By Any Other Name

Well, here we are in an era in which suicidal tendencies are accepted as normal business practices.  Don’t worry about the lack of fresh air and clean water. Go shopping! Everything is OK.

Oh, you mean to tell me we’re killing innocent people in sovereign nations because they don’t have the same priorities in life as we do? Oooh,  that’s bad. Hey, I’m hungry. Got any artificially sweetened, genetically modified quasi-food to munch on?

Damn,  we’re putting people in jail for defending themselves against vicious police brutality? Wow, that sounds crazy. I’m bored. Hey, what’s on TV tonight? 

Wow, we’re allowing corporations to purchase legislation that poisons EVERYONE and adds even more to their obscene bank accounts? Hey, I don’t like the color of my phone anymore. Let’s go to the mall so I can buy a new one.

We’ve finally learned how dangerous our addiction to burning fossil fuels is and our business “leaders” fight aggressively to make sure we don’t do anything to divert from our path of self destruction.  And, most of us acquiesce.

We know that it is wrong to make war under ANY circumstances – never mind simply for the purpose of increasing the profits of a minuscule percentage of the population – yet we fill our government with sociopaths who obey their corporate masters and allow the manufacture and sale of products that not only kill, but burn, rip apart and torture (in various other ways) fellow human beings.

And, then, we feign surprise when the rest of the world shows fear and hatred toward us.

We make it nearly impossible to eat food that nourishes by allowing industry to poison the soil and water and, then, scratch our collective heads when incidents of cancer and other debilitating illnesses become so commonplace we actually expect to suffer and die from them.

We complete the vicious cycle of ignorance and self-loathing by drowning our sorrow in more toxic food, drink and entertainment. Yes, quite civilized.

Don’t you think so?

Yes, the corporate indoctrination process is very powerful. It has been tweaked for many years to work on many levels in many ways on different types of people.

However, that doesn’t mean that we have to kneel at the altar of greed and desire and pretend we’re civilized. It doesn’t mean that we should give up on Life and allow the discount sale of our rights as human beings. Everyone should be alerting any and every person that will listen to the dangers of giving away our hearts and minds. Slavery of the mind is not much different than slavery of the body. Not really. You don’t have to see the chains to know they are there.

And, speaking of indoctrination…

… choosing between thirty brands of toothpaste and twenty brands of soup isn’t freedom.

Being able to watch hundreds of channels on the behavior instruction box isn’t freedom.

The ability to collect unlimited amounts of money (most of it just numbers on a computer screen) at the expense of fellow human beings is not freedom.

All members of a society have to enjoy the benefits of freedom – or it isn’t freedom.

That would be like putting a price tag on free speech. 

Oh, yeah…


The manipulation of language is a powerful tool in the art of mass deception. It should not be taken lightly. There’s a reason why so much effort is put into seemingly insignificant things like changing definitions in the dictionary (a good example is how Merriam-Webster has redefined Socialism and Capitalism – very interestingly) and the associations made between certain terms in clever and, sometimes, heavy-handed ways.

It’s amusing how Capitalism is constantly associated with freedom and achieving technological progress while social programs are associated with debt. Never mind reality:

Capitalism is nothing more than the state religion of corporatocracies.

Tax payer money has driven most technological breakthroughs in modern history – including the internet – not private business.

Billions of dollars in taxes labeled as social programs go to corporations engaged in unconstitutional cartels: insurance companies.

Billions more in taxpayer money go to the wealthy sociopaths running the oil and coal industries despite the fact that they have raped the environment as well as the working class for over a century while leaving toxic waste and disease in their wake.

More than half of the U.S. funding of scientific research and development goes to the Department of Defense – military “progress”, not human progress.

Civilization means society progressing toward a more humane and compassionate world. It’s vibrant and life-oriented.

A society based on war, oppression and the encouragement  of predatory behavior is far from civilized. Far from alive.

A single individual putting a gun to his or her head or a society allowing for the wholesale destruction of life on the planet in order to collect as much “wealth” as possible – there is very little difference (except in volume).

Suicide, by any other name, is still suicide.


10 comments on “By Any Other Name

  1. Great essay. Our world is truly insane. Historically, people eventually revolt after prolonged periods of social imbalance. They throw out the old tyrants only to set the stage for the new tyrants. What’s different now, however, is the scale of the backlash. Unlike revolutions and wars which can reset the social dynamic, and unlike sober diplomacy which can avert imminent catastrophes such as nuclear conflict, there will be nothing to impede the coming global devastation of climate change. We’re already past the tipping point, and entrenched special interests wouldn’t allow any mitigation even if we still had time. Life is very bad now, but unfortunately, it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

  2. So many good points here. The analogies between our corporate-capitalist, cutthroat culture and slow suicide is on point. It is impossible to embrace life and death at the same time. As long as we continue to turn our backs on one another and remain unwilling to get up and stand up, we may as well be the walking dead.

