Arizona: Fascist Paradise?

Apparently, the manipulative predators of Wall Street have completed the takeover of an entire state here in the United States of Corporations. The people currently running Arizona are a group of psychopathic corporate predators who’ve lost every shred of humanity in their quest to increase monetary wealth at the expense of their fellow citizens. By using government to take control of the entire state, these stuffed suits are wreaking economic terrorism on a subjugated population who have been filled with desperation and emptied of hope. And they’re doing it while hiding behind a veil of respectability. Sadly this is becoming an accepted way of life in the U.S.

A quadriplegic woman I know was denied legal medication by a doctor in Tucson this past May which caused a serious withdrawal reaction. This “doctor” told her she couldn’t have the medication she’d been taking for years because he doesn’t “prescribe that medication” to his patients. However, he didn’t prescribe anything that would address the problem. He seemed to think it was acceptable to allow her to continue suffering.

Being cut off from the medication caused severe pain, profuse sweating, cold spells, disorientation, an inability to sleep and incredible anxiety for a number of days. Then, she vomited a black liquid and an ambulance was called. She was brought to a hospital less than ten minutes away. More confusion and a serious lack of compassion at the hospital (as well as learning she’d receive a maximum of 6 hours of attendant care per day) resulted in this woman fearing for her life and deciding to leave the state of Arizona to move to a place where people are treated like people. She incurred a significant amount of debt to escape that desert hellhole and currently resides in the East Bay area of California.

Recently she received a bill in the mail from a business in Texas that, for some reason, was billing her for going to the hospital in Tucson. The bill is for $3,863.99

No, this is not a joke. $3,863.99 for transporting a seriously ill disabled person to a hospital twice.

This is not a situation in which someone recklessly called an ambulance when it wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t emergency room healthcare. This was a helpless quadriplegic woman who was suffering horribly. Her attendant thought the woman was dying. To make this story more incredible is the fact that she is enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid so the $3,863.99 is what’s left after those payments were made.

This woman has been paralyzed from the chest down for 21 years. She is unable to go to the bathroom, feed herself, take a drink, dress or undress herself, go to bed, get out of bed, bathe or even scratch an itch without help. But according to the rulers of the state of Arizona she doesn’t need help getting to a hospital while seriously ill.

Who actually has thousands of dollars to go to a hospital? Why do we even have ambulance services if a paralyzed woman who’s vomiting black and thinks she’s dying isn’t considered sick enough to get a ride to a hospital without taking out a loan to do so?

This is something that happens far too often in a Capitalist society. When you build a system based on stock market scams (redundant), greed, debt, deception and ignorance the least fortunate are treated like leprous criminals.

It seems that this heartless way of thinking is “trickling down” to some of the citizens of Arizona. One of the emergency service employees grilled this woman for a painfully long time before allowing her to be placed into the ambulance. She seemed to think that suffering withdrawals from a legal medication prescribed by a licensed physician wasn’t a sufficient reason to be seen by a doctor. (When told an ambulance had been called, the woman whispered to her attendant “I don’t know if I’ll make it.”)

Then, upon leaving the hospital, this woman was told she’d be better off taking a cab home despite the fact that her wheelchair hadn’t been brought with her to the hospital. When she replied that she’s unable to sit upright on her own and that smacking into the door of the cab while rounding turns could break her hip, the response from the “nurse” was a blank stare.

I’ve lived in New York my entire life – a city known as a bastion of cruelty and insensitivity – and I’d never before witnessed anything like this. I’ve seen cruelty from members of NYPD (of course), but not aimed at a severely disabled woman in a wheelchair suffering to the point of wanting to die rather than continue to endure pain. It was astonishing to see.

Is this democracy in action? Is this what millions of people have died protecting over the years? Is this something that would happen in a civilized society? Is this the same country that ignorant flag-wavers call “the greatest country in the world?”

Obviously, we don’t live in a democracy. That’s just the mask used to cover the ugly face of the most dangerous plague on the planet – Capitalism, the state religion of a huge portion of the world.

So while most of the country is arguing over who’s most unfit to reside in the White House the next four years, disabled people will be hoping they never again need the services of a hospital or ambulance service. They’re terrified they might have to choose between visiting a doctor or living under a roof.


5 comments on “Arizona: Fascist Paradise?

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this heartbreaking story. Hope she is doing much better in CA.

    Capitalism kills, literally. It must be stopped and replaced.

  2. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. It happens far too often in this country.

    The woman is doing much better in California where she will receive more than twice as many hours of attendant care paid by the state than she received in Tucson and doesn’t need to take out a loan to be driven to a hospital.

    Yes, Capitalism is destroying the entire planet. Humanity will be wiped out and new, different organisms will adapt and take over.

    Thank you for your concern and for the comment.


  3. You’re right that this is happening to far too many people in the US where profits come before people. It’s really obscene.

    So glad to know that she is doing better in CA and getting more care.

  4. Thanks again for your concern. While things aren’t perfect in California, it’s significantly better than what transpired in Arizona.

  5. This must be an amazing post. There are 4 “likes” with only 3 views. 🙂

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