The Illusionists

Capitalism. The economic system currently in place throughout most of the world. Almost everyone in the U.S. accepts it as their religion. Of course, they don’t call it a religion, but it is nevertheless. Most people in the U.S. seem to worship money and possessions as fervently, if not more so, than other belief systems commonly called religions so to deny this fact is disingenuous.

Anyway, what is this “thing” we call Capitalism? Do most people actually understand what it does and how it affects us all? How many people have ever taken the time to think about this economic system they follow so obediently? It’s doubtful many U.S. citizens question the morality of such a violent, predatory system. Do most people in the U.S. (and in other nations) understand that their economy is based on debt and deception? Do they understand that it can’t possibly continue in its present form? The priests of Capitalism say that it needs to continually expand to work properly, but can an economic system that grows unceasingly exist for long in a world of finite resources? How big is big enough, anyway?

The system worked for a while in the U.S. due to an expanding population of savages from Europe on a sparsely populated continent of abundant resources. That is no longer the case. At a certain point, the continuance of Capitalism necessitated the aiming of its brutal tactics outside the domestic population. This created the “need” to expand the strategy to militarily weaker nations, instituting an oppressive system of virtual slavery on foreign populations. Therefore, Capitalism is an integral part of oppression and colonialism despite the jingoistic cries of “democracy” we hear from the corporate U.S. media.

Dispensing with definitions, let’s consider morality. Can a system in which efficiency is held above the well-being of a population be a good thing? Especially if, by design, it causes an increase in poverty worldwide, oppression of foreign nations, poisoning of the entire environment and widespread injustice?

Modern Capitalism has progressed regressed to the point of not only rewarding despicable behavior, it has given a sadistic class of people who reward sociopathic behavior a more efficient system in which to control the masses. This rivals the twisted vagaries of the worst of the Roman Empire two millennia ago – the era of the psychopathic emperor Nero.

So, what is the genesis of this corrosive system plaguing most of the planet?

It probably dates back to the Goldsmiths of Medieval England or the Knights Templar of Medieval Europe, but there’s no need to go that far back in time. It’s difficult to present evidence to those who have been unable to break out of the Capitalist Indoctrination Process long enough to think for themselves. Let’s stick to modern Capitalism and go back to a seminal event that took place between 1910 and 1913 in the United States.

This event is the planning and execution of the largest crime ever perpetrated on the (non-indigenous) people of the United States. It was done by a greedy group of predators who were part of a class of people whose wealth was attained through genocide, war, weapons sales, drug sales, the stealing and hoarding of resources and most profitable of all – slavery.

These wealthy bankers/entrepeneurs/genocidal maniacs (take your pick) decided to temporarily put aside their differences and create a corporation that would be untouched by the concept of law. It would also be above any nation – even though it would be located in and be considered an integral part of one nation. It would be able to manipulate the entire U.S. economy (and, eventually, most of the world’s economy), finance wars and keep the shareholders in riches beyond comprehension. It would have some of the same qualities as their most profitable endeavor, slavery, but not be as difficult to maintain because they would manipulate people into believing there was nothing immoral or unethical going on and that everyone had a stake in the system. They perfected the ancient psychological warfare technique of  “bread and circuses”  associated with the Roman Empire. This would allow them to control virtually every human being on the planet without most realizing they were, essentially, slaves.  This corporation is so secretive that a century later, despite the fact that most people know it’s name, very few know how it was started and how much power it wields on a daily basis over the population.

These obsessed, manipulative men came together on a small, privately-owned (by J.P. Morgan) island off the eastern coast of the United States called Jekyl Island to plan this crime. Their scheming culminated in a piece of legislation deceptively pushed on an unsuspecting populace known as The Federal Reserve Act. It was signed into law in December of 1913 by a class warrior by the name of Woodrow Wilson.

