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Thanksgiving. Giving thanks. Who are we giving thanks to?

Are we giving thanks to the people of America that opened their hearts to welcome strange people from another land to share in the bountiful gifts of their beautiful land?

Are we celebrating the lives of the 45 million turkeys that will be ceremoniously butchered to fatten (mostly) over fed people?

Or are we celebrating a genocide that has lasted over 500 years?

Do most people in the U.S. realize that the stories we are told about the invasion of  America have been fabricated to reduce the guilt of Europeans having decimated a society that was more balanced and more in touch with Life than their own?

How many U.S. citizens know that Native Americans were  prevented from voting by state constitutions  until 1962?

How many U.S. citizens know that Native Americans weren’t allowed to take part in the structuring of their own education until 1975 and, then, had even THAT adversely affected by the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001?

How many U.S. citizens know that before the Indian Child Welfare Act in 1978, approximately 35% of Native American children were taken from their homes and placed in non-Native American homes for foster care? Louis La Rose of the Winnebago tribe testified: “I think the cruelest trick the white man has ever done to Indian children is to take them into adoption court, erase all of their records and send them off to some nebulous family… residing in a white community and he goes back to the reservation and he has absolutely no idea who his relatives are,  and they effectively make him a non-person and I think… they destroy him.”

I intended writing an essay about this subject, but after thinking it over I decided to let actual Americans tell us about it.

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