The Room

There is a room that many people live in. It has windows that aren’t actually windows. They look like windows, but this is an illusion. They are more like opaque glass with inviting delusions painted upon them. The delusions are varied.

Some are of beautiful, sunny days with colorful birds and butterflies, fancy clothes, plentiful possessions and no challenges in “life.”

Some are of constant struggle in which the “good guys” do battle with the “bad guys.” And the (obedient) good guys always win.

Some are very complicated “realities” in which “smart” people figure everything out, delineate the “rules” of engagement and lead the way for the rest of society to follow. Those who don’t follow the rules are punished. And those who dare question the rules are severely punished.

There are endless variations on these basic themes, but they all allow the dwellers of the room to feel comfortable while putrefaction of society continues unabated around them.

The architects of the room instruct about “I” and the idea of “us” and “them” and build walls around the individuals.

Individuals. Another concept inside the room that distorts perception.

These walls are designed to prevent the dwellers of the room from understanding a “secret” that can free everyone. And the builders will commit any atrocity that can be “thought” of. Mind rape, murder, slavery, genocide…

… no price is too great to pay (take) to keep the secret hidden.

However, they cannot prevent an opening – a path toward the secret – from being discovered. They plug the opening from time to time, but are unable to keep it from those who use their mind instead of being used by it.

Most dwellers fear the opening. They feel content in their rooms of comfortable fear & hatred, powerful greed, righteous ignorance and simple complacency. They “think” the unknown is far more terrible than these life-destroying mind constructs they’ve been indoctrinated into accepting and maintaining.

They “think” that they are their thoughts. They believe they know who and what they are and that losing their precious mind constructs is the most terrible reality that can be imagined.

They fear the opening even when it faces them directly – without deception.

What these dwellers fail to see is that on the other side of that scary door is stillness, a path that will lead to Peace.

And the door knob is courage.

6 comments on “The Room

  1. I envision this “room” you describe as a prison cell with bars on the window. I wonder why this would be?

  2. Most people live in a prison of the mind and the rulers provide as many bars as we “desire.” As long as we pay the price they demand for the bars and we install them ourselves.

  3. A powerful reflection that reminds me of Plato’s allegory of the cave – people mistaking the shadows on the cave walls as reality, fearing to leave the safety of the confinement they’ve always known. How I wish more people could find the stillness and beauty “outside” and know peace.

  4. I know what you mean. I love Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, but this essay wasn’t directly influenced by it. I was on a bus from Arizona to NYC and began reflecting on how people have become controlled by their minds. By becoming accustomed to doing so many insignificant tasks without thinking, we’ve allowed our minds to become automatic response systems. That’s fine when it comes to brushing our teeth or eating, but becomes a problem when we go on automatic pilot for important things instead of thinking creatively. Eventually, we’ll probably evolve beyond thinking (and beyond form), but until then we need to use our minds instead of being used by our minds.

    Thanks so much for the comment and for reading so many of my posts. I appreciate it. I’ll definitely be reading more from your blog. I like it a lot.


  5. It was my pleasure to read your important work, and I look forward to reading more. 🙂

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