Did You Say “Christian” Nation?

The following started as a rant on a blog post about the U.S. being a Christian nation. I decided to elaborate on my reply and turn it into a post of my own:


Did you say Christian nation?

The United States is definitely not a Christian nation. To imply so betrays an acceptance of Theocracy as a viable form of government. That is extremely dangerous and peculiarly disingenuous when someone also purports to support democracy as a governmental system. Religion is the most powerful tool of oppression known to humanity and has been a significant contributor to uncounted brutal deaths as well as sadistic destruction of natural habitats. It may occasionally help someone as a guide to moral principles, but usually only if done on a personal level. To tell someone else to believe YOUR belief system is the epitome of arrogance and a sure path toward destruction.

The U.S. was formed for freedom of expression and freedom from religious persecution – including the right to be completely free of religion. Stating that the U.S. was formed based on Christian values is false. Democracy is an idea that goes back at least as far as the Greeks and possibly longer – definitely before the birth of Christ. The fact that the founding fathers were Christian for the most part has very little significance in what they intended to establish in the “American” colonies.

However, if one truly wants to include religion in the context of what they did here there is no need to look further than the five century long genocide perpetrated by Christians against Americans.

That is based on Christian values.

That is driven by the Christian obsession with possessions and control of “others.” The violent European invaders who massacred families, destroyed forests, massacred bison (to cut off the Americans’ supply of food) and basically initiated an undeclared war on a predominantly peaceful people was done in the name of Christianity. They cried out with religious fervor that they were “taming the wild”, “spreading civilization” and were “civilizing the wild barbarians.”

They arrogantly pushed their twisted, suicidal belief system on communities of people that had virtually no crime, no prisons, no remedial schools, no drug abuse, no obsession with the ownership of land – people who were more balanced and more evolved as human beings than the invading army of weapon-weilding maniacs that scorched the continent. The European Christians were the barbarians and they have systematically turned the U.S. into a laboratory of mindless consumers being experimented on with various toxic chemical concoctions and behavior modification techniques.

I’m shocked that Christians actually want to take credit for this murderous, suicidal machine that is slowly engineering the destruction of life as we know it around the entire planet.

Christian Fundamentalists (who almost always also identify as Capitalist Fundamentalists – one of the most bizarre phenomena in human history) who are determined to label the U.S. as a Christian nation need to still their obsessive minds and ruminate on these self-important, deceptively violent ideas they’ve obediently incorporated into their world view.

Upon closer examination, it can be said that the United States has developed an extremely clever Hybrid Religion. There is an interesting duality to it. It can be broken down into many sub-groups, of course, but there are two basic components of this religion. One is widely accepted as a religion, the other would be better described as a demonology. The first is the long-accepted Judeo-Christian religion which is used to moderate behavior. This includes anything from encouraging mindless, nationalistic flag waving in support of the trampling of human rights of other nations to promoting intolerance of those who act and think differently. There is nothing more conducive to the deadening of the human mind and spirit than saturating a society with false dogma aimed at taming our true nature and preventing a population from questioning the agenda of the ruling class. It is the ultimate destruction of freedom.

The other half of this insidious dual belief system is Capitalism. Many people consider Capitalism nothing more than an economic system, but anyone who cares to be honest knows that it is much more than that. It has subsumed all other religions and is the dominant belief system in society today.

It provides the necessary zealotry of a religion to help keep afloat the governmental system of Corporatocracy that has bypassed enough of the U.S. Constitution to eliminate democracy. Of course, the term democracy is still thrown about with wild abandon. That is simply part of the indoctrination process that causes so many people to become blind adherents to this state religion.

The elimination of creative thinking has allowed many distorted ideas of questionable veracity to be viewed as viable these days. This, along with a deterioration of moral integrity, is the downfall of the human race. We have allowed the incremental elimination of basic civil rights (never mind the fact that we didn’t have enough to begin with) through a clever indoctrination process that has elevated greed and possessions to a place of more significance than the lives of fellow humans. War is business. Think about that. War is something that should be antithetical to a philosophy or belief system imbued with the “magical” power people give to religion. Instead Christian Fundamentalists bow to the dogma of an incredibly violent system that will very likely destroy most life on Earth.

If people open their minds to compassion, peace and oneness they’ll see the folly of blindly following a belief system that inherently embraces divisions between people. These divisions are openings for dis-ease which will eventually cause diseases and disorders – physically, mentally and spiritually.

We need to heal, but true healing is contingent upon having a peaceful heart filled with compassion (on an individual level) and the rendering of whole (individually and on a societal level). Oneness.

If we drop the labels and obsessive blaming of “others” we will heal as a race.

4 comments on “Did You Say “Christian” Nation?

  1. Well said…Nice,clear and precise

  2. Thanks. Glad you liked it.

    Like I wrote in the intro, it started as a comment on someone else’s blog and became something more.

  3. Very strongly agree with your analysis. There’s so much that’s so deeply wrong with capitalism and Christianity, and yet it’s rare to hear an incisive critique of either one. Well done. 👏👏

  4. Well, that seems peculiar, doesn’t it?

    You’d think, given that the two were forced together in unholy matrimony long ago, that someone would have noticed and considered it important enough to write and talk about. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind comment. You’re a thoughtful thinker and writer so I appreciate that you read my blog. I hope to hear more from you. Peace.

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