Medical Neglect Is a Crime, Judicial Brutality Is a Crime Against Humanity

Medical neglect by an individual is a crime punished by law enforcement. So, why would it be any different when the medical neglect is perpetrated by “law” enforcement? Prisoners are subjected to inhumane conditions in U.S. prisons every day. Some prisoners are subjected to torture every day in U.S. prisons. This is especially so in regard to political prisoners. All totalitarian regimes punish creative thinking that doesn’t conform to the dogma of the state religion – or state demonology in this case.

Many people in the U.S. think of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia when they think of political prisoners being tortured. Well, it’s time for a dose of reality, people. There’s no need to look any further than your own backyard (however deeply it might be hidden). Medical neglect is a crime. When it is systematically perpetrated by a judicial system it is a crime against humanity.

A civilized society will not allow this to continue. We need to stand up for what we know is right. We can’t condemn human rights abuses elsewhere in the world while we allow it to happen at home. That is an obscene contradiction and an absurd disconnect from reality. This lack of decency is astounding – especially for a nation that arrogantly espouses the importance of “family values.” The level of moral cowardice is off the charts.

I received the following from the MumiaNYC site:

Since 2002, Imam Jamil Al-Amin, who was once known as H. Rap Brown and served as chairman of the 1960s’ Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), has been a political prisoner in the U.S.

Now, because of an incurable cancer and the failure of the Bureau of Prisons to provide proper treatment, Imam Al-Amin, who is now 73, will be subject to an execution by medical neglect unless he receives a Medical Pardon—and it’s critical that President Obama issue it before he leaves office.

If you agree that Imam Jamil Al-Amin, a prominent activist, community leader, and political prisoner, should be released, will you sign this petition to President Obama asking him to issue Imam Al-Amin a Medical Pardon?

Imam Al-Amin, despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence,  has suffered imprisonment for over 16 years—12 of which in were solitary confinement for no reason. Seven of those years were in the “supermax” Federal Prison in Florence, Colorado, where he had no human contact, no fresh air, and no sunlight.

Now that Imam Al-Amin has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer and the prison has proven unable to provide medical care, it would be inhumane not to release him.

Imam Al-Amin is a real patriot. As a chairman of SNCC, he worked alongside people like Stokely Carmichael, Mayor Marion Berry, and Congressman John Lewis to register Black voters in Mississippi and Alabama during the 1960s. Imam Al-Amin’s illness is a particularly extraordinary and compelling circumstance which could not have been foreseen by the court at the time of his sentencing. In addition to Multiple Myeloma, he’s also suffering from Sjogren Syndrome, an autoimmune disease.

Imam Al-Amin needs urgent medical treatment and this lack of action by the Bureau of Prisons will lead to execution by medical neglect. The outside community has quality medical specialists who will treat his condition.

Will you sign to join us in requesting the release of Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown) to Medical Parole?


Peace and blessings,
Yahya Abdus-Sabur
Executive Director of the Imam Jamil Action Network
in partnership with MPower Change

1. “Muslim Cleric Jamil Al-Amin Is Convicted of Murder; Prosecutors Urge Jurors to Sentence The Muslim Spiritual Leader to Death,” Democracy Now, March 12, 2002

7 comments on “Medical Neglect Is a Crime, Judicial Brutality Is a Crime Against Humanity

  1. Thanks for the reblog. Every attempt at educating the masses is another brick taken from the wall of fear and ignorance.

  2. I no longer believe America is a civilized society.

  3. I’ve considered the U.S. uncivilized for many years, but always thought we’d evolve. Since this year’s election, I’ve changed my mind. I’m truly disgusted with this blatantly dysfunctional, suicidally violent society we’ve become.

    I want to hold hope in my heart that things will improve, but this seems to be too much. I believe we’ve passed the Rubicon in more ways than one – sociopathic celebrity worship infecting our electoral process and handing our near future to a sick, mentally ill creature who will increase rape of the environment and economic terrorism on a terrifying scale for personal gain.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Wow. Thanks for bringing this to our attention – signed, tweeted and posted to Facebook.

  5. It is incredible that this type of behavior is so common today. It shows how desensitized we’ve become as a society to the suffering of “others” – especially those with whom we disagree with politically. Torture is going on in many ways in our prisons. Most people see it in movies and fail to connect it to real life.

    Thanks for helping to spread the word.

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