Feel The Rain…

“As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve and life begins to flow with joy and ease.” – Eckhart Tolle

Life can suck. That is, life can suck if you insist on believing that life on Earth is supposed to be perfect. Life is full of challenges, it isn’t supposed to be easy. The sooner people accept that life is difficult, the easier it will be for them.

Yeah, what a conundrum.

But, it is true…

To surrender to what is can be a difficult thing to do. The word “surrender” has been misused in a way as to give it a negative connotation – just as humility has been degraded and forced to mean strictly humiliation in modern life. We’re taught every day that life is about attaining. Whether it be status, possessions, respect, control over people – corporate media tells indoctrinates us to believe that we are what we have. Obviously, this is because it drives the engine plague of Capitalism.

Some people know that we are not our possessions, but still fall prey to the thought that we are our minds. The human mind is nothing more than an automated response system. It is not what we are. It is very clever, though. It fools us throughout our lives if allowed to run amok. And run amok, it does…

OK, this system of automatic behavior has performed a certain function in human life. There are many simple tasks we do that don’t need our full attention. We’ve learned to go on “automatic pilot” to perform these menial chores. But, that function has taken over far too much of our lives to be useful. In fact, it has become a burden. Brushing your teeth while listening to a weather report is one thing, but many of us go into automatic mode when it comes to important things.  There are aspects of life that actually need critical thinking if we’re to be civilized – specifically, the way we assess our priorities as a society.

In elections, for example, it has become more important to associate with a so-called winner than to support someone with qualities we admire – qualities necessary to allow for senstive, intelligent decisions based on compassion for all life. That’s dysfunctional. A civilized person will use critical thinking to evaluate the best decision for all concerned and help humankind evolve toward civilization.

It has also become embarrassingly common to blame the victims of a predatory system in which orders are given to corporate puppets in our governments to cut social programs necessary for the survival of those most greatly in need. This is sociopathic. 

However, while a huge portion of humanity has slipped into a miasma of self-deception and apathy, there is also a growing number of people who see what is happening and care. These people know that humanity is on a suicidal path and want to help lead us back toward some semblance of sanity.

These people are trying to spread awareness of our shared predicament. We’re all in this together. They are talking about overpopulation, the continually growing gap in wealth between the parasitic class and the productive class, the destruction of the environment and the sustained effort by manipulative control freaks to create a permanent system of obscene wealth and poverty.

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I want to change myself.” Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

None of us can change the entire system alone. We must work together to do that. And it starts with ourselves. One of the most effective forms of dissent in a dysfunctional, wealth-obsessed society is to be at peace and continue to express compassion for all living beings. This helps maintain balance and also by curtailing an unnatural desire for collecting possessions merely for the sake of possessing them. The state religion of the United States of Corporations (and others) preys on humanity by encouraging fear and greed. If we refuse to give in to those despicable traits, we can evolve into civilized individuals and blossom as a society.

To borrow from the previously mentioned 13th century Persian mystic: while we need to make our collective voice heard, it is more important to raise our awareness than our voices. A frustrated scream of desperation will incite ridicule, not inspire conscious action.

“It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”


2 comments on “Feel The Rain…

  1. Your piece also reminds me of the quote from Albert Camus, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” I agree with you that change starts from within and radiates outward. Sometimes, we cross paths with others who awaken our dormant senses. When I read Dr. King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, I felt that way. There have been other times but that one stands out.

    Another challenging, incisive article. Glad to hear from you.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. Interestingly, “Letter From the Birmingham Jail” was very influential in my education as an adult. I happened to read it years ago in California while living out of my van on a six month road trip across the country. It was a time of reflection and learning about myself after having busted out of the “same ‘ol same ‘ol” of my childhood and young adult life. Albert Camus was someone I came across later in life. “The Stranger” had quite an impact on me when I read it.

    As you well know, keeping your mind truly is the best form of protest against the cold manipulation of oppressive rulers. That, and helping others do the same. Frank Herbert, Herman Hesse and Carlos Castaneda are three more writers who’ve helped me over the years.

    I haven’t been able to keep up to date with anything on the Internet lately. I recently read a handful of your posts from a couple of months ago and will continue to read them when I can. I don’t own a computer or have the resources to go online regularly at this time. However, I still read the old school way. 🙂

    Thanks once again for all you do in this endeavor. We have a difficult path to travel, but it is well worth the sacrifice of comforts offered by the brutal tyrants posing as “leaders” today. They dangle toys and distractions in the hope that we stay unconscious and allow them to build a machine that crushes us “Beneath the Wheel” of conformity (Hesse).


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