Philadelphia City Council Passes Resolution: Clean Water & Meds For Pa. Prisoners

Occasionally we get some good news. I’m happy to share some with readers at this time:

From the MumiaNYC Site:

Philly City Council Passes Resolution Demanding Clean Water and Necessary Meds for PA Prisoners

***Sista Pam Africa is sending thanks to Jannie Blackwell, Curtis Jones and Cindy Bass for this resolution that was PASSED TODAY in City Council!! This resolution is a major push toward the life-saving medical treatment that is desperately needed to save the life of our brother Mumia Abu-Jamal and so many others who are incarcerated and need the treatment!

The resolution is below, please read:


Calling upon Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania State Legislature to ensure that individuals incarcerated and working in state prisons have access to clean water and proper health services.

WHEREAS, Recently there have been claims of black, foul smelling water at SCI Mahanoy, SCI Frackville and other State Prisons in Pennsylvania, as well as reports of prisoners not receiving specialized medications needed to treat their health conditions; and

WHEREAS, In some cases, the water is so toxic that prisoners are unable to use the water, leaving them with little to no drinking water and virtually no water to bathe in or in less severe cases prisoners are left to drink and bathe in dirty brown water; and

WHEREAS, Using the dirty water can exacerbate existing health conditions for some prisoners, and many prisoners do not have proper access to healthcare services to met their medical needs, and those needing medication become increasingly ill without it; and

WHEREAS, While the water problems at SCI Mahanoy and Frackville are fairly recent, other state prisons have been experiencing similar problems for years causing both prisoners and guards to experience serious health problems including but not limited to shortness of breath, dizziness, body sores and tumors; and

WHEREAS, The Department of Corrections has received complaints about the ongoing issues regarding water and medication but has reportedly not alleviated the problems; and

WHEREAS, The cause of the contaminated water has not been confirmed by the Pennsylvania State Government, and more resources and energy need to be devoted to solving this water and health crisis; and

WHEREAS, The Government bears the responsibility of protecting its prisoners and should remember that those who are incarcerated are people too, deserving of the basic human necessities that are required for their survival. Therefore, we ask that there be a sense of urgency in resolving these issues that affects the health of individuals under the Pennsylvania State Government’s care; and

WHEREAS, A copy of this resolution will be forwarded to the Governor and to all members of the Pennsylvania State Legislature.

Now therefore, be it resolved that the City Council of Philadelphia Calls upon Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania State Legislature to ensure that individuals incarcerated and working in state prisons have access to clean water and proper health services.

Jannie L. Blackwell
Councilwoman 3rd District

Cindy Bass
Councilwoman 8th District

6 comments on “Philadelphia City Council Passes Resolution: Clean Water & Meds For Pa. Prisoners

  1. Yes, it’s nice to get good news once in a while. It’s about time the prison officials acted civilized instead of like Nazi camp guards and treated the prisoners like actual human beings. They are sociopathic in the way they devise seemingly legal forms of torture.

  2. I hit send accidentally. Obviously, this should not be considered good news. Every person deserves clean water regardless of their circumstances. (By the way, the prison system of the U.S. started in Pennsylvania. The word penitentiary comes from the word “penitence” – which is what the prison officials expected prisoners to do, repent for their sins).

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Wow, another organizing success. The ruling elite doesn’t do this stuff out of the goodness of their heart.

  4. So true. They need to be pushed. That’s why people need to remember that nothing will be given to us. We must demand it and be as relentless in our demanding as they are in their indoctrination and redirection of attention.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Latest WordPress statistics: 6 “likes” on 1 view for this post, 9 “likes” on 6 views on the previous post. Interesting math. 🙂

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