March Against Monsanto – May 23, 2015

If you care about eating healthy food, having a real choice in what you eat and want to see something done about the disturbing increase in incidents of cancer and other debilitating diseases; take part in this event.

If you don’t like the idea of an obscenely wealthy corporation which has made a large fortune in war as well as manufacturing and selling chemical weapons like Agent Orange, DDT and Roundup pesticide taking control of our food supply, you need to be a part of this potentially historic event.

If you’re sick and tired of not being able to afford real food and having to settle for toxic food that contributes to a myriad of dangerous illnesses, you need to show up at the March Against Monsanto event nearest you.

If you show up at ONE single protest your entire life, this is the one.

Monsanto is truly the epitome of an evil entity that cares not one whit about anything except money and power. Some people believe that to demand action against an “evil” corporation is being an alarmist. That is not the case with Monsanto. They have a long history of making incredible amounts of money by selling toxic products that create sickness and misery. They are sickness profiteers.

They also spend millions of dollars every year to purchase cleverly manipulated “research” that supposedly documents the “safety” of their products. They purchase corrupt members of governments all over the world to enact legislation that enriches already wealthy executives while leaving death and disease in their wake. They purchase articles in mainstream media publications that tell us everything is OK, continue to eat and drink toxins. So they can collect more of our wealth.

This is unacceptable.

Even if you don’t believe that genetically engineered food products and toxins in our diet are that bad, then think about this: Monsanto (with the help of a handful of other notorious companies) are literally attempting to take control of our food supply.

What will happen when we can’t buy healthy organic seeds anymore and can only buy their genetically modified seeds? What will happen when there are no more family farms and all “food” is manufactured by machines owned by faceless corporations that have no stake in the procedures used – practices that involve animal torture and the bypassing of environmental regulations designed for our benefit?

If we continue to allow corporations to dump toxins into our soil, water and air; there will be no longer be such a thing as organic food. How can we grow healthy food without nutritious soil or clean water and with an atmosphere that rains poisonous chemicals down on us?

Now is the time to do something. Now is the time to take a stand and decide that not only are we all deserving of nutritious food, so are our children and their children.

Years from now, when you’re sitting in a chair and your grandchildren ask you what YOU did back when evil corporate executives were poisoning the planet, what are you going to say? Will you simply say that you were too busy taking care of your own personal business to assure a healthy planet for future generations? Think about it…

2 comments on “March Against Monsanto – May 23, 2015

  1. This truly is an important event. The destructive impact Monsanto has had on life on the planet – on people, animals and plants – is difficult to comprehend. They were the leading producer of PCBs which, though they were banned in 1979, still contribute to illnesses throughout the world.

    They sold DDT to the U.S. Army during WWII. That caused an environmental cataclysm that was especially harmful to birds and sparked a worldwide environmental movement.

    They manufactured and sold a particularly powerful form of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and left hundreds of thousands more with debilitating diseases as well as generations of birth defects. It destroyed 5 million acres of land in Southeast Asia causing contamination of rivers and marshes, desertification of cropland and extinction of wildlife. That area will probably not see the same diversity of life it enjoyed for another century or more.

    Monsanto should have been put out of business and executives of the firm should have been tried for war crimes. No one was ever arrested and no executive from Monsanto has ever apologized. Instead, they’ve produced propaganda justifying their guilt of these insidious crimes.

    They’ve continued to this day manufacturing products that contribute to destruction of life. They’re unnatural manipulation of genetic material and various chemical concoctions have led to an astronomical increase in far too many diseases to bother listing while poisoning our water and air, degrading the nutritional content of our soil, causing severe animal abuse and changing a way of life for billions of people in a horribly sadistic way. All for money and power.

    If anyone cares at all about anything but their own selfish desires, they’ll help the entire planet by taking a stand and showing up at the closest March Against Monsanto.

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