Nonconformist? Free Thinker? You Are Now Officially Insane!

We’ve known for quite some time that we live in an extremely dysfunctional, conformity-obsessed society. Creative people have long been ostracized by a majority of the population in a subtle act of punishing those who are gifted with the ability to see the world from a unique perspective. Free thinkers are called  flakes, weirdos, wackos, misfits, screwballs, crackpots…

I’ve always been able to laugh at this foolishness as an adolescent fear of “not fitting in” that has become institutionalized in mainstream thought. It never bothered me much until recently when I came across an article about the psychiatric “industry” (talk about “crackpots”) having included what is ostensibly creative thinking as a “mental disorder.”

What the fuck is going on here?

The American Psychiatric Association publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and has added Oppositional Defiant Disorder – or ODD – as a new “mental illness.”

Obedient, bland and devoid of creativity is the new “normal?”

This is the scariest thing I have ever read about something not (normally) associated with war. It sounds like a George Orwell novel about a fear-ridden society in a twisted, dystopian future in which everyone with the unfortunate ability to think for themselves and be able to distinguish truth from propaganda is locked up in a cell – whether it be in a jail or a psychiatric institution – so they can be “fixed” and sent back into society to live a pathetic existence as an incognizant lump of flesh doped up on products put out by the pharmaceutical industrial complex. And, the scariest part of all is that it appears to be directed mostly at CHILDREN.

Yes, the rulers’ welltrained monkeys have found another high-powered weapon of behavior modification to aim at our children.

This sounds like people will now be punished for being human. The obedient, dull-witted sheeple mulling around like cattle sniffing each other’s asses aren’t human anymore. They have given up on what truly being a human being is. Maybe, they are the ones who need medication.

And, at the risk of sounding like a “conspiracy nut”, I see too much cooperation in different areas of society involved  in the systematic destruction of critical thinking to believe it is a coincidence.

(By the way, why do we never hear about the coincidence nuts – only the conspiracy nuts?)

Are we paranoid if we are actually being fed a steady diet of ignorance, obedience training and behavior-altering toxins?

This is so overtly aimed at whipping the population into a senseless gaggle of automatons that I find it painfully difficult to believe it won’t cause an uproar of indignant rage if enough people hear about it. Where are the people in the media who haven’t been programmed by Fox Propaganda Inc. and the like to suck at the teat of Corporate Control?

Some of them think for themselves, don’t they?

I could go on ranting, but I’ve decided to keep it short and sweet distressing.

This is the official “diagnosis” for Oppositional Defiant Disorder:

A pattern of negativistic, hostile and defiant behavior lasting at least six months during which four (or more) of the following are present:


Often loses temper

Often argues with “adults”

Actively defies or refuses to comply with “adults” rules and requests

Is often touchy or easily annoyed

And, my favorites, signs of questioning authority and above average creativity!

Wow! This sounds like…

…every teenager I’ve ever heard of. If a child didn’t question the random rules of people  – especially of “people” obviously less intelligent and more easily controlled by the rulers – I’d be extremely disturbed. To question the authority of people who mindlessly obey the rules of sociopathic tyrants – even if they are adults – sounds like something I’d expect my child to do. To see it defined as an illness is shocking and horrifying in its implications for the future of humankind.

One area that will be impacted in a terrifying way is the already troublesome overmedication of children (as well as adults). This will allow dangerous chemical concoctions to be forced on our children. Already, forty two states have Involuntary Outpatient Community Laws that allow a judge to order a patient to comply with prescribed medication.

Now, some of these patients might actually need this, but a child should not be forced to take mind-altering drugs simply for questioning authority. This is nothing more than a disingenuous way of multiplying the effectiveness of an insidious system of indoctrination.

And, it is especially frightening considering that some of the side effects of these dangerous chemicals are increased risk of diabetes, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, akathisia (a painful disorder which has been linked to murder and suicide) and a “spiritual deadening” in which patients have described losing “any sense of joy, of their willpower and of their sense of being.”

And, these things are better than questioning authority?

I won’t even get into the potential for tyrannical uses of this by police states. That’s another alarming issue to consider.

I’m not sure where to take this, so I’ll leave readers with this chilling  nugget of mind-blowing truth about our wonderful, rules-obsessed organization, the American Psychiatric Association:

They once listed homosexuality as a mental disorder.

Feeling angry? Defiant? Annoyed?  Do you want to question the psychiatric authorities?

