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ANCESTORZ ROLL CALL! What Did They Think? (poem by Jalil Muntaqim)

Nothing more needs to be said…

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What did they think?

Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Akai
Gurley, Trayvon Martin, Michael
Brown, life precious blood spelled
in the mud FREEDOM …

When will it come?

What did they think?

Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Sean
Bell, Amadou Diallo whose life
breath echoed the dreams deferred
from Afrikan ancestors through
the middle passage, to Denmark
Vesey and Nat Turner, do you
hear it, are you listening?

Micah heard the torturous
mourning echoing over
the ages forcing us to
remember Shaka Zulu, Queen
Nzinga, the Mau Mau to Steve
Biko and Nelson Mandela.

What did they think?

Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Medgar
Evers, Huey P. Newton, Fred
Hampton, George Jackson, from
the African Blood Brotherhood,
to the Deacons for Defense,
the Black Panther Party and
the Black Liberation Army, a
history of noble resistance.

What did they think?

Mark Essex, Zayd Shakur, Frank
Fields, Twyman Meyers, Anthony
” Kimu” White did…

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One comment on “ANCESTORZ ROLL CALL! What Did They Think? (poem by Jalil Muntaqim)

  1. I find it “interesting” that 7 people have hit the “like” button for this post, despite the fact that only 4 people have viewed it (according to WordPress).

    This is brilliance. THIS is what we need more of – not more Hillary Clinton or the racist, obnoxious buffoon Donald Trump.

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