Drawing Lines: It’s Just A Job

Hey, what’s with this Socialist president forcing health care down our throats? How about those of us who believe the rise in cancer, diabetes, obesity and respiratory disorders are just part of the cost of doing business?

Some of us don’t mind corporations having tight-fisted control of our government and buying elections. After all, they know better than we do. They are run by entrepreneurs. Plus, we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a republic. And, Capitalism feeds the masses. Poor people are just lazy. Let’s pull up our bootstraps. And, who knows, maybe the Earth is flat.

How can we allow the government to force us to pay for other people’s health choices? Doesn’t everyone remember Mike Huckabee’s eloquent discourse on health issues a while back when he questioned the wisdom of “Uncle Sugar coming in and providing a prescription” for birth control every month for “helpless” women? Why should I have to pay for someone else’s birth control? Next, they’re going to expect me to pay for viagra for men who can’t get it up.

What’s that? Medicare does cover viagra? And, Medicare has spent $172 million on penis pumps – even going back before Obamacare was enacted? And, it covers inflatable penis implants and vasectomies? Medicare?

So, a bunch of white guys in their nineties think it’s OK to spend tax payer money on sexual dysfunction for men. So what?

And, covering “impotence agents” was recommended to Medicare by United States Pharmacopeia? They’re some communist government agency, right? Oh, they are a non-profit, nongovernmental “standards-setting” organization. Well, uh…

Well, Rick Santorum’s friend (and top donor) Foster Friess said that women should just put an aspirin “between their knees and it wasn’t that costly”.  Yeah, that’s affordable contraception. Austerity on steroids. (Speaking of steroids – are they covered by Medicare?)

Our conservative leaders tell us that there is such a thing as “legitimate rape”, that a pregnancy due to rape is “a gift from God” and that only “sluts” want contraception covered by health insurance.

Steve Martin, GOP State Senator and former head of Virginia’s Education and Health Committee, says that a pregnant woman is just a “host” and shouldn’t have the right to end her pregnancy. Well, what do women think, that they have the same rights as men?

Damn, I started this as a humorous piece… but it really isn’t that funny.

I believe I made a point, but I’m not good at “tongue-in-cheek” so I’ll just continue with some observations and try not to bore you…

The current system of the United States is fear-based. That’s obvious. Fear is used by – or on – the members of the different strata of the corporate world according to the level of ignorance of each “member” of the congregation.

The rulers view the world with an insane combination of the philosophies of Ayn Rand, Edward Bernays, Josef Geobbels and a unique twist on the eugenics movement (in which, by creating debilitating illnesses instead of just killing “undesirables”, they increase the population of potential slaves).

They are the architects of modern society. They are intelligent when it comes to building a society with differing levels of obedient automatons, but stupid when it comes to survival of the species. They’ve led us on a course of societal suicide and a majority of the population don’t seem to notice. They’ve hidden their sociopathic disdain for the human race for many years by controlling the flow of information in society. (The goal being to keep us in formation). They are skilled at elucidating “proper” business philosophy to their upper management employees tools and at coercing those who think differently to change their behavior. They are also proficient at building “buffers” between the different levels of machinery at work to make their fortunes.

In the movie, “The Godfather”, the concept of buffers was used to show the varying levels of trust in criminal organizations. Low level employees were known as “buttons”. A boss pushes a button and someone carries out his command. Some people pushed buttons AND were buttons themselves. (If there is a slightly humorous aspect to all of this, it’s that there are many in industry and politics who love to push buttons without realizing they themselves are merely buttons for those at higher levels).

The next level down is made up of the talented executioners of “the plan”. These are people who have attained great wealth due to becoming adept at taking advantage of others and of unfortunate situations, but without truly understanding the overall complexities of modern society. They are able to analyze certain aspects of the plan, but don’t see all of the pieces of the puzzle. They hold key positions of power (usually in industry, sometimes in government) that are usually not quite as powerful as most people believe. (Those who manage to attain positions of true power occasionally join the ranks of the rulers). They make sure those at the lower levels maintain a proper respect for the dogma of the state mythology and for following accepted rules of engagement in the war on creative thought (civilization).

