A Voice In The Wilderness

The American Dream is an illusion.

It’s a creative illusion, but an illusion nontheless. The concept of “American exceptionalism” is about as sane as walking naked through Alaska with a small oil lamp in the middle of a tempest and expecting to stay warm.

To believe in this pathetic illusion of American exceptionalism is to willingly embrace the chains that will prevent you from truly being human. It would mean suspending reality since the U.S. is only exceptional in things like invading sovereign nations to steal resources; disseminating propaganda; instilling fear, hatred and confusion into populations; financing fake elections (selections); spreading the dogma of the current religious craze (Capitalism); spreading poverty (and desperation); killing and incarcerating young black men; poisoning humanity (spiritually, mentally and physically) and basically destroying any semblance of civilization that could bring the human race out of its maniacal path toward suicide. All simply to consolidate “power” by convincing people to sell their hearts and minds.

The chains are forged by the ruling class through the waging of The War of Terror and are powerful, but they are not indestructible. If you stake your claim in Truth and face fear courageously you’ll learn to break those chains.

It isn’t difficult to see how absurd it is to put toxins in our bodies and not think it will cause sickness. (Millions buy fast food and wash it down with pharmaceuticals).

It isn’t difficult to see how amazingly stupid you have to be to live in a nation based on freedom and free speech, then enthusiastically support a state religion, systematic censorship and a chilling descent into a police state. (“We need to protect ourselves from the enemy, they are all around us”; “If you’re not WITH us, you’re AGAINST us”).

Can a sane society speak about democratic principles and methodically eliminate human rights? (“We need to support our president in a time of war.”; “We all need to sacrifice for the good of the country corporations.”)

Should we reward greed and unbounded ambition (average yearly salary for a hedge fund manager – $2.2 million according to the 2014 Hedge Fund Managers report compared to an average of $53,000 for the people who teach our children) while destroying those who emphatically show a penchant for unpopular opinions (decades in prison for political prisoners who dare to raise their voices to resist Capitalism financial terrorism)?

Ambition clouds judgement and if unrestrained by morality is a dangerous form of insanity. It is a contagious dis-ease that will devour the minds of unsuspecting people who believe the fairy tales told them by the floating heads on our indoctrination boxes. These celluloid charlatans are hired by predators who viciously prey on weaknesses such as sadness, greed, jealousy, the inability to think creatively, loneliness, over active desire, recklessness and fear. They focus specifically on fear since it feeds many of the other symptoms of a seriously out of balance individual.

A common technique used by these swindlers is to create the imbalances leading to dis-ease and then to sell false promises of cures (strengthen the addictions). It is a vicious cycle that helps perpetuate a cannibalistic system by destroying hope.

We hear talk of people who “insanely” believe in conspiracies involving manipulative people controlling the population through behavior modification – “conspiracy theorists.” While there are paranoid people who are tranfixed on wacky stories, many examples of conspiracies are on target and make the powers that be nervous. So, the corporate media group together valid examples of manipulative designs with these “wacko theories” and invalidate all of it to help strengthen the Wall St./Madison Ave. grip on societal control. In actuality, these people should justly be called coincidence theorists.

They expect us to believe it’s a coincidence that maniacal predators rise to the top of the world of commerce (through hard work, of course).

And that it is merely coincidence that most U.S. politicians are wealthy white men who believe in god and the “free markets.”

And that it’s a coincidence that our cities are filled with mostly black and brown people and have higher unemployment and crime rates due to racial superiority  well planned class warfare.

And, of course, it’s just coincidence that the incredibly popular state’s rights issue is an effective way of suppressing the civil rights of “undesirables.”

Honor dies where interest lies. Follow the money and learn the truth…

The fear industry works to dismiss the lie, while people piss and cry because they miss the “why”, then they wave the flag of Capitalism they insist you buy.

How much patriotism do you buy…

… and at what cost?

Reach deep inside and grab your fear by the guts. Then, squeeze. It’s the only way to freedom. And, the more courageous among us must help our weaker sisters and brothers with a helping hand along the way.

Sometimes it’s lonely out here in the wilderness, but that’s only when the war seems endless.

It won’t be easy, but it sure is simple…

Destroy the illusion.

10 comments on “A Voice In The Wilderness

  1. I seem to have missed out on the American dream. A lot of us only experience the American nightmare.

  2. Most of us only experience the American nightmare. All the more reason why it’s absolutely insane that so many people buy into it. Wall Street wields Madison Avenue and Hollywood very effectively as weapons of mass deception.

  3. Also true in UK. Our leaders appear to be criminal con-artists with fascist/mafia attributes.

  4. Unfortunately, it’s a plague that has spread far and wide. The combination of manipulative people with an abundance of resources and scared, obedient people with limited resources has created a severely dysfunctional world in which greed and ambition are rewarded while compassion is, at best, ignored.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Thanks. This is another piece I didn’t think would resonate with many people. I’m glad you liked it.


  6. I think a lot of people agree with you – that our culture is being deliberately poisoned/corrupted. It is an onslaught from all sides. But it is a difficult thing to describe but you have described it well.

  7. Thank you. I know there are a decent amount of people that agree with this view, but I don’t think many people like this particular style or tone of writing. Thanks for reblogging some of my essays. I’m glad more people are getting to read ideas that differ from the bile put out by corporate media.

  8. I like your style. I come from a family of free-thinkers, who also believed passionately in Western values – democracy, rule of law, equality of opportunity and responsible government. My parents, both deceased, would be disgusted with todays’s situation – along the lines millions fought, died, suffered and sacrificed for this? The biggest mistake of my life was trusting authority. I don’t know where our fascist/communist/mafia governments come from but I want Western values supported by our ruling class or, in my view, the ruling elite have made themselves redundant. The real news black out has to be countered. The elite can’t keep sweeping huge and getting greater problems under the carpet – they are leading us into disaster.

  9. I agree. There are many factors, but Capitalism – putting a price tag on EVERYTHING – is the most important. It has allowed the rulers to insinuate themselves into every aspect of society, purchase elections, control the content and flow of information and dictate who gets what and how much – economic terrorism.

    Thanks for your additions to the many conversations going on. We must not allow the ruling class to continue suppressing truth.


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