NEVER Turn Your Back on a CAPITALIST

Never turn your back on a Capitalist.

That is one of the best pieces of advice I can think of to give to people who decide to get involved with people in the world of commerce.

Yes, most people speak admiringly of our state religion. They are known as sheeple to the rest of the population. Corporate media tells us every day that Capitalism feeds people who would otherwise go hungry. (Yet, millions of children in this “wealthiest nation on Earth” go hungry regularly).

They tell us that efficiency is what counts. So, any idea or invention that makes “life” easier is acceptable – even if it creates disease, poverty and a general dysfunction in society.

They tell us that we need banks, investment firms and insurance predators – uh, I mean companies – to help us achieve all of the things that make life wonderful.

They tell us that the necessities in life are produced through unbridled greed and that an unquenchable desire for individual gain is the engine that drives great things for the human race.

They tell us that virtually everything that is accomplished in the world is due to crushing everyone and everything that gets in your way – sometimes with merciless violence. But, more often these days, it is done with a refined violence that seems almost gentle – like a demented, soft-spoken grandfather who has gone off the deep end. (Anyone thinking of Ronnie Raygun right now?) So, they word their insidious propaganda with sophistication. Entrepreneurs need greed and a competitive fire to make life better for everyone. They are made of the stuff of legends. They turn the wheels of “progress”. And, they are the template by which “success” is determined in society these days.

It is implied in subtle (and not so subtle) ways that strong, wealthy people are God’s chosen ones and that they deserve more than the rest of us. If one of the dynamic leaders of industry came out with such twisted, Calvinist proselytism in a press conference, he/she would be vilified. But, obviously, they are far too astute to blurt out such an inanity in public. Yet, it goes down smoothly with an ice-cold brew in front of a TV screen the size of a car while wearing designer clothes (made by women earning $3 for a 12 hour day) while sitting on a plush couch.

But, it hints at something that has been buried deeply in our subconscious by these enterprising manipulators of the human mind: that living beings have become nothing more than things. Yes, things. Things to be bought, sold, traded, used – whatever it takes for the successful “chosen ones” to prosper at the expense of everyone else.

This is part of the dehumanization process of the human race – which basically consists of the demonizing of “others”. It is a prerequisite for the continuation of something as brutal and suicidal as Capitalism. By sugar-coating the violence used to accent people’s “otherness” with clever language manipulation, the hate slingers in corporate media fool a large percentage of the populace. They fool people into helping grease the skids of a system in which we justify dropping bombs on people, poisoning the entire planet (ourselves included), auctioning off elections, giving welfare to billionaires while a growing number of the working poor call the streets home, police murdering innocent Black men IN OUR STREETS and other equally insidious actions unworthy of civilized beings. 

They deviously preach the veracity of the brain bile evangelically embraced by the dull-witted victims of corporate propaganda outlets such as Fox, CNN and the Wall Street Journal. The incessant fear pumped into the minds of the masses has precipitated many sociopathic ideas to be accepted by people who profess to love their families and neighbors. The indoctrination runs deep.

This is oppression with a smile. The financial terrorists have cleverly built a system in which huge numbers of people welcome the time-honored forms of coercion, persecution, emotional torment and other tools of behavior modification that pass as “popular opinion” in corporate media. This is one of the most powerful weapons wielded by society’s rulers – particularly when discussing economic terrorism – uh, policy.

I’m reminded of a line in a cynical, yet brutally honest Pink Floyd song, “Dogs”:

“You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to so that when they turn their backs on you, you’ll get the chance to put the knife in.

Interesting, the people that many of us “trust”…

The current attempt by the corporate-owned members of the U.S. Congress to give the internet completely over to the corporate media dogs of (mind) war is something that should be on the lips of every adult in the U.S. (as well as around the world).

The truth is that absolute control over behavior is necessary for the sociopaths to continue their domination of the human race. And, absolute control of information is necessary for them to continue their control over our behavior. If we don’t put a stop to the chronic selling of our minds for a few paltry possessions, we will have committed societal suicide.

I’m reminded of a line in another song – this one by Sly and the Family Stone:

“Dying young is hard to take, but selling out is harder.”