Another level down the ladder is where the most visible members of this demented world of illusion and obscenity exist. This is the land of the delusional executioners. These are people who are completely out of balance in relation to intelligence and ambition. Many aren’t clever enough to see that they are being played like helpless children and are often cruel and irrational. For a relative pittance, these people will sell their souls and help lead the innocent to slaughter. They are an important cog in the machine intended to transfix the public’s attention on insignificant issues. Many of them like to wave flags and parrot mindless slogans that resonate with negative feelings inside easily manipulated people. Some pretend to be intelligent and offer “parental” advice to those of us unfortunate enough to “have less”.

This group is filled with many people of differing levels of ignorance. Some are so mentally ill that they actually believe the disinformation they spout. Others believe some of what they regurgitate and pretend to understand what’s going on. This layer of society makes up the majority of our politicians – people who like to be in the public eye and know they couldn’t hold their own in situations in which they would have to compete with those who are more clever than they. Obedience to their masters so as to stay in positions of status exeeding their ability is key here.

Levels below vary greatly in their details, but are made up mostly of the ignorant masses who want to believe pathetically naive things such as the U.S. being a civilized society, war being necessary, everything on the planet being for sale, guns being more important than free speech and everyone’s favorite: that the U.S. is a Christian nation which spreads freedom and democracy with its terrifyingly destructive military machine.

Most people see this frightening situation and believe that there is nothing a single person can do to change it. Actually, it’s the only way things will change. Each individual person has to do his or her own part in changing this bloodthirsty system.

The banksters don’t do all of the paperwork themselves to kick families out of their homes. Someone you know is processing that paperwork.

Insurance company CEO don’t peruse documents and deny benefits to dying people. Someone you know is making those decisions.

Merck and GlaxoSmithKlein don’t drop the synthetic pills down our throats.

Tyson QuasiFoods and ConAgra don’t shovel toxic food onto our dinner plates.

It’s not illegal to not buy the mainstream newspaper in your town. And, you can read books that are enlightening as well as entertaining instead of tuning in to the behavior modification box in your living room.

Here’s a big one: you can vote for someone other than a republican or a democrat.

Really, you can.

When you hear a politician talk coldly about how poor children receiving free lunches is a burden on society – yet that same politician will support BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in corporate welfare going to wealthy people – do you hang your head in shame? Did YOU vote for that person?

YOU can make a difference. You have to make a difference. What will it take to be sick and tired of being sick and tired?

When everyone gets cancer at least once in their life? And there is no more social security, unemployment benefits or food stamps? And, we need passports to travel state to state?

What? Afraid of losing your little job? That’s what the people who ran the trains to the concentration camps said during WWII. That’s what the soldiers in Stalin’s army said when they rationed food allowing children to starve. Where will YOU draw the line?

4 comments on “Drawing Lines: It’s Just A Job

  1. History tells us that the people will eventually “draw the line.” But in the current case, that won’t happen until it’s too late. What’s different this time is the scale of the problem. Before, it was limited to city-states, nation-states, or geographical regions. Now, it’s global. Considering the nexus of climate change, overpopulation, and intransigent laissez-faire corporatism, the contemporary socioeconomic paradigm will eventually falter. It’s only a question of time. NASA just released a report warning that modern human civilization could collapse in the next few decades if current practices continue. That’s NASA mind you, not Nostradamus.

  2. I hear you. It is difficult not to lose hope. Isn’t it terrifying to see society commit suicide? In the past, when people did rise up and force a change, it was because so many people had nothing. They had nothing to lose other than a horrible life. Today, we see millions of people with a stake in this barbaric system so, even though it’s bloodthirsty, many people support it because they don’t want to lose what they have. That’s the cleverness of the current rulers.

    Despite that, I try and educate people in the hope that some will see the light. Thanks for the comment. By the way, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Peace.

  3. The biggest fear is that those in power will lose control. And to keep their control, they have to manipulate our fears so that we act in their behalf.

  4. Yes, that is the key to their system. The rulers manipulate the masses through emotions – specifically greed and fear.

    When people are fearful of losing what they have or of “others”, they are more easily manipulated.

    When people allow greed to dictate their priorities in life, they are more easily manipulated.

    The puzzle we face: If we allow the human race to evolve to the next level, we will not succumb to their machinations. If we don’t succumb to their machinations, we will be able to evolve to the next level.

    Thanks for the comment. Peace.

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