Blood In The Water

There are points in a person’s life at which it seems impossible to continue pushing forward. When the hard work and honesty you thought would eventually pay off just doesn’t seem to be enough to make the struggle worthwhile. It can happen to societies as well. These are times that make it appear as if humanity has lost itself in hate and fear and there is no way to reverse the damage done by hateful manipulation, fearful obedience and moral cowardice. The United States is at such a point right now.

A frighteningly rabid predator with the skill set of a relentless parasite has been elected to the highest office in the land. He didn’t win in the sense we traditionally think of when we think of winning – as in the concept of “fair play” where the contestants observe rules designed to allow for equitable participation of all involved. Elections in the U.S. have become selections. They are selections by the priesthood of the state religion who have the power to destroy anyone who disobeys. They select a few corporate-owned puppets and we are “allowed” to choose one to lead the executive branch of a government that is called democratic but has actually become a corporation owned by wealthy executives.

That this system has been so successfully foisted upon a seemingly unsuspecting population is something of a miracle (validation of the corporate priesthood?) The current state of politics is worthy of extensive study by sociologists.

Of course, we all know that the will of the people has been ignored for many years. People complain about it every so often, but when their “team” wins – whether by clever deception or an outright purchase of elections – it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. The “losing” team cries while attacking the “winning” side in the media and waits for their turn because in a two-party system they will always get their turn to be on the “winning” side.

The obscenely myopic mindset this betrays would seem to be too embarrassing to continue, but somehow people get so caught up in the game (like angry adolescent children bent on hurting whoever gets in the way of their winning) they lose all sense of what matters in life. Pathetic behavior infecting the electoral process has created a government so dysfunctional it would be humorous if it wasn’t so sick. And sick is an appropriate term to use because it allows for sickness of the soul, mind and body to set in. And, perversely, this perpetuates the entire mess. It’s perpetual madness and won’t end until people step back, observe with a fresh perspective and admit what’s going on.

The corporate indoctrination can only work if we refuse to pay attention and address what is actually wrong. We allow predators to break the system, then point at it and scream that it doesn’t work. And we listen to them explain that it needs to be eliminated because life is about survival of the fittest. Never mind that the disabled, young and elderly can’t pull their own weight. And the majority (the working class) carry the weight of the rulers (the permanent vacation class) who then blame their economic obesity on “others.” Or that skin tone is part of the determination of this mysterious “fitness.” Besides, “survival of the fittest” refers to animals without the higher thinking skills that humans possess. They act at their level of consciousness, living in a beautifully delicate balance with the rest of the planet that humans departed from long ago thanks to parasitic personality types like the “wannabe” dictator in the White House.

We only have to look around and see millions of children without proper nutrition, millions living in the streets, hundreds of thousands dying from preventable deaths every year in hospitals, a healthcare system that has become sickness care, hedge fund managers each collecting more wealth than entire schools of teachers, legal poisoning of air, water and soil…

We’ve been in need of an actual leader, someone with a balance of compassion, intelligence and courage, for a very long time. Instead, we’ve elect a violently dysfunctional ruler who preaches hate and intolerance while promising to continue destruction of the planet and hold greed and anger as more important than helping others?

Donald Trump will do what’s best for Donald Trump. Occasionally it will help others, but that is incidental. He will occasionally allow some good things to happen, but that will merely serve as public relations. He has an ego the size of the planet and the temperament of an angry boy filled with hate who has figured out how to hurt others. He will do what he wants because he has always done what he wants. He has no moral guidelines and I believe that will ultimately lead to his downfall. We will see.

As for the rest of us, instead of giving in the way we always have (following the path of least resistance), we need to be strong and creative to survive his control-obsessed regime. We have to accept, for the time being, that he is president. That doesn’t mean to accept his disastrous agenda of planet-wide raping and pillaging. It doesn’t mean widening the huge divisions in the population that he managed to use as a tool in taking the election.

We need to show those who were fooled into electing him how dangerously suicidal that was. It will be difficult because the mouthpieces of the fear industry have their own agenda and it doesn’t align with what’s best for the rest of the planet. Maybe if we show them that taking inspired action instead of reacting to hate and fear can lead to solutions that will benefit everyone, we will make incremental steps toward lessening the divisions. This could start us on a path toward taking our government back from the tight-fisted control of corporate manipulators and stop the suicide we’ve learned to embrace as inevitable.

When there is blood in the water, sharks will attack. And starting today, the sharks lurking in the swamp are bigger, badder and more treacherous.

12 comments on “Blood In The Water

  1. Very well said. There’s so much that’s so deeply damaged about the US political system that it’s hard to know where to start. But rebuilding community is always a good place.

  2. Yes, it is.

    Single-minded solutions will not work, it must be a wide ranging effort supported by a broad coalition of diverse groups of people. The manipulation, divide and conquer technique has been amazingly effective, but must be blunted for the good of all life on the planet.

    Fifty years ago, the republican party decided they would be voted into irrelevance if they didn’t come up with a plan to broaden their “constituency.” They hit the bricks and knocked on doors for years. They figured out a deceptively clever way of aligning vastly different groups who had very little in common and made it work for them. They figured out the easiest groups to manipulate into voting against their interests.

    We need to teach enough of those people how violent their obedience to Fundamentalist Capitalism and nationalistic zealotry is and show them what they have in common with those “others” they’ve been taught to hate. It’s a difficult task, but must be done.

    Thanks for all you do in that endeavor. Every compassionate person needs to do a little something and we can find our way out of this suicidal web of self-deception.


  3. well expressed!
    we shall do our best
    realizing that even with our
    best resistance
    many of us
    will be eaten
    by these sharks.

  4. Definitely. Living in a Capitalist society we’ve known for a long time that we mindlessly “eat” a certain number of our young. Now we’ve widened our gluttonous appetite, but must continue to educate the less aware to have a chance of changing our situation.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Well said. More than ever, we have to reach out to others.

  6. Yes, we especially have to reach out to the fearful people who seem unable to weave their way through the web of confusion spread by the manipulators. They react to confusion with hate and anger because they are seriously dysfunctional. Though there is a concerted effort to push the emotional buttons of these people, we can’t allow them to completely escape responsibility for their suicidal ignorance. They need to be shown how their destructive behavior affects so many others in a serious way. And we need to address these issues with compassion and patience otherwise we’ll be feeding the opposite reaction.

    Thank you for contributing. Your love comes through in your writing. Thank you for everything you do.


  7. Trump supporters continue to be enamored with him. Clinton people still accuse Bernie, or the Russians, for her defeat. Yes, let’s step away from the divisiveness of politics and its divisive tactics. Yes, let’s focus on the plain principles of democracy and community. There’s room for everybody.

  8. It’s the only way to survive virtual slavery in a corporatocracy. The working class must join together to avoid being manipulated into continually voting against our own interests. It’s been going on for far too long. The charade must end. We need to spread courage, not hate.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this post. I enjoy your blog a lot. It’s very informative.


  9. Tapping into our shared humanity is needed to bring collective action. The civil rights movement’s mantra of “eyes on the prize” signaled our need not to get derailed by partisan politics and class divisiveness. Corporate capitalism affects us all at a fundamental level as our planet’s resources are co-opted and commodified.

    Good message and on point, as always. These are uncertain times, indeed.

  10. Divide and conquer continues to be an effective strategy for the powers that be. Apparently, people refuse to learn.

    Thanks for the comment, Jeff. It’s great to occasionally hear from you. I hope things are going well with you.

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