A Quick Note To Michigan Democrats

Thank you, Democratic voters of Michigan.

With racist, sexist, religiously intolerant homophobes who support a psychopathic republican unintentionally forcing fair-minded people to support a corporate democrat over the best person to run for president in a long time it’s refreshing to see Bernie Sanders win the Michigan primary this election cycle. The fact that Hillary Clinton was expected to win this diverse state makes this additional proof that a vote for Senator Sanders is not a wasted vote. Polls show that he’d defeat Donald Trump in this Fall’s election so the well-worn “lesser of two evils” argument is the true waste of time.

Everyone who has actually researched the two candidates campaigning for the current Democratic nomination know that Bernie Sanders is exactly what the U.S. needs at this time. People are finally waking up from the disturbing dream of apathy and complacency that has plagued this country for more than three decades. We’ve been given a continuous stream of autocratic rule from puppets of Wall Street who promise a return of power to the people only to bow down to the heavy-handed demands of corporate power players.

I won’t go into detail as this is merely a “quick note” to show appreciation. Anyone can look at recent history and see where we’ve gone wrong. Needless to say, the common denominator is the velvet-covered iron fist of corporate domination of our electoral and financial systems.

Also, of course, this is certainly no guarantee that Bernie Sanders will be on the ballot in November. It definitely does mean, though, that he should be given as much consideration as Wall Street’s choice, Hillary Clinton. While Clinton is not a pompous, knuckle-dragging buffoon like Donald Trump, she is too deeply intertwined in the current state of corporate-influenced government to disentangle us from thirty-plus years of greedy, self-serving power politics. Electing Bernie Sanders will be a step in the direction of returning the United States to a nation with some semblance of democracy.

Economic and environmental terrorism would not be accepted as “business as usual.” Other nations might be able to admire the U.S. again instead of fearing and hating us. We’d have the moral standing in the world to make demands for human (and animal) rights around the globe instead of merely using civil rights as a talking point for elections.

So, in the upcoming primaries and caucuses let’s hope that more people become educated on the actual issues instead of voting for symbolism. While I would love to see a woman as president in this country, this is definitely not the proper election or candidate. (Who knows, maybe Elizabeth Warren will be on the ballot next time around. That would certainly be a brighter moment for women – and everyone else – around the world).

6 comments on “A Quick Note To Michigan Democrats

  1. Bravo Michigan! On to Ohio, Illinois, New York and California!


  2. Feel the Bern! I just watched the CNN/Univision debate in Florida, and Sanders performed exceptionally well IMO. He really got his message across, I think.

  3. That’s good to hear. Though Bernie Sanders is intelligent and passionate, he faces an uphill battle due to the fact that the corporate media crowned Hillary Clinton president long ago.

    It’s sad that many people are so easily manipulated by the clever use of language. Whether it’s labels cunningly given deceptive meanings or the cagey framing of political discussion, corporate candidates are given every advantage possible – sometimes without the participants even knowing they are being played by powers unseen.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion, Robert. Let’s hope more people see through the corporate smoke screens.


  4. There’s also a good chance Hillary will be indicted for treason (related to her primate email server) by the time they hold the Democratic Convention. The guy who set up the server for her has been granted immunity from prosecution.

  5. I hope Bernie defeats her without that. He would if issues were given priority over symbolism and corporate control.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion, Dr. Bramhall.

  6. I just saw your comment now. (I don’t know why) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hopefully, this will start an upsurge for Bernie – especially considering the fact that these next few states are more liberal than most of the previous states that held primaries. (Of course, we all know this is done purposely to allow the most corporate-friendly candidate to get a good start). I see a potential problem in Illinois, of course, considering President Obama is very popular in Chicago and Obama supporters are likely to support Clinton.

    Let’s see how this drama unfolds. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the comment.

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