Police Body Cameraz Are OK, But How To Protect Innocent Prisonerz?

Wrongful arrests and prosecutions happen EVERY DAY in the U.S. We need to bring OUR criminal justice system up to date. It’s stuck centuries in the past and we continue to allow innocent people to rot in jail. Not only does this despicable situation put innocent people in jail, it allows criminals to roam the streets to potentially find more victims. Let’s make this an issue that’s discussed in the media instead of having millions of people obsessing about dysfunctional behavior by celebrities – especially since most of them have nothing worthwhile to add to society. Lorenzo Johnson does have something worthwhile to add to this discussion:

2 comments on “Police Body Cameraz Are OK, But How To Protect Innocent Prisonerz?

  1. If we ended capitalism, we could shut down prisons altogether. There were no prisons before the Enclosure Acts drove our ancestors off their communal lands.

  2. If we ended Capitalism we’d shut down a lot of evil things. Look at the type of behavior it breeds.

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