What Touches YOUR Soul?

What reaches inside you? What is Life really about for you? What motivates you and in what direction are you drawn?

Some people are motivated strictly by possessions – to the point that there’s no longer a way to distinguish between possessor and possessed.

 Some people are motivated by the “power” to manipulate others. Some of these people do that for money – which would fall into the first group mentioned, but for some the money is secondary to the ability to make people do their bidding for them. It’s an ego trip…

It’s easy to forget that we are souls temporarily inhabiting bodies. Many of us seem to believe that this world we “live” in is it. No wonder there is so much fear. It’s also not surprising that debilitating religions are used so frequently by the rulers of society as a weapon of control. Fear is powerful for those who use it. And, crippling for the victims…

The following is a song I wrote for fun years ago. It was an attempt at rhyming over a funk rock rhythm – as opposed to hip hop or bubble gum pop. A few of the lines were added spontaneously so the flow is somewhat unstable – like society. It’s time to bust out of the bullshit trap of mainstream music that stuffed suits with sterile minds tell you to listen to. Be patient and give this a try. Below the link are the lyrics:

Freestyle intro: A rainbow of feelings splash across my senses, dissolving pretenses and emotional fences


  Now, what touches your soul and makes you whole?                                                 Plays a challenging role in your strive toward a goal?                                                      Helps you roll when you lose control?                                                                               Takes you for a stroll when Life takes its toll?                                                                False expectations reflect frustrations                                                                            Respect creations                                                                                                                  Deflect condemnations as justifications for false representations                       Pretentious attitude betrays false gratitude                                                                   Ritual thinking leaves you no latitude                                                                                Habitual drinking when you grieve – is that bad or crude?                                              Or sad and rude?                                                                                                                 You’re chasing the plot when you’re placed on the spot                                           Never show traces of rot when you’re placing your shot                                               And, in case you forgot…                                                                                                         A fall from Grace is your lot if you waste what you got                                             Whether you taste it or not                                                                                                      Don”t choke on your words like you’re fighting a face full of snot                             You know what I’m saying?                                                                                                   Are you still playing…                                                                                                               Instead of praying?                                                                                                                      Are your nerves still fraying while society is still straying                                 Into dangerous waters?                                                                                              We’re losing sons and daughters                                                                                     In unnecessary slaughters                                                                                      Sometimes, in close quarters                                                                                             If the press were “fact sorters” instead of distorters…                                                            We might have a way out                                                                                    Sometimes, yesterday’s whisper is today’s shout                                                                      With a stray pout                                                                                                         Causing an insane doubt                                                                                                     To get played out                                                                                                                And, maybe if we stayed out                                                                                             Of other countries’ faces                                                                                                     We wouldn’t be weighed down with so many disgraces                                                                 Building military bases                                                                                                       All over the planet in far off places                                                                                 Trying to win useless races                                                                                    Leaving the middle class in a putrid stasis                                                                                  While Fascist “elitists” send us on stupid chases                                                               While they’re raking in steady cash                                                                                  On each and every clash                                                                                                         Making the working class crash                                                                                          When they get a freakin’ ass rash                                                                                        From sitting on us so fuckin’ hard                                                                                  No shitting – this is the slow part                                                                                              When did the show start                                                                                                     To look like a flow chart?                                                                                                          Our leaders have no heart                                                                                                   Allowing us to grow apart                                                                                                   And feel pinched like they’re throwing darts                                                                   They’re causing us pain                                                                                                           And, we pause from the strain                                                                                                They stick claws in our brain                                                                                               With sick laws they sustain                                                                                                    Those pricks flaws are a stain                                                                                               They kick jaws just for gain                                                                                                    Inflict more to maintain                                                                                                           Their slick causes to attain                                                                                                     What they think they need                                                                                                         In a blink you could be freed                                                                                                From the stink of your greed                                                                                                 Let desire shrink and you’ll succeed                                                                                  In maintaining control                                                                                                             Of your brain as a whole                                                                                                         Still attaining your goal                                                                                                           And, maybe, …                                                                                                                             Regaining your soul          

    You can’t hear the beat that drives me
The fact that you’re full of fear doesn’t surprise me
Your flashing lights don’t hypnotize me
Your crashing flights are full of fuckin’ lies,see
It’s time to evolve past Capitalism people
Wake the fuck up!

6 comments on “What Touches YOUR Soul?

  1. FYI…the video is not working on my end. You already know how much I dig your musical work. Examining our motivations is an important step in growing as individuals and collectively as a society. Wish more people were as reflective as you are.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. It’s likely I messed up in some way. I try, but I’m not adept at technical things on a computer. For example – I’m going nuts trying to get the spacing proper on the post because it’s a different size page than the draft. I’ll see what I can do…

  3. WOW. I don’t know what to do or say right now. I’ve added media to many essays in the past and never had a problem. Now, I’ve tried a few different ways to add my video (which plays on youtube) to this essay and nothing works. It’s very strange. Maybe, I pissed off Google too many times with anti-corporate tweets or something. I don’t know. I’ve been at this a long time, but I’ll keep on trying…

  4. Amazing. The character for zero looks much different in the URL than everywhere else. That’s all it was. 🙂 In the draft it looks identical to a lower case “o” while in the URL it looks like an upper case “O”. Oh well, I learned something. Thanks for the help.

    Ignore the monotone vocal and concentrate on the lyrics. For those who make it through the guitar solo there are more lyrics…

  5. Yep, it’s working on my end too now. Great music.

  6. Thanks. There aren’t many people who can dig sloppy, jamming guitar; monotone vocals and preachy lyrics recorded on ancient equipment. 😛

    Peace, my brother.

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