When Will We Learn?

The sun never set on the British Empire back in the day. The same with the Russian Empire. The Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese… they all travelled the world in the past few centuries invading foreign lands, enslaving people who did nothing to them and forcing their way of life on cultures who differed from them in many ways. The American continent is the site of the largest genocide in known human history. Africa was victimized by the largest slave market in known human history. Today the United States of Corporations makes their mark on a large portion of the planet, mostly in despicable ways.

I know that dictatorial maniacs from other parts of the world occasionally invaded foreign lands and conquered less aggressive people – raping, pillaging and burning – but why is it that The White Man seems to consistently show this type of aggressive, hateful, war-like mentality over an extended period of time? And, not only to exhibit this type of behavior, but to spend uncounted time and energy defending it to the rest of the world?

That is probably the most contemptible aspect of it – the manipulation of minds to disguise rape and murder as something beneficial and necessary.

Is it a genetic defect? I don’t think so. It has to do with learning – and not learning. And, very likely, with the fact that military dominance feeds arrogance and tends to inhibit the desire to get along with others – when you can conquer them and take what you want – especially in barbaric societies.

It seems that there must something inside the minds of many of them that instills this arrogant, racist superiority disorder that has inflicted so much death and destruction. Is it generations of releasing one-sided information that gives them this sickness? History is written by the victors, but is “victors” the proper term to use? Or should we use words like destroyers? Ravagers? Psychopaths? Genocidal maniacs? Enemies of life? After all, no one actually wins in war.

Apparently, this control over information that is used to get their victims in formation has also been used by clever manipulators to get their own populations in formation. It is used to get relatively peaceful people “on board” with the systematic destruction of the cultures of militarily weaker nations. This destructive behavior has been called “progress”, “exploration”, “taming the wild”…

It is oppression of people and destruction of natural habitats disguised as bringing civilization to the “poor savages.” It’s savage and brutal. And has become suicidal on a planetary scale.

There seems to be another trait that white people (though not all and not exclusively) are becoming infamous for: an inability to learn. That is incredibly dysfunctional. It shows a deep flaw that is usually referred to as a developmental disorder. We drug our children to prevent peaceful tendencies considered undesirable by aggressive beings who suppress creative and critical thinking skills that would lead to the questioning of our sociopathic, control-obsessed rulers. Is this part of the problem? The unintentional (or intentional?) effect of a dependency on pharmaceutical products to alter behavior that has allowed despicable behavior to be viewed as normal?

This was a “spur of the moment” rambling set off by reading a news article about a news outlet encouraging the re-engagement of the occupation of Iraq (as if the rulers need encouragement to do violence). I felt a sensation of disgust in the pit of my stomach and decided to release it by writing. The writing took a direction of its own with no particular destination in mind.

When will we learn?

We “pride” ourselves on amazing technological advancements made in recent years, but don’t seem to question the uses we put most of them to. We could feed the entire planet – humans, animals and plants. We could build infrastructure throughout the planet that would allow for a more enlightening experience for everyone without completely destroying natural resources. We could help educate without indoctrinating. We could develop an energy distribution system more in touch with preservation of the planet and aligned with needs instead of desires. We could cultivate understanding and cooperation.

How would we be able to make war on people if we actually know them?

But instead of cooperating with life, we teach mistrust and mistreatment of others, build weapons and walls and spend energy spreading fear and hate. Many people fear uncertainty so they go along with the status quo. They like the “comfort” of familiarity. They haven’t yet learned that outside of that comfort is useful knowledge. It’s knowledge that can lead to strength, wisdom and freedom.

I don’t have all of the answers, of course. I do know one thing: the sane, moral people in society need to find the courage to stand up, speak out and shake the apathy and complacency out of the walking dead among us who fear truth and are willing to carelessly obey those who have brought us to the brink of extinction.

8 comments on “When Will We Learn?

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  2. I believe our basic problem stems from the fact that human socialization/technological development have progressed at rates orders of magnitude greater than the biological evolution of human psychology/behavior. Our species is spinning out of control. If there is a viable solution, no one has found it yet.

  3. I agree. Our society is far out of balance – Koyaanisqatsi, as the Hopi put it. We’ve made truly amazing technological breakthroughs in many different areas yet we’re committing suicide on a planetary scale due to spiritual retardation. Our ambition far outweighs our morality. We’ve built a society that can do incredible things yet allow hundreds of millions of fellow citizens to wallow in abject poverty. We have courage in many fields of science, but we lack the moral courage to give of ourselves to those in need due to the system we’ve built.

    It’s very sad and it won’t get better by itself. We need to sacrifice and put a supreme effort into improving ourselves individually and communally.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Thanks for helping spread the word.

  5. perhaps humans
    will learn to appreciate
    the wonders & beauty
    of life & existence of all
    through contemplation,
    and thus act with love & wisdom 🙂

  6. Perhaps. I still have hope. 🙂

    Thanks for the wise words.

  7. I ask myself the same question. There appears to be some among us who are wired for self-destruction. In their unhappy state of existence, they are willing to take the rest of us down with them.

  8. Yes, it’s disheartening, isn’t it? Too many people have become full-fledged victims of the Capitalist Indoctrination Process in which misery is a powerful tool to get people to buy useless, unnecessary crap that they think will make them happy. And it allows us to identify with others in a negative way – thus the old saying “misery loves company.”

    The system has been designed to keep people fearful, wanting, ignorant and confused. The fear keeps us divided because it projects the fear onto “others.” That’s useful for directing anger away from the manipulators (where it belongs). The wanting fuels the economic engine which keeps our money flowing to them. The ignorance and confusion prevent people from being able to distinguish between fact and fiction and from having enough facts to make knowledgeable decisions.

    We need inspiration that will reach a large number of people creating hope and leading to inspired action. Thanks for the comment.

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