Paths To Freedom

Sick and tired of running the treadmill of modern “life”?

Sick and tired of delusional politicians destroying YOUR (perceived) democracy right before your eyes?

Sick and tired of corruption piled on top of scam wrapped inside the enigma of corporate media indoctrination?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

It seems to me that to be considered “sane” by an insane society isn’t exactly a good thing. Too many of us are stuck in a well-worn rut of obeying people who gain attention by being loud, obnoxious and seriously dysfunctional.

OK, I know we aren’t all the same, but diversity doesn’t have to include deranged. I’m talking about the mind-numbing insanity of destroying most life on the planet and calling it “progress”. I’m talking about cutting funding that keeps pregnant women alive and healthy to be able to continue giving corporate welfare to billionaires like David Rockefeller, the Koch brothers and the Walton family. Or giving tax breaks to billion dollar corporations that repay us by eliminating jobs and health benefits AND spending ill-gotten money that could feed the hungry to attack human rights.

Do you see what I mean? THEY are not like most human beings. We need to stop giving respect to these predators just because they have a lot of money. We need to think for ourselves and make decisions more befitting a civilization. When did it become more important to vote for the eventual winner (or who corporate media tells you will win) in an election than to vote for the person who will help most of us? When did the simplest, most violent and least thoughtful message become the most popular? (Abraham Lincoln would be called a terrorist in the corporate media today).

There are ways out of this suicidal path we’re on. They are paths to freedom.

LOVE. If you have no love in your heart, you’ve committed virtual suicide. A muscle may still beat in your chest, but you’re not fully human. By “love”, I don’t mean loving your family members. I mean LOVE.  To “live” your life solely based on what you can attain for yourself is not being human. There are animals that are more civilized than that. And, some of us eat them. Some people need to reevaluate their definition of civilization. It certainly isn’t those who have the most violent weaponry.

COMPASSION. To have compassion doesn’t mean to occasionally cry during a sad movie. It means caring about EVERYONE. ALL OF THE TIME. It means being aware of what the cannibalistic predators in society are doing and attempting to do something about it. It means making your voice heard. It means making sure that the least fortunate in society – the disabled, poor children and elderly – get basic necessities before you spend hard-earned money on useless possessions that do nothing more than distract you from what’s going on around us. It means making decisions collectively with your fellow human beings that prevent sociopathic monsters from feeding a system of virtual slavery that gives the deceptive appearance of freedom. It simply means caring.

JOY. If you have joy in your heart that you’re alive in a truly amazing world of infinite possibilities, you’ll treat others with the love and respect EVERYONE deserves. This is a decision. It’s not something you do AFTER you attain enough “stuff”, it’s something you decide despite your current circumstances. You decide to be part of the human race – not an entity unto yourself.

Life doesn’t suck. Predatory people who worship money and possessions suck. They suck the life out of people. They are so busy collecting more things that they don’t see the violence they inflict on others with their indifference to suffering. In the world of fiction, those beings are called vampires. The techniques may not be the same, but the results are very similiar. Fictional vampires are able to turn mortal human beings into zombie-like beings with a bite on the neck. Fundamentalist Capitalists are able to turn normally decent human beings into (zombie-like) predatory monsters and/or apathetic automatons with savage bites on mainstream media and the economy. (While some call it economic reality or Social Darwinism, others see it as financial terrorism). These “victims” then become the walking dead – dead of heart and mind.

OK, you’re “sick and tired” of the preaching. I can appreciate that. 🙂 However, we all know someone that needs to be told these things. Something keeps this maniacal system in place. We can’t ALL blame “the other guy”. The deceptive manipulators who’ve designed this efficient, automated clone factory are relentless in their iron-fisted scheming to continue plundering the planet and all its inhabitants as if they’re plucking cans of soup off  a supermarket shelf.

Well, we need to be just as relentless in our attempt to save humanity from heartless, mindless suicide. I was reading a book recently on religions and extremist religious offshoots. It made me realize something about our state religion, Capitalism. It’s not a religion in the sense of theology, it’s more of a demonology. The priesthood preach the “acceptability” of hateful, selfish ignorance and demonize all those who don’t adhere to the dogma. Do most people truly want to live in a system based on fear and hatred? Do they even see what we have all become a part of?

We all need to find the courage to stand up and speak out about what we know is right in our hearts. We can’t continue to look at our neighbors (or so-called “leaders”) to get things moving in a sane, moral direction. The rulers have a lot of financial power, but they can’t stop all of us if we come together. Fear is a prison. Let’s plan a jail break and take the paths to freedom.

Here is a link to a song by Robin Trower that asks important questions:

2 comments on “Paths To Freedom

  1. I guess we also need to remind people that it’s really hard for anyone to enjoy these positive emotions if they’re at home alone with the TV or computer screen. In my parents’ generation, people knew their neighbors and belong to a myriad of church, labor, and social groups. The best way to resist the corporate brainwashing, is to shut the screens off, get to know your neighbors, and get involved in your community.

  2. Yes, that’s an excellent point. One of the reasons why the corporate plan of Manipulate, Divide and Conquer works so well is that they have been successful in preventing us from getting better acquainted with our fellow citizens. If you don’t know any gay people, for example, it is easier to be convinced they are very different and, therefore, people to avoid. Racism, sexism, religious intolerance and all other forms of mass hate are made easier by this insidious technique.

    Thanks for “liking” and commenting on my essays. You are a thoughtful person with a brilliant mind. I enjoyed the few things you’ve posted that I’ve read so far. I look forward to reading more. Peace.

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