Take A Bow

“Never underestimate the stupidity of the U.S. people.” – The majority of the population of planet Earth

In the confused and divided world we live in, at least one thing is certain: the majority of people residing in the United States are imbeciles. Apathy, complacency and an insane violent streak are trademark traits of the modern U.S. citizen.

Maybe it’s because this country was founded on genocide, nurtured on racist oppression and corporate war and thrives on clever manipulation of a subjugated populace that doesn’t know it is subjugated

It is absolutely insane to vote for sick, twisted people for public office who hate human beings. It is deranged to vote for tools of Wall Street who willingly help push an insidious agenda of oppression and manipulation that actually rewards sociopathic behavior.

It is irrational – bat shit crazy, actually – to believe  that it is acceptable to put into office people who don’t want us to have things such as:

Clean air, clean water, healthy soil, nutritious food, jobs that pay more than barely enough to survive, actual elections instead of selections, schools that encourage creative thinking and allow our children to flourish and blossom into functional members of society instead of manufacturing obedient automatons, doctors that heal instead of drugging us into a permanent state of mindlessness and disease, homes that we can call our own, media that inform us instead of keeping us in formation, police that enforce law instead of order (and who are easy to distinguish from career criminals), laws that apply to everyone regardless of skin tone or religion or economic status…

Basically, it is crazy to put people in office that appear to want to destroy civilization and create a society like those old Mad Max movies in which people kill every day just to survive. Civilization is supposed to progress – not attempt to degenerate into mindless chaos.

Some of us would like to have a government elected by “we the people” that directs a compassionate economic system instead of having an economic system that directs a seriously dysfunctional government of “we the corporate sociopaths.”

All of you who voted for Wall Street tools (whether republicans or corporate democrats) in the recent election: take a bow.

You made your mark once again in the 2014 election. You’re very adept at bowing. You bow down to corporate predators every election – whether by voting for them or by not voting at all. You bow down to dysfunction, apathy, fear, greed, hate and intolerance. You’ve abrogated your responsibility to fellow human beings by being used like a tool instead of using your mind. You’ve once again allowed corporate media to push you like a button and continue the legacy of Ronnie Raygun Inc. by taking from our children and from their children to give to the wealthy corporate rulers who flaunt their obscene bank accounts and take pride in their predatory skills.

Instead of looking at everything on the planet as a commodity, it would benefit us all to reflect on this Native American proverb:

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

6 comments on “Take A Bow

  1. Hurray for the 2/3 of Americans who saw the light and didn’t vote.

  2. I just don’t get it, how can people be this dumb? Has the U.S. become a nation of paranoid, psychotic & totally dysfunctional? What happened to common sense & rational thinking? I know people are having a hard time, I’m one of them. But I didn’t expect it to change with a GOP House that continued to block all progress, that’s why I voted for Democrats! Democrats have always been for the Majority. I am starting to believe our elections have become rigged, truly rigged, not just gerrymandering, voter suppression. intimidation tactics, including deliberate miss-information at the polls! All these amoral tactics are enough to favor a win in close races, but the actual counting of ballots in some cases! Local news and delegates that lost are saying the Democrats just didn’t show-up & this is probably true! Tell me this, how do you win when the whole system has become rigged? I’ve been around for quite a while and I’ve never seen such corruption and insanity in our politics! The U.S. has been corrupted by greed and it is destroying our Democracy, in fact, we no longer have a Democracy! I’m not going to give-up, I will continue to vote!

  3. In my humble opinion, to not vote is virtually the same as voting for the sociopathic employees of the corporations running the U.S. While there aren’t many decent people running for office these days, anyone can write in a vote for someone who has concern for the well-being of the people. This may not win elections (yet), but it sends a message and can have the effect of giving courage to others who are tired of seeing the destruction of the environment, the majority of the world’s population and democratic ideals.

  4. I’m glad you will continue to express your opinion in the election booth, Charlene. We need to make our voices heard any way possible.

    Apathy is one of the tools at the disposal of the ruling class. It combines with ignorance, hate and greed to make a formidable weapon to bludgeon the working class into submission.

    As far as the incredibly low level of intelligence in the U.S., corporate media does an amazingly effective job of misdirecting attention and funneling it into various dead ends. We have become obsessed with dysfunctional TV and movies and vitriolic political commentary on TV and in print. These perform the necessary function of behavior modification that keep the masses in formation with the information they disseminate.

    Nevertheless, we need to continue trying to educate our fellow citizens. Life is about lessons, it isn’t supposed to be easy. We have to work as relentlessly at increasing creative thinking as the sociopathic rulers work at manufacturing automatons in corporate boardrooms.

    Thank you for your comment. I look forward to hearing from you again. Peace.

  5. Thanks for following me. Pleased to meet you and look forward to your discussion. But for today, wishing you a Day of Gratitude as Grace with Family and friends.

  6. Thank you very much. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my essays, but I especially appreciate compassionate people who express an insightful perception and assessment of what we see around us. There are too many people being beaten down by fear, hate and other negative emotions. We need people of kindness with the moral clarity to see through the smokescreens put in pur paths to help guide the way for others. Thank you for being a beautiful person so talented at expressing your uniqueness. Peace.

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