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Rethinking Cancer Treatment

This is an extremely important topic that EVERYONE needs to be aware of. With all of the toxins we are currently dumping into our bodies and exposing ourselves to in other ways, cancer rates are rising at an alarming rate. People need to do something about this disturbing situation since governments today are nothing more than subsidiaries of predatory corporations and are content to continue riding a gravy train of corporate campaign contributions straight into societal suicide. This is a must read…

The Most Revolutionary Act

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Restoring Immunity Rather than Destroying It

As western medicine comes under ever greater domination by insurance and pharmaceutical companies, a growing health freedom movement advocates for patients’ right to choose non-corporate health care options. Nowhere is the importance of choice more urgent than in cancer treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the primary treatments recommended by the health industry, rarely “cure” or eliminate cancer. These treatments are associated with low survival rates, especially in aggressive and advanced cancer;  a high recurrence rate; and brutal, often fatal, side effects. There’s also something innately illogical about a treatment approach that destroys immune function in order to eradicate cancer.

Anyone watching a family member or close friend go through the cruel agony of chemotherapy can’t help but question this treatment approach. An oncologist recently gave a friend of mine with severe metastatic bowel a 33% chance of extended her life for a two to…

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