SOCIALISM: What You DON’T Know Can Hurt You

“The real purpose of Socialism is to precisely overcome and advance beyond the predatory stage of human development.” – Albert Einstein

That predatory stage of development mentioned by Albert Einstein in the above quote has brought the invention of a cannibalistic system based on greed, control, exclusivity and a suspension of morality to human society. It was invented centuries ago by rulers of a temporarily dominant culture that have held control over a large portion of the planet ever since. This system was originally considered an economic system, but has become a belief system and been used to justify some of the most violently aberrant behavior in recorded history. 

Only control-obsessed psychopaths would actually put in place something so destructive to civilized society – and to the survival of most life on the planet. These are people who indulge in genocide, slavery, for-profit war and deeply-rooted behavior modification to build a society that denigrates creative expression and rewards mindless obedience and over-indulgence.

The idea of using an economic system as a model for running a society is undoubtedly a self-destructive concept. Therefore, those responsible would need to have it set up in such a way that they would not be subject to their own destruction. To do this there are certain controls over the masses that would need to be put in place. This would include controlling access to land, housing, employment and information. This last point is most critical because it affects the first three.

Relevant and accurate information is necessary to be able to make decisions about important issues. To get land and housing you need employment and to get suitable employment you need a viable education. To get a viable education you need accurate information as to what is feasible given an individual’s situation.

Throughout history, a certain segment of the population of societies have been aware of the machinations of the ruling classes. They have worked at educating fellow citizens and put together movements aimed at creating fair and just societies. Some of these movements have been more effective than others.

Today, however, we are faced with the stark reality that few people question the morality of the groups ruling the planet. The controls set in place by these morally bankrupt individuals obscure the fact that there is no place for compassion or empathy. This system has been built to control information which, in turn, is used not only to control access to resources but to control the collective emotional state of a population.

The “leaders” of this system preach the values of efficiency, unquestioned obedience (blind faith), obsession with possessions and an interesting style of patriotism that has slowly been transformed from one of pride in a nation to one of pride in a societal model that transcends borders. This use of patriotism is done strategically – in a way to allow room to maneuver depending on the changing moods of the subjugated populace and still be able to easily manipulate opinion. This helps create the proper “enemies” to misdirect anger and frustration. The manipulators create the anger, then direct it away from the source of the problem and at anyone who gets in the way of their attempt to control society. Very clever, but not foolproof.

The inherent flaw in this diabolical machine is a simple yet powerful thing. It is the reality that there are certain aspects to human nature that can’t be controlled. Compassion and empathy are natural and therefore can never be completely eliminated. Another is that an idea cannot be killed. It can be suppressed, it can be temporarily demonized, it can even be made illegal in a particular society…

… but it can never be killed.

Eventually, some courageous person or group of people will remind the rest of us that we are all in this together. They will reach those who forgot and teach those who’d never known. 

And we will remember that EVERY empire plants the seeds of its own destruction.

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  1. Apologies for the apparent “mistakes.” This is due to technical difficulties I can’t control. The post looks consistent in draft form.

    Peace to all…

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  3. In draft form, the entire quote is in italics and the entire essay in in bold print. Here some of the quote is bold and in italics and some paragraphs are bold, some aren’t.

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  7. Great essay – time to restore the commons.

  8. Great essay. Thank you.

  9. Exactly. And we might just become a civilized society.

    Thanks for the comment.

  10. I improved the look of the essay. Thank you for your help.

  11. Thank you.

    As you can see, I’ve enjoyed many of your essays since finding your blog. Keep up the good work.

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