Fear Sells, But You Don’t Have To Buy…

People all over the world embrace the chains around their hearts and minds. For many this bondage appears, unfortunately, to be stronger than their love of fellow human beings. Until this changes, they will not be free. As a matter of fact, most people don’t even understand what freedom actually is.

William Shakespeare said something to the effect that all the world is a stage. Oh, how on point he was. Most people play a role. Some play many roles – each designated for a particular person or type of person. And, the “play” we are involved in has a cast of billions with everyone having a stake in it. How we treat our fellow travelers on this journey called “life” affects us all.  When we do violence to anyone, we do it to everyone. Actions and words with hateful intent spread waves of negativity that can lead to injustice. That’s just the way it is – despite what the sociopaths from the FEAR industries state every day in the corporate media.

The great Dr. Martin Luther King once said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  Brilliant, compassionate man.

Blind Justice

It’s sad, and disgustingly ironic, that we have people who profess to admire Dr. King on one day, then beat the drums of war on another. Dr. King fought courageously many years for basic human rights for all people, but wasn’t murdered until after he angered the corporate-military structure by speaking out against the Vietnam War (and against war in general.) He attempted to teach that love and compassion are much more powerful than fear and greed. And, that oppression is an expression of evil no matter where you wield the weapons of racism, sexism, religious intolerance and xenophobia.

The powers that be don’t take kindly to the sort of talk that could threaten the control by the dominant “culture” over the masses. And, they have shown us many times that they will do anything  to maintain that control.

The most effective way to use fear or greed seems to be to use them in tandem. Fear of “others” in any form is the foundation of the monument to control and oppression built by our corporate masters in their war against consciousness. And, it is cleverly used to pave the way for the final piece of this framework of human carnage – economic warfare (observe the illusionists at the Fed). This part isn’t quite as subtle. In comparison, it’s a blunt instrument used to bludgeon those who don’t fall for the finer techniques of control.

We see and hear much about “our enemies” in corporate media. In truth, our enemies (I don’t like using the word, but it seems appropriate in this instance) are the enemies of life – those who capitalize on negativity and spread hate, fear, greed, intolerance, insatiable desire, jealousy and other destructive emotions in order to continue feeding at the trough of hate and destruction.

And, part of their elaborate undertaking is using distractions to direct attention away from the mechanisms of control. This way, most of the people don’t see what is being done to them. It’s clever – but not difficult to see if people unlearn the indoctrination. We need to look at the world with a new perspective – question everything, look for motives behind those who push their views with a single-minded vengeance. Remember: where interest lies, honor dies.

Follow the money…

So, if you don’t buy into the fear being sold at discount prices, you’ll be able to distinguish truth from propaganda. And if you know you’re a cast member in this human drama, you’ll be able to walk offstage and enjoy being.

These rulers are nothing more than financial terrorists. To bring to light the vicious weapons they use to subjugate their fellow citizens is the key to evolving beyond this trap of societal suicide. It’s another blemish on the face of respectability U.S. corporations hide behind. Each one helps show another truth and brings us closer to being civilized.

As Jeff Nguyen brilliantly points out in his blog “Deconstructing Myths”, “every voice is needed in the struggle” because “no one can tell just which single drop of water it is that will cause the levee to break.”

Each crack in the disingenuous wall of “reality” that these social designers have built to keep us apart is another crack closer to causing the entire edifice to tumble into a pile of dust. And, that dust is what true dreams are made of – the end of fear.

10 comments on “Fear Sells, But You Don’t Have To Buy…

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I appreciate everything you do to remind us of our humanity. You are right on that this is what “them” seek to keep “us” from discovering, that our collective voices have power. Speaking of voices…if you’re ever interested in contributing to the Mic check guest blogger series, I’d love to share your voice. No pressure. Peace to you.

  2. No problem, Jeff. Thank you. Seriously. Though not as eloquently as you, I write from the heart and ask people to look at themselves in an honest way. Empathy shouldn’t be exceptional. Neither should creative thinking. I feel obligated to write about important issues that are overlooked by the corporate types. I try to get people to observe their minds and decide whether or not they’re thinking for themselves or have allowed their minds to become automatic response systems. I try to encourage compassion, respect and justice while pointing out the violence of hate, fear, greed and ignorance. Much like you, I believe. Thanks for the likes and comments and, most of all, thanks for sharing your amazing gift with ideas and language. Oh yeah, thanks for the mic check offer. I think I’ll take you up on that offer.Peace.

  3. You can contact me through the “Connect” page over at my blog and we’ll go from there. I’m excited to hear from you and appreciate your interest.

  4. I’ll immediately snatch your rss feed as I can not in finding your e-mail
    subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any?

    Please permit me realize in order that I may just subscribe.


  5. Divide and rule is an ancient scam to keep the ppl down. Don’t take the bait is the best way to go. That “deplorable” fellow American is not our enemy, nor are we his. The ppl setting us off against one another are laughing all the way to the bank while we kill ourselves over the stupid bs they bombard us with.

  6. You got that right.

    People need to understand what is being done to them through manipulation of language. The corporate rulers own most of the media and control opinion by setting the framework of discussion and even defining the terms to be used. They massage our emotions and direct us into intellectual dead ends that blunt cretivity, effectively eliminating true dissent.

    “Don’t take the bait” is excellent advice.


  7. Great article fam. keep up the good works. Panther Love

  8. no surrender, No retreat

  9. Anything less is virtual slavery.

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