12 comments on “Nonconformist? Free Thinker? You Are Now Officially Insane!

  1. As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I can understand your concern about diagnostic labels but ODD is a very old diagnosis. It dates back to 1968 when it was called unsocialized aggressive reaction. The diagnosis was changed to oppositional defiant disorder in 1980.

    It’s traditionally a diagnosis of exclusion – i.e. an indication there’s nothing seriously wrong with the child. A good psychiatrist who comes up with this diagnosis is supposed to reassure the parents that nothing is seriously wrong and things will clear up on their own. Parents who are interested in further treatment are encouraged to seek family therapy or help in behavioral management.

    I preferred the old diagnosis because in child psychiatry “reaction” means a kid is just going through a patch of disruptive behavior that will clear up on its own. I think the APA made a big mistake when they started calling it a disorder – it clearly conveys the wrong impression.

    That being said any child psychiatrist who prescribes medication for ODD is a quack and needs to be reported to their state licensing board.

  2. What a bone-chilling development. I see conspiracy, not coincidence. This has been going on for decades. Orwell was correct.

  3. Yes, you’re correct on that point. Unfortunately, the insidious plan to relegate the majority of humanity to a society of mindless, apathetic cattle is an old one. This is simply another useful tool for completing that plan. Orwell was a perceptive man indeed. Thanks for reading and commenting. I enjoy your blog very much. Peace.

  4. Critical and creative thinking is anathema to the corporate-capitalists who seek to profit off our labors from the cradle to the grave.

    Some more bad news regarding psychiatry’s complicity in the state’s torture programs: http://dailym.ai/1o1sHqW

    Some good news about doctors who take their Hippocratic Oath seriously: http://bit.ly/1pM0cCt

    On a more personal note, my son was diagnosed with Tourettes when he was very young. Let’s just say psychiatrists are not my favorite people, although, I’m sure there are good ones out there. Great insights, as always.

  5. You got that right, Jeff.

    The first article is extremely disturbing. I read about it a few years ago and was disappointed it didn’t get more “air time.” The article told of how CIA personnel used psychiatrists to determine ways to get the most out of their torture techniques. And, this was approved by the American Psychiatric Association at the time.

    The second article is a fresh taste of humanity in a society sorely lacking in moral integrity. It reminds me of the doctors I met at Zuccotti Park in the Fall of 2011 who were protesting with OWS in an attempt to educate the masses about the sad state of affairs in the health “industry” – an oxymoronic term, to say the least.

    Knowing the depth of your compassion and intellect, I’m sure your son is receiving exactly what he needs to grow and become an enlightened individual.

    Thanks for your insightful addition to this discussion. Peace.

  6. Sorry to reply so late, but I just found your comment. That is interesting. I read a couple of articles that insinuated that this is new. So, what you’re saying is that what’s new is calling it a “disorder”, but that it’s been around for a long time. Thanks for clearing that up.

    However, I’m still extremely disturbed by the fact that “questioning authority” and “above average creativity” can be considered “symptoms” of a “disorder.”

    And, I’m sure renaming it a disorder will allow doctors to prescribe medications for children who exhibit signs of creativity which should be encouraged – not deadened.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Overall what we are seeing is an increase in authoritarianism that we would like to only attribute to cults. But along with the increased use and acceptance of authoritarianism is an encouragement to self-limited thinking and an increase in self-centeredness. The latter is encouraged when one follows authority for one’s own sake so as to avoid punishment and this makes considering the plight of others threatening. And it is this authoritarianism which we must break out of so we can survive.

  8. Exactly, Curt. Rules and regulations are needed to keep predatory people from taking advantage of others, but we see them being used too often to modify behavior in the masses for personal gain. This is especially evident in the way corporate manipulators encourage greed, selfishness and competitiveness among people – despite the FACT that humanity will benefit much more as a whole from compassion and cooperation.

    Thanks for the comment.

  9. I would add that any such regulations must represent the will and welfare of the people rather than the special interests and elites. Those who cry individual liberty must realize that because there is an inverse relationship between society’s democratically exercised liberty vs individual liberty, there must be a balance between the two. And the better this balance, the less authoritarianism exists regardless of the regulations.

    On the other hand, when the presence of lack of regulations serve the elite few, you always have authoritarianism regardless of how much individual liberty the gov’t recognizes.

  10. Yes, the people who scream for individual rights (at the expense of basic rights for all) seem to have no concept of balance. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

  11. History suggests that no politically correct behvior can be imposed but by compulsion.

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