Selling your mind and soul for possessions is worse than being dead. It’s difficult to understand why there are people who don’t know that. I guess they “trust” the people who tell them what they “think” they want to hear. I wish the sheeple of the world only knew that they’re leaving their backs wide open for that deadly knife to be put in ever so gently.

14 comments on “NEVER Turn Your Back on a CAPITALIST

  1. Do you have a FB or Twitter account? I would really like to pass on your posts! TY cdboydston@yahoo.com

  2. Sorry, nevermind! I found what i was looking for inside comment section, duh! Keep up the important work you all do, love it! CDB

  3. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Educating the masses to help undo the serious damage of Capitalist Indoctrination is extremely important. I’m just doing my small part in that endeavor. Peace.

  4. Thank you very much for that. I appreciate it when people help spread the truth about the suicidal direction we’ve taken as a society. It’s truly amazing that so many people don’t see what is happening to all of us. And, it’s difficult to accept that so many can actually be suicidal. Hopefully, there will be REAL change before we’ve destroyed all human life on the planet. Peace.

  5. you confuse, conflate, corporatism with capitalism. The two are not the same,
    Crony corporatism is what we have. The melding of big business with government. Call it by its proper name, a form of fascism, designed to enslave.

    Capitalism is not the problem. It is the name used to hide behind so to deflect your attention from the real problem

    Capitalism is your neighbor saving from earnings and going into business to better himself but only by providing a service or product wanted by you or your neighbor.

    If not capitalism then, What else???

  6. On the contrary, Tony, I believe it is you who is confused by the manipulation of language and a limited viewpoint. Capitalism is the religion that allows corporatocracy to exist. In its pure form, everything is for sale in a society based on Capitalism. This includes elections and, on a personal level, the integrity of anyone who deems possessions as more important than the well-being of EVERY individual in a given population. In Capitalism, corporations make ALL of the rules. Corporations dictate what is made and sold – not the “markets” the way the high priests of our state religion say. They dictate priorities. They say it is acceptable to profit on the basic necessities in life – the things deemed as “the commons” by the Founding Fathers. Corporations make money. Period. They do not do what is best for society. Pharmaceutical corporations increase profits by selling drugs that keep people alive without healing them. For-profit health organizations put out propaganda telling us these dangerously addictive drugs are all we have while supressing natural remedies that actually help people heal themselves. And, this is but one area in which Capitalism has failed the human race. Some day, we will evolve as a species beyond the level of dogmatic, barbaric, greedy animals.

  7. P.S. Despite the fact that I disagree with your point of view, I respect your right to believe what you believe. Thank you for your comment. Dialogue between people who don’t agree is the way people will eventually come to terms with what needs to be done to evolve as a species. Peace.

  8. It probably wasn’t a good sign of things to come when the Arawaks welcomed Columbus and crew with open arms and Columbus’ first thought was “Damn, they’ll make some fine slaves.” That’s pretty much sums up how they look at us today…as serfs on the neofeudal plantation.

    In case you haven’t seen this article, it’s a good write-up on the modern day robber barons:


  9. I hear you, Jeff. Modern day slavery might not be as brutal as the traditional version, but it is despicable. The genocidal invasion of the Americas by European warlords, mercenaries, slave traders, weapons dealers and bankers brought a uniquely insidious way of looking at fellow human beings with it – people as commodities. A look at world history of the past few centuries shows that the terms Colonialism, Oppression and Capitalism are basically interchangeable. After all, the basic tenet of Capitalism is efficiency and what could be a more efficient economic system than slavery – with genocide as the alternative for the groups that resist?

    Thanks for the link. That was an interesting article. Sadly, though, it isn’t surprising.

  10. Powerful message, and eloquently argued!

  11. Thanks, Carol. As usual I was a bit intense due to indulging mindlessly in anger and frustration. The blog started more as therapy for myself than to educate people. (Though this style of writing might be the type that resonates with a few people and jar them from their complacency).

    Fortunately, once in a while I’m more balanced and try to get a point across without ranting. 🙂 Reading a brilliant writer like yourself will certainly help. I’m grateful to you for that.

  12. I appreciate passionate, unfiltered honesty that is based on evidence and so articulately presented. Sharing truth is unlikely to win many awards, but I value the chance to learn from your perspective and I’m grateful for your kind words..

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