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VOTE NOW: Trump is letting us vote our picks for his remaining cabinet positions via GOP website

Despite the fact that Donald Trump is a sick, sociopathic predator his transition team has allowed the U.S. public an opportunity to vote for people to be named to his cabinet.

Now, of course, this is nothing more than public relations, an attempt to make it appear as if Trump cares about his fellow citizens. No one who truly represents the will of the people will be allowed real power in a Donald Trump administration. But, it’s still an interesting exercise in democracy – even though we live in a fake democracy. Maybe we can use this as practice just in case we attain an actual democracy some day.

I’m going to vote for Dennis Kucinich (State), Cornel West (Attorney General),  Ellen Brown (Treasury), Tom Goldtooth (Interior), Alan Grayson (Defense),  Jill Stein (HHA), Dallas Goldtooth (Energy), Naomi Klein (OMB), Amy Goodman (Education), Ronnie Cummins (Agriculture), Muhammad Yunus (Commerce), Eliot Spitzer (HUD),  Elon Musk (Transportation), Ann Wright (Veterans Affairs), Bill McKibben (EPA), Jeremy Scahill (Homeland Security) and Lucas Benitez (Labor).

Go ahead, have a little fun with it. Maybe some members of the corporate media will print some of the names and gain attention for some good people.

Update: As it turns out, the site only offered a vote in 9 of the 15 cabinet level positions that are put through Congressional approval – plus Chief of Staff. I guess he’s already chosen the other positions. The position of Chief of Staff being included never occurred to me. Come to think of it, Chief of Staff in a Trump administration will probably be an honorary position considering Donald Trump’s megalomaniacal personality.

Anyway, my pick for Interior was going to be Tom Goldtooth, but that position wasn’t on the list so I voted for him for Chief of Staff. Visit the site, even just for fun…

Second Update: WOW, I urge people not to bother going to the Washington Post site included in the original post. Hoy shit! It lists “considered”  choices – and is packed with sick, twisted predators – Capitalist Fundamentalists, Neo-Nazis, climate change deniers, religious zealots and proven haters of the working class. Holy shit. I don’t know why someone would include that link.

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