Black Women and the Carceral State

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6 comments on “Black Women and the Carceral State

  1. We need a serious effort by millions of people to end the police state. The masses need to be motivated. I don’t know what the hell is still holding people back. Cops murder and get paid vacations. Who ISN’T outraged?

  2. I have been pushing and working the hell out of thiz petition and all that i have gotten iz 610 signiturez in nine weekz. many more needed. Everybody should be outraged when a innocent and unarmed human being iz murdered by the pigz.

  3. Too many people have become desensitized to police committing murder in the streets of our cities. Pathetically accepting violence like this is dehumanizing. Shit has got to change.

  4. I had a few of my twitter friendz who had the nerve to tell me they would not sign the petition for fear after signing the police (pigz) would be the next person to knock on their door.So i told them i signed the petition and no pigz have shown up at my door.
    To many people have lost that revolutionary spirit and it iz a shame.

  5. Yes, it is a shame. The corporate manipulators have been successful in sharing enough crumbs from their table to take control of the minds of the majority of the population. It’s sad, but most people are weak-spirited sellouts. That makes them present day slaves.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work educating people.

    Peace & Solidarity.

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