Nationwide epidemic of suicide in solitary: Solitary confinement iz murder!

If anyone still believes we are a civilized society, the following post from Moorbey’z Blog will wipe away your delusions of ignorance. We often hear people speak of how a civilization can best be judged by how the most vulnerable in it are treated. However, they are always referring to our disabled, children and elderly. Even those with the best of intentions fail to include our prison population. We have a strong, deeply ingrained bias against the men and women in our prisons. It’s as if we feel that it’s best to err on the safe side and assume guilt rather than getting involved and finding the truth about these severely neglected people.

Criminals! Ooh, they’re bad people. Murderers, rapists, gang-bangers. We don’t want to think about them. We just want to go to our feeble jobs, bring home our feeble paychecks, eat dinner and watch the ignorance box (some of which are as big as some apartments I’ve lived in these days). Ignorance sure can be bliss. But it can also be suicidal. Societal suicide.
We aren’t that much better than the prison guards if we continue to allow basic human rights to be kept from people that just happen to be in prison. Even if they ARE guilty. They are still our sisters and brothers and they deserve a chance to redeem themselves if they did commit a crime. And many aren’t guilty of a crime. I could go on with statistics about how often someone is finally released from prison after serving years for a crime someone else committed – even after being convicted with “evidence” from multiple eye witnesses. And worst of all, we allow people to serve life sentences for refusing to cowardly obey the brain-deadening dogma of the dominant culture. Political prisoners is a term most of us previously associated with Stalin’s Russia. Gulags. Things aren’t much different here in the good ‘ol United Snakes of Corporations. (By the way, suicides is a term used far too easily in prisons – just saying). I’ll leave the readers of this post to continue with the following eloquently written words:

14 comments on “Nationwide epidemic of suicide in solitary: Solitary confinement iz murder!

  1. It’s a human rights issue.

    Did you watch this interview with Chris Hedges earlier this month? https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/chris-hedges-torturing-the-mentally-ill-in-us-prisons/

  2. You’re right about that.

    Damn, I assumed I’d seen that one because I’m a seriously HUGE fan of Chris Hedges, but hadn’t. I saw what you posted by him about hatred for the U.S., Trump and our military involvement – but not that article, oddly enough. I’ve been having trouble with my iPad recently and miss some things, then fall behind and skip a lot of blog posts. I often can’t watch a video on it and sometimes can’t even see a photo. Oh well. Thanks so much for sending it. I’m going to watch it tonight.

    Thanks for the comment and for your great blog.

  3. Holy shit. I could barely watch that video. It so enraged me I’ll probably be up most of the night. I might write about this issue in the near future. Thanks again for the link.

  4. Well, I so agree with you. It was one of the most difficult videos to watch. But, we must know what’s really happening on the inside of US prisons. And do something about it!

    Thanks for watching it. Hope you do write about it, too.

  5. You got that right. That feeling makes me sick at first, but won’t prevent me from facing truth. It eventually inspires me to at least talk about it and, if feasible, take action of some sort to help remedy a serious problem we face as a society.

  6. The fact that many of the prisons are now run privately makes it even worse. They are making money from the torture and mistreatment of prisoners that probably should be in mental hospitals not prisons to begin with.

  7. Sorry, didn’t see this comment until now. If you click on the link for “Chris Hedges” on the blog post, you can see all the posts, mostly videos now that he has his own weekly show. https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/tag/chris-hedges/

    Glad you enjoy Dandelion Salad.

  8. Thanks – for the link and the highly informative blog.

  9. You’re most welcome. I tag everything I post up to 15 (categories plus tags combined).

  10. Wow, I didn’t see this comment until now. The problem of our prisons filling up with mentally ill people goes back to the decision by the Reagan Inc. administration to cut funding to psychiatric hospitals (as part of their widespread plan to privatize everything). Hospitals closed all over the country and homelessness increased dramatically. Then, as was predicted by those in touch with reality, more and more mentally ill wound up in prison. Reagan did the same thing in California when he was governor. It was a foreshadowing of what was to come on the national level.

    As far as the torture, it’s sad that the type of personality that prisons look for when hiring guards is someone with low to average intelligence and little or no compassion. They want them to be hard-nosed and mean. In N.Y. most prisons are upstate which is rural and poor for the most part with less opportunities that the southern part of the state. A horrible combination.

    Privatization is at the forefront of this country’s demise and will end very badly if things aren’t turned around.

  11. Thanks. I’ll check it out tonight.

  12. I was thinking of the same thing. It really did begin with Reagan, the worst president ever. Of course, after this election, I may have to say one of the worst presidents ever.

    Most states prisons are out in the country. The people want jobs even if it’s working in a prison.

    The privatization of not only prisons but everything else should be a huge concern to all of us.

    Hedges refers to this as “inverted totalitarianism.”

  13. Yeah, Trump as president would be scary and embarrassing. Clinton will win, of course. Even if the powers that be would have allowed Trump to win, he shot himself in the foot a couple of times – and will probably do it at least two more times before the election. I honestly believe he might be purposely driving his campaign into the ground because he doesn’t want to work or be surrounded by intelligent people. He’d rather surround himself with ignorant whores who kiss his ass and continue stealing money from the working class.

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