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UPDATE on “Excuse me if my wheelchair is in your way”

In my last post, I talked about personal experiences with my disabled friend, Shannon (who lives in a facility for disabled adults in New York.) I mentioned hospital visits due to neglect she had suffered at the hands of poorly trained, underpaid attendants. I also mentioned that the attendant who recently injured her was still working at the facility. However, I recently found out that that is no longer the case. Evidently, she was fired for her rough treatment of my quadriplegic friend.

Sadly, it took a lawyer and the threat of a lawsuit to get their attention. Thank goodness for pro-bono lawyers who care about people!

While in this particular instance, justice prevailed and an angry person was removed from a position of responsibility for the care of vulnerable individuals, it’s heart-breaking to think how rampant abusive behavior is in this field.

Shannon said recently that while having a certain amount of respect for the country she’s lived in her entire life, she cannot accept hearing it called “the greatest nation on Earth” until its most vulnerable citizens are treated with a modicum of dignity and respect.

To find out more about my brave friend, you can visit the page below. It was created a few months ago as part of a combined effort to help her after her courageous escape from a challenging living environment.


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