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Attica Book Ban

This has Nazi written all over it.

Censorship is a crime against humanity and a crime against truth. There is NEVER an instance in which censorship is acceptable. It’s sad that so many ignorant automatons in the U.S. STILL believe they live in a free society or that they live in a democracy. Censorship goes on every day. That means we live – or actually, EXIST in a police state. To reside in a society that oppresses millions, starves millions (including children), allows an uncounted number of people to live in the streets simply for the crime of being poor, wages illegal and immoral wars against sovereign nations so soulless corporations can commandeer their natural resources, drops bombs on schools and hospitals, builds more prisons at home than schools, murders young men in the streets due to skin tone, rewards greed and obedience while attacking creative thought – the list of heinous crime seems endless – to reside in a society like this and not to scream in rage, hit the streets and DEMAND basic human rights for all is to exist, not to live.

To be truly alive as a human being you must have compassion as well as a functioning brain. The time to selfishly hide in blissful ignorance pretending you live in “the greatest country in the world” is the epitome of despicable self-deception. Donald Trump has willingly accepted the role of poster child of everything that is wrong in this society. What’s next, a book burning barbecue?

You reap what you sow. And allowing the sociopathic Capitalist Pigs to sow hate, fear and ignorance and do nothing about it gives us what we have today: brilliant minds and caring hearts in prisons and Donald Trump running for president. Enjoy the harvest:

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