The following video shows a checkpoint near the N.Y. Federal Reserve building. This secretive private corporation has their own security who disingenuously pretend to be police – right down to the blue & white cars they drive that look exactly like NYPD vehicles. After taking this short video I noticed two large white men in suits appear suddenly and seem to be watching me without making it look obvious.

The men at these meetings controlled approximately one quarter of the financial assets of the entire world at the time. Yes, that is difficult to believe. It’s difficult to conceive of such an enormous amount of money controlled by a small group of people. Yet, many historians believe it’s true. These men had much more money than anyone could possibly need – and they wanted more. The were led by Paul Warburg, a German banker who was a trusted member of the inner circle of the Rothschild European banking empire and Nelson Aldrich, a powerful senator from Rhode Island and wealthy financier whose daughter married John D. Rockefeller Jr. Also present were U.S. Treasury Secretary A. Piatt Andrew; Frank Vanderlip, of National City Bank of New York and three representatives of the U.S. financial empire of J.P. Morgan – Benjamin Strong, Charles D. Norton and Henry P. Davison.

Now, illusion is one of the key ingredients in the success of this insidious enterprise. These men created the illusion that the 1907 Banker’s Panic could have been avoided had there been a central bank to add liquidity to the market. Never mind that the panic was caused by bankers trying to corner the market on stocks of United Copper Company and the fact that there was no agency to regulate abusive behavior such as insider trading and price gouging. This was basically a planned event to lend credence to the “need” for a central bank in the United States.

They created the illusion that a central bank would smooth the peaks and valleys of the economy so that something like the 1907 Panic would never happen again. Never mind the fact that creating a central bank would be the key to allowing these conspirators to MORE EASILY manipulate the economy. The Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee sets interest rates and makes decisions on the U.S. money supply. In other words, they control inflation. Very interesting. Since a  portion of their profits comes from the interest on money owed them by the U.S. people, the more difficulty there is in paying the national debt, the higher the profits of the Fed.

And, they created the illusion that the Federal Reserve is a government agency instead of a consortium of private shareholders who circumvented the U.S. Constitution for profit. By taking the authority to print U.S. currency out of the hands of elected officials (no matter how corrupt, they CAN be voted out of office) and privatizing it, they have prevented U.S. citizens from having a voice in monetary policy. (When was the last time YOU voted someone off the board of directors of a corporation?)

A very private group of shareholders in a secretive corporation have control over the selling of U.S. Treasury bills, the federal funds rate (the interest rate among commercial banks), foreign exchange market policy and REGULATION of the banking industry. Stephen King could not have come up with a scarier scenario than this.

These men devised a clever plan of deception and misdirection to arrange an overnight Congressional Committee meeting in which details between the House Bill (known as the Glass Bill) and the Senate Bill (the Owens Bill) on the creation of a privately-owned central bank would be worked out.

As the Christmas holiday was approaching, the majority of Congress was told they would recess until January of 1914 to resume talks on the contentious  “currency bill.” Meanwhile, members supporting the legislation were told to stay in Washington to help complete the financial coup. The combined Owens-Glass Bill was voted on the day following the (1:30AM to 4:30AM) meeting to consolidate the bill. The deceptive instructions given insured that enough members of Congress were present at the vote to meet the minimum requirements for legal legislation. Not only were a significant number of (dissenting) legislators not present, many who were present had insufficient time to read the bill so were expected to vote without knowing the contents. (Who knows how many “yea” votes would have been “nay” votes if more understood precisely what was in the bill?)

The Federal Reserve Act passed by a vote of 298-60 in the House and a vote of 43-25 in the Senate. (Obviously 43 votes is not a majority in the Senate).

This all may seem somewhat boring – another opinion on the vagaries of Fundamentalist Capitalism, more anger about economic injustice. Anger is not the impetus behind this essay. Education is. Here are a few facts:

We will not undo the damage to the environment without addressing the economic system that enables, and actually encourages, the poisoning of the entire planet.

