The Toxin Delivery Industry Is At It Again

This has truly gotten out of hand. The food industry in the U.S. is so disgustingly callous toward their responsibility as a business entrusted with the health of their fellow citizens, it’s tempting to want to put those in charge in jail without a trial. They are supposed to be in the field of nutrition. Instead they are strictly concerned with addiction and corporate profits.

I know most people are already aware of this, but agriculture, food manufacturing and food distribution corporations are continuing to spiral ever downward into a dark, evil place where the likes of ruthless dictators exist. Military conquerors have killed large numbers of people throughout history, but is collecting obscene wealth while convincing millions of people to consume toxic chemicals that will cause death and debilitating illnesses honestly much different?  They not only make a living selling disease, they are deceitful about it and figure out clever ways of making food products more addictive. And many of these people go about their lives smiling and talking sweetly to the same people they are poisoning every day. What type of person does it take to be able to do that? Seriously. They even poison children. They are the scary, criminally insane people we grew up reading about in horror stories.

Now, they are “respected” business people who live in big houses, drive expensive cars and raise children. Do they teach their children to prey on fellow students in order to grow up to be like Mommy and Daddy? We need to stop these people from creating more sickness. For those who still refuse to believe the studies showing ill effects of genetically modified organisms in our food supply, just look at the work of scientists outside the U.S. It’s only in the Capitalist Fundamentalist nations that the “jury is still out” on this issue. And even if you take the stance of the results not being conclusive, then shouldn’t we err on the side of caution when it comes to something so vitally important? Corporations fund the majority of scientific institutions in this country so we can’t expect transparency when it comes to studies that will affect the bottom line of corporate donors. That’s reality.

In case there are any people reading this that aren’t aware of the many questionable items that have already been added to the “legal” list of ingredients now allowed in organic foods in recent years just check it out. There are articles showing how large food corporations have deviously taken over the process that determines what is allowed in our organic food. The list of non-organic items is long.

One particular detail that needs to be pointed out is that synthetic pesticides are used on GMO crops while they are prohibited from being used on organic crops. What will happen if some genetically engineered techniques are allowed on crops going into organic foods? This is devious, immoral behavior and it cannot be allowed.

This is sickness for profit. Pretty sick.

The following is from the good, caring people at Organic Consumers Assocation:

Sign by Nov. 15: Keep GMOs Out of Organic!

Dear Friend,

The Organic Trade Association (OTA)—that “organic” Big Food front group that sold out the GMO labeling movement—is at it again.

Last week, our allies at Food Democracy NOW! broke the news that OTA board member Melody Meyer, who represents UNFI, the largest U.S. distributor of natural and organic products, is pushing for gene editing, a dangerous new form of genetic engineering, to be allowed in organic.

TAKE ACTION BEFORE NOV. 15: Tell the National Organic Standards Board to keep genetically modified organisms out of certified ‘USDA organic’ food.

Consumers have always been able to count on the fact that if a product is certified organic, it’s GMO-free. That’s because GMOs are not allowed in organic.

At least they haven’t been, so far.

But now the OTA wants to use the loopholes and exemptions written into the DARK Act to force the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) to allow certain types of genetic engineering, some of which are referred to as GMO 2.0, to be allowed in organic.

Unfortunately, OTA’s membership no longer consists exclusively of organic farmers and producers of organic-only products. Instead, many of OTA’s leaders also hold leadership positions in Big Food companies. These companies do own and sell popular organic brands, which allows them to sit on the board of OTA—but they make most of their profits from selling junk food containing unlabeled GMOs.

That’s why the OTA supported the DARK Act, the bill passed by Congress and signed by the President this summer that stopped states from labeling GMOs and created a federal GMO “labeling” scheme that won’t actually label any GMOs.

Now the OTA wants to use that same piece of legislation to sneak genetic engineering technologies into organic.

There’s a provision in the DARK Act that allows the Agriculture Secretary to “establish consistency” between the DARK Act and the organic regulations. Because the DARK Act definition of GMOs is so narrow and so riddled with exemptions, this means the floodgates are open to all kinds of GMOs in organic.

Later this month, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) will decide on what to do to keep new GMO techniques like gene editing out of organic. Meyer and the OTA are working behind the scenes to make sure that this effort is unsuccessful.

We need to let the NOSB know that consumers don’t support OTA’s efforts to slip GMOs into organic.

TAKE ACTION BEFORE NOV. 15: Tell the National Organic Standards Board to keep genetically modified organisms out of certified ‘USDA organic’ food.


– Alexis for the OCA team.

Additional reading about the “Food” Industry: 





4 comments on “The Toxin Delivery Industry Is At It Again

  1. Have you started a garden yet? I’ve been organically gardening since 2008. It feeds me for a few months a year for low cost. I still have cherry tomatoes growing now as we haven’t had a frost yet. Temperatures have been above normal. I only wish I could afford to only buy organic foods. And now this. Unbelievable except you are correct, capitalist addiction to money rules over the health of people.

  2. I grew a variety of vegetables in a garden as well as having a Black Walnut tree and a peach tree while living in Long Island, a suburb of NYC, a while back.

    However, I have been living the life of a gypsy in recent years, mostly in NYC, and don’t have land to grow anything. I can’t even grow tomatoes in a box on a window sill because I’ve been traveling across the country. I went from the Bronx to Tucson, then Taos, NM (where I picked a lot of sage), San Francisco, back to Tucson, then NYC. I’m currently in Oakland, but will be heading back to NY very soon. All apartment living with an occasional hotel stay. It’s been interesting, but difficult in many ways.

    Hopefully, I’ll have access to some land by next Spring. I’d love to grow vegetables again.

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  4. Thanks for the reblog. This is an important issue that we can do something about right now. Hopefully, enough people will act on it and help us protect our food supply.

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