Boycott Rush Limbaugh

To start, let me apologize to everyone that reads this for sinking to such a low level of humanity. This is a spontaneous rant of shocked disgust so I’ll keep it short.

Having said that, how low can a supposed human being go?

Rush Limbaugh has definitely proved beyond any doubt that he is one of the most vile things walking the planet. Seriously. He has attacked people for having compassion for young girls who were kidnapped after showing the courage to risk life and limb to get an education.

Throughout most of the world, we take education for granted. No, it isn’t always an ideal education. Yes, most of us have to put up with Capitalist indoctrination. But, we don’t have to worry every day about avoiding roving bands of psychotic killers looking to sell young girls to be owned and raped.

Is there one single person that can stand up for this piece of filth? If so, there are at least two “people” who need to be locked up in an institution. Rush has been a worthless piece of scum for many years, but he’s gone too far.

The thought police want to “fix” people with “above average creativity” who “question authority”, but a lunatic like Rush Limbaugh is not only free to roam among human beings, he collects millions of dollars for spouting putrid bile.

I’ve never killed another human being or wished death on someone before, but I believe Rush should end his life. He’s depraved and repugnant. Actually, Rush doesn’t meet the minimum requirement to be a human being. I don’t know how to categorize it.

Can’t we finally rid ourselves of this… thing? (By that, I mean get it off the air?)

I believe in the first amendment of the constitution, but no one should spend one dollar to support such a repulsive creature. A boycott of businesses that sponsor its show could be a great thing. Since there’s no more democracy, we need to vote with our money. They monetized speech. Let’s make it work for us for a change.

I feel empty inside. I don’t know what else to say…


Above is a photo of a woman at a demonstration for the kidnapped girls and a photo of the school in Chibok where about 200 of the girls were taken.




8 comments on “Boycott Rush Limbaugh

  1. About to expire on a library computer, but will come back later.

  2. Fuck Rush Limbaugh is better. Fuck Alex Jones too, the flipside of Rush. (monkeys say the darnedest things)

  3. 😛 I originally posted this as FUCK Rush Limbaugh (that feels good), but decided not to lower myself to its level. On the other hand, since Rush isn’t actually a human being I couldn’t possibly be that low so…

    Also, it’s a great idea to get people to boycott his sponsors. That might get it off the air for good. I don’t have many followers so people with a louder voice would have to pick it up, but it’s worth doing no matter what.

    Hopefully, people will realize that Rush really is a plague to be avoided.

    Thanks for the comment. Peace.

  4. There’s a facebook page called boycott rush Limbaugh and they post his sponsors so we can write them and tell them we’re boycotting them.

  5. That’s great. A lot of people are on facebook so it should get a lot of action. Going after their income is the only way to attack heartless Capitalists. Money is the only thing they care about.

  6. I sometimes try to analyze the specific ideology Limbaugh and his handlers and sponsors try to promote. I have concluded that the line they’re trying to peddle is that human nature is nonredeemable – that altruism and compassion are dead, so there is nothing wrong with the ruling elite being as greedy, ruthless and sociopathic as they like in their quest for wealth and power.

    In other words to put out a message they trying to change anything is a waste of time because human nature is so nasty people will just fuck it up.

  7. Yes, I know what you mean. His mission (and of promoters of “hate radio”, in general) seems to be to spread ignorance, hate and dissension to promote apathy among the population in helping misdirect us and strengthen the indoctrination plan of the sociopaths. We’re much easier to mold that way.

    Looking deeper, I see a connection to the Calvinist ideology of predestination which can help convince people that no matter what you do it really doesn’t matter so enjoy doing whatever you want to do. It has helped spread Capitalism and oppression and paved the way for the genocidal imperialism of much of the planet.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion. I welcome your thoughtful insights.

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