was teaching, so he was placed in the SHU with 5 charges.

This is part of an ongoing program to censor Jalil, which escalated this year after he beat charges for writing a letter to an outside organization and was denied newspapers from the outside.

From Jalil”

“As you know, I have been suffering intense harassment, first messing with my mail, trying to put me in SHU for writing to I Am We Prison Advocacy Network, then denying me receipt of The Militant newspaper, now succeeding by taking comments out of a 1 and a half hour lecture and cobbling them into a narrative to fit rule violations, removing them from the original context and intent. Given the recent NY Times newspaper articles exposing the racist practices of both disciplinary hearings and parole board decisions, it is apparent the harsh penalty in this case coincides with the findings of the NY Times articles.

“In this regard, it is important that folk know this seemingly unrelenting harassment is consistent with the NYS Correctional Officers Association’s alliance with the PBA’s opposition to my release on parole. With the growing and mounting campaign to persuade Gov. Cuomo to grant my application to commute the sentence, these entities are mounting a campaign to thwart any possibility for success at the parole board. We must vigorously condemn this disciplinary sanction and demand that it be reversed. But just as importantly, we need to further expose the racist nature of the disciplinary process and correctional guards/administrators persistent efforts to prohibit my release on parole.”


Too many of us are concerned with attaining a bigger house, a more expensive car, nicer clothes & jewelry, more entertainment and more luxurious vacations. We’re looking for another promotion and a bigger paycheck. We take what we have for granted and want more. Too much doesn’t seem to be enough. We have been programmed to see what the obscenely wealthy have and to want the same. How often do we look at the less fortunate – especially those who stand up for what they believe in, speak truth to the powerful & corrupted and lose everything for it?

Including their freedom.

4 comments on “A Little Help For A Brother?

  1. wonderful to promote
    a let go of stuff
    movement 🙂

  2. Interesting how the criminal justice system deliberately singles out prisoners who are politically aware and motivated – especially if they’re black.

  3. Obviously, it’s not a coincidence. The powers that be need to punish courageous, aware people and make examples of them to keep the scared, obedient ones in their place.

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