I’ve been thinking about health lately and started jotting down my thoughts on it – ideas about the health of individuals as well as the health of society as a whole and the relationship between them. I guess to think about health in this way is somewhat of a holistic way of looking at things. My thoughts started to wander as they are apt to do and I didn’t come up with an actual ending. I just let my mind wander and decided to publish it.

We in the United States (and elsewhere, of course) tend to look at life in a fragmented way. We separate and categorize, we’re obsessed with labels. And that has become a serious problem in our society. It’s one of the reasons why the rulers are able to manipulate us into making sick, twisted decisions we ordinarily wouldn’t make.

We’ve embraced a social system based on economics and it has sent us so far out of balance we’re losing our humanity. Why are there so many people who don’t see this? How can so many people be sent off in a direction so far from what really matters in life?

It’s the coming together of Capitalism as a state religion and the despicable indoctrination machine set in motion almost a century ago, of course. Edward Bernays should be remembered by all of us. He’s indirectly responsible for so much of what has happened in Western so-called “culture” today (due to the powerful effect the marketing industry has had on most of us) but I’m not going to go into the the history of corporate indoctrination right now. It’s an interesting story, but people can watch an Adam Curtis documentary on it anytime. I’m going to finish this essay with the thoughts that were running through my mind after I passed through a somewhat painful time of adjusting to the reality that a person like Donald Trump was actually elected to the presidency of the country in which I live:

A society at peace is a healing society. It’s a society in which people have trust in each other and feel compassion for all living beings – animals and the entire planet as well as other people – and one that allows virtually no dis-ease to enter. Of course there would be occasional illness, but it would be the exception (rather than a constant struggle of every day life for many) and would be taken care of immediately. Sick people wouldn’t pile up in hospitals (and the streets) miserably waiting to die. There wouldn’t be human parasites feeding on the sick by selling “treatments” that extend life without proper health. That is virtual cannibalism. Cures would be readily available for the sick in a civilized society.

We’ve descended into a pit of fear and hate with our eyes wide open. By following a way of life that isn’t actually about life we’ve embraced disease. We have a dis-ease of the soul that has permeated every aspect of life. We’re committing mass murder and mass suicide. And the hateful and ignorant of society are willing to blindly trudge along this sick path to an existence devoid of love and compassion.

Hate is a plague born of fear and when the flames of hate are fed by ignorance and apathy the conflagration spreads and consumes almost everything in its path. It eventually exhausts itself, but not until severe damage is done. The healing process takes much longer to spread than the plague, though it is inevitable.

Healing is the rendering of whole. This is true whether we are talking about individuals or an entire society. Divisions between people in a common society create holes that allow for sickness and disease to enter. That means we need to come together somehow.

To think of coming together with hateful people who actually support a continuation of the destruction of the planet, a Muslim registry, mass deportation of immigrants which would tear families apart, privatization of more of the basic necessities of life, more deregulation, unbridled greed (and consider it entrepreneurship), reducing human rights, continued neglect of animal rights, mass incarceration of those who refuse to give in to the unjust dogma of the state belief system, encouraging a hateful buffoon to pound his chest and use childish temper tantrums when dealing with educated leaders of other countries…

This seems impossible to me yet it must be necessary. It’s painful, but apparently it’s what is needed to get more people to evolve toward enlightenment. I’m not an expert in these matters, just an ordinary person who cares.

4 comments on “HEALING

  1. After many years, I’ve come to the belief that a lot of the dysfunctional thinking and behavior in industrialized society stems from the fact that most people in industrialized society are physically unwell due to a loss of vital intestinal bacteria due to urbanization.

    Just look at all the adds on TV for medication – it’s always something – depression, allergies, asthma, headaches, muscle pain, frequent colds, flu, insomnia, anxiety/stress, heartburn, behavioral problems in children. We have all been conditioned to view this constant ill health as normal to the human condition – but it’s not.

  2. Definitely. We’ve been conditioned to believe many twisted ideas. Things like Capitalism being the same as democracy and that it will end poverty and hunger, that being sick and taking medications are a normal way of life, that everything on the planet is for sale, not to trust people who look and think differently – basically to look out for number one and confusing the concepts of needs and wants. That is the basis of Capitalism.

    Allopathic medicine was pushed relentlessly by the Rockefeller Foundation back in the day to enable those predators to collect billions on disease and addiction. (That’s a future post on this blog).

    I believe that while behavior is affected by our environment, it also affects our perceptions of our environment and how we deal with it – personally and as a society. Oliver Sacks wrote a brilliant book about his work with patients at a hospital in the Bronx that were stricken with the encephalitis lethargica epidemic of the 1920s – Awakenings. In it he concluded that a person’s emotions play a large part in whether or not they heal and if so, how long it takes to heal. He saw a very strong connection between emotional health and physical health.

    It appears that many more people these days are seeing the importance of intestinal bacteria. It’s being connected to a lot of disorders that previously were never considered associated with it.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. wonderful reflection!
    divided & conquered
    with mindless consumption
    & media distraction
    i’m wondering what
    the real prospects
    are for coming together
    faced with …
    a wall 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment and for the poetic touch of wondering about what’s in store for us as a society.

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