Longform: The Hunting of Billie Holiday

A story that will tear your heart apart…

4 comments on “Longform: The Hunting of Billie Holiday

  1. Like I told Jeff, her song “Strange Fruit” still give me shivers.

  2. I hear you. She was a one-of-a-kind talent.

    After reading the story, I started wondering about one of the Bureau of Narcotics agents mentioned. Do you know if the agent named White was the same as the CIA agent White that was known for taking part in Sidney Gottlieb’s LSD experiments in N.Y. And San Francisco? If so, that dude sure made the rounds.

    He was supposedly a real psychopath. Just wondering if you knew.

  3. Actually, I was asking if you knew whether or not it was the same person.

    I found an article about the CIA behavior experiment in N.Y.C. and San Francisco. The article mentioned that the S.F. branch of the operation was named Operation Midnight Climax and run by “burly, balding crime buster George H. White, a Bureau of Narcotics maverick who made headlines breaking up opium and heroin rings…” and mentioned agents were afraid of him. Interesting.

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