We will not stop the insidious increases in preventable deaths, homelessness, children going hungry, serious illness, animal abuse, loss of civil rights, desperation and violent crime – virtually every ill we face today without evolving beyond this brutal system we revere as a religion.

We will not undo the systematic oppression of anyone who doesn’t obey until we expose the various tools of control such as spreading fear, hate and ignorance as well as misdirecting peoples’ attention to issues of less significance – until we reassess our priorities as a nation and connect them to the ecenomic spystem which has entangled itself throughout every aspect of society.

Tools such as racism, patriarchy, religious intolerance, homophobia, creating an obsession with possessions to dull curiosity, various levels of nationalism to increase suspicion of “others” and increasing obedience by painting free thinkers as “different” to discourage non-conformist ideas are all aimed at specific groups to increase the effectiveness of each. All to make sure the masses keep the faith.

I was thinking one day about the axiom in Capitalist dogma (mentioned earlier) that declares that growth is always a good thing. Well, it reminds me of a quote by the noted essayist, Edward Abbey:

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”

Well, it seems to me that a case could be made to consider blind adherence to a system that destroys everything in its path to be the suicidal embracing of a cancerous existence.

And, that’s not an illusion.

10 comments on “The Illusionists

  1. No problem. Thanks for reading it. Too many people go about their busy day complaining about petty abuses of the system without paying attention to the biggest crimes on the planet. If the Federal Reserve and other huge criminal organizations weren’t manipulating the entire economy and indoctrinating the population with obscene propaganda, we’d be able to have single payer health care, house and feed everyone, eliminate corporate welfare and enjoy a diverse economy with ample opportunities for most people. Thanks, again. Read more of my essays. You might like some. Peace.

  2. The best monetary reform I’ve seen is public banking, explained by Ellen Brown at her website publicbankinginstitute.org. I agree with you and now the people need to become aware of “The Public Banking Solution”-the title of Ellen Brown’s latest book. She is one helluva smart woman.

  3. Thanks for the lead. I’ll look into “The Public Banking Solution”. And, thanks for reading my blog. Peace.

  4. All true, esp the widespread misunderstanding of Capitalism. Since majority of ppl that pass thru K-12 edu will spend most of their lives working for wages, the role of labor in this system must be clear. Buying stuff doesn’t mean you’re a Capitalist, although the freedom to choose a big TV or drive a Mini lulls many into that belief. First and foremost, in Capitalism, labor is a cost to be controlled and minimized just like taxes and electric bills. Higher wages = lower profits and lower wages = higher profits generally speaking. In other words, labor and Capitalism are in fundamental opposition. Labor’s losses are Capitalism’s gains. If workers were more tuned into this relationship they would likely leverage their far greater numbers to obtain much more favorable political, and hence economic, outcomes. Keep up the good work, ashi!

  5. You’re absolutely right. That’s why Capitalists have purchased the majority of media. It allows them to control how people percieve the world around them, their opinions about political and social issues, what is discussed and what is considered acceptable. They’ve even mastered how to control public dissent. They draw a line that allows people to vent frustration without bringing actual change. They breed obedience, some of which is disguised as dissent.

    Thanks for the comment.

  6. Do we have any hope, what can be done, is HR 2990 in our favour, this is all so confusing.

  7. H.R. 2990 never had a chance of passing. It would have been a great thing if there were more people in the U.S. government courageous enough to go up against the Fed (like Dennis Kucinich was). But the Fed’s shareholders are too wealthy and too powerful. They own the GOP and a large percentage of the democrats in Congress.

    Dismantling the Fed and basically ending fractional banking would be a blessing to the entire planet. The Fed profits off printing the country’s currency – before OUR government even receives it. If more people realized what that meant we might have a chance to force Congress to do something. Sadly, most people still just want to live in a big house, drive expensive personal vehicles and own as many comforts and conveniences as possible – instead of living in a democracy that values freedom over debt slavery.

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