    The elite mock us at every turn. Geithner said this week, “The paradox of this is, the only way to reduce damage to the innocent victims of a crisis is to make sure you keep the lights on,” he says. “Because if you don’t keep the lights on in the financial system, then you’re going to face Depression-level unemployment.” So, his job was to make sure the banker’s lights stayed on but for the millions of Americans who had far more than their lights turned off, oh well. When the banks were foreclosing on people’s homes en masse, the lights were the least of their problems.

    I listened to this interview on public radio and could hear my heart beat: http://ksmu.org/npr/geithner-financial-crisis-was-landing-burning-plane.

  3. Yes, we live in a truly insane world. History has moved in insane cycles of war, oppression, revolution and relative peace before, but the stranglehold the current rulers have on the minds of the masses today has transcended any semblance of normalcy and threatens the very existence of the human race – and possibly all life on the planet.

    However, I’m going to risk sounding like a spaced-out hippie who dosed too many times on mushrooms. I may simply be a foolish optimist, but I believe we might be able to salvage life on the planet if there is a serious increase of awareness throughout the population and drastic steps are taken globally to reverse much of the damage that has been done. I don’t want to list all of the potential fixes (it would take another entire essay just to do that) – and, I’m sure we’d need help from Mother Earth herself for it to happen. I know, I know – wishful thinking. Who knows? Maybe, there are miracles. Peace.

  4. WOW. I didn’t listen to the interview because I have a difficult time not getting angry at the sociopaths from the financial “industry.” I’ve been warning people about the evil of the Fed for decades and too many turn around and walk away bewildered. It’s scary. I did read the highlights, though.

    It’s the same ol’ bullshit propaganda – tell people banks are necessary and it’s in everyone’s best interests to save them every time they destroy our economy, pay corporate politicians to pass fake regulation which actually solidifies corporate control over the economy, blame the nebulous concept of “government” for the faulty “regulation”, reward the corporate members of government for looking the other way with obscene salaries and bonuses, hire a “committee” to say that wages are too high for the people who DO ALL OF THE WORK, give away as much of the people’s wealth as possible to corporations, create Pearl Harbor-type scenarios and blame innocent people for our problems (U.S. citizens are traitors and brown-skinned foreigners are terrorists), invade sovereign nations and steal their resources in order to lower costs and increase profits…

    Sorry. I guess I got a bit carried away. I wish I wasn’t right on…

  5. Hope can propel us if we endeavor to persevere. Peace to you, ashift.

    Btw, hippies and shrooms are cool!

  6. In my travels, I am really pleased to see the breakdown of peoples’ pro-corporate conditioning. It’s obviously more prevalent outside of the US, but I see encouraging signs that people are challenging their corporate indoctrination, particularly on the west coast.

    Holistic medicine is one area where it’s particularly noticeable – this mainly seems to be the total inability of western medicine to address the epidemic of chronic conditions we have developed in response to a industrialized processed food diet and a variety of toxic exposures (including EMR from cellphones( in our air, food and water. There’s also increasing evidence that we’re over-immunizing our kids and that this contribute to the burden of inflammatory diseases.

    Parents are also starting to challenge the bullshit educational system in the US – with a large number either home schooling or starting alternative schools.

    Finally I’m really pleased to see the effort to build sustainable, fossil-free communities, particularly on the West Coast. It’s virtually impossible to live sustainably without community support – this seems to be catching on in all 3 Pacific Rim states – with increasing pressure on local and state government to facilitate this process with a tax and subsidy policy that rewards people financially for living sustainably instead of penalizing them.

  7. I’m glad to hear from another fan of hippies and ‘shrooms in a society dominated by Capitalists and prescription drugs! 😀 Peace.

  8. Yes, it’s inspiring to see small groups of compassionate people building sustainable communities around the world. Hopefully, that will inspire more people to do the same and start an insurmountable wave of activity in that direction.

    The system we’ve built of rewarding and encouraging greed and promoting suicidal detachment from seeing the consequences of our actions has to end. The planet cannot and will not allow it much longer. The proverbial shit is hitting the fan. Unfortunately, most people still don’t see it.

    Thanks for your insightful comment.

  9. Uhh, you’re welcome. Would you like to add to the discussion? Everyone’s opinion is welcome (except Rush Limbaugh) 🙂

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