Murder In The First

Is Mother Earth terminally ill? Some people think so. Perhaps it isn’t too late to change our ways and avoid the path toward societal suicide that we’ve been on for the past century or so.

There are many people who realize the likelihood of a serious environmental disaster in the not so distant future. Unfortunately, there are also many who’ve been induced into a selfish state of self-deception by corporate propaganda which soothes their fragile egos with banal discourses on the importance of a strong economy. This “strong economy” is always geared toward enriching those who are already rich – the ownership class. Corporate media tell us that everything greedy, self-absorbed business executives do is acceptable – as long as the money piles up. Then we call them entrepreneurs. Adherents tune in to the “floating heads” hired to sow seeds of ignorance, fear and selfishness by preaching the gospel of Capitalism.

Trust us. Everything is OK. Go back to sleep.

It has become acceptable to plunder the Earth’s resources and threaten the very existence of all life on the planet as long as you “tame the wild”, “civilize the savages”, “push forward with progress” and “prosper.” Language manipulation is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of the con artists who have brought behavior modification to the level of a fine art. They’ve been extremely effective in doing their part to help the rulers subjugate the planet. Like they say, a little sugar helps the medicine go down. Or, the poison. 

At some point people will realize that, though some are far guiltier of the planet’s destruction than others, most of us are responsible at some level. Putting out your recyclable garbage and using a cloth bag for groceries isn’t enough. We’ve eliminated uncounted species, destroyed biodiversity, changed natural habitats and poisoned oceans and rivers in our maniacal obsession with wealth and control. Token measures will not undo the damage. We all need to be a part of the solution by coming together and putting a stop to the relentless machine of mindless greed that has destroyed everything in its path regardless of the consequences.

The solution requires converting to renewable sources of energy and conserving resources on a massive scale. (And, not invading other nations to steal THEIR resources.) It will also require a serious reassessment of priorities. We’ve been told for decades that progress means technological advancement, efficiency and monetary gain; that the planet is nothing more than raw materials to build what we want and that people are nothing more than competition. To the rulers, people are merely commodities to be traded to increase profits and animals are nothing more than food. A synthetic hormone that causes cancer, but increases profits, is acceptable. A fuel source that strangles the entire planet is embraced decades after new technologies are designed that can easily replace it while reducing the dangers to the ecosystem. It seems corporate executives have more of a right to contaminate the planet with toxins than the rest of us have to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

Trust us. Everything is OK. Go back to sleep.

We are insane. Seriously. Intellectual laziness is so common in society that blind ambition and a complete lack of morals have been repackaged as success. This is one of the main goals achieved by Capitalists in recent times – the conservative revolution”. Those of us too lazy to think for ourselves allow sociopaths to fashion our “opinions”. The new breed of economists preach that morals have no place in an economic system. That’s why their god is efficiency. It’s cold and sterile, but it looks good on paper. To them cancer, diabetes, obesity and other diseases and disorders are simply parts of an equation that can be justified in the larger context of human accomplishment (a dubious description of our scientific advancement at the expense of enlightened understanding.)

We’ve allowed billion dollar oil conglomerates to steal resources, leave environmental disasters in their wake, devastate local economies and still, we give them billions in corporate welfare every year – estimates go as high as $15 billion PER YEAR.

Trust us. Everything is OK. Go back to sleep.

Corporations like Monsanto and Dow Chemical are actually terrorist organizations. Before you start laughing, find how many people have died or been injured and sickened from chemical weapons such as napalm and agent orange as well as other nefarious products designed by these war criminals to increase profits (and disease) and lower costs (and brain function). And, give some thought to how much damage has been done to the planet from the detonation of hydrogen bombs. Dow manufactured triggers for them for years. Monsanto manufactured triggers for the atomic bomb during WII.

In 1965, Dow Chemical also manufactured an insecticide, chlorpyrifos, which was marketed as Dursban, Lorsban and Renoban. Studies have shown that repeated use of these products has been linked to auto immune disorders, neurological problems and developmental disorders. Exposure to pregnant women has been shown to interfere with the mental development of children. This caused the products to be banned from use by homeowners in 2001, but they are still in use by agriculture corporations.

Monsanto manufactured an herbicide in 1970 called glyphosate that was so deadly to plant life, they’ve had to genetically engineer crops that are resistant to this deadly poison. Today, many people are aware that this amounts to an attempt at a virtual takeover of our food supply and that the effects on the human body caused by these toxic products is extremely dangerous. But, we allow it anyway.

Trust us. Everything is OK. Go back to sleep.

We were all taught growing up that civilization advances. That’s the natural order of the universe. And, in the West, we are told that Capitalism feeds the hungry hordes and allows everyone ample opportunities to succeed in life. Well, the truth is that we are not even civilized. When we hold the monetary gains of a small minority as more important than the survival of entire species, we are nothing more than a virus or disease. That seems to be the legacy of the human race on planet Earth. Disease.

Well, the planet is dying and if we continue on our current path, Mother Earth will be brought to the coroner. And chances are the coroner will say it’s murder in the first degree and the human race has been caught with blood on its hands.

3 comments on “Murder In The First

  1. Monsanto and Dow Chemical have a special place in my heart for what they did to the Vietnamese people (see my “Dear Monsanto” letter at my blog). Birth defect and cancer rates are still elevated in Vietnam just as Fallujah experienced after white phosphorous was used by U.S. military in Iraq. These are the real war criminals and terrorists among us. Thank you for sharing your courage and moral clarity, it’s much needed.

  2. Having avoided the indoctrination, I could do no less. Sitting at a computer and writing what I think and feel is easy. Hitting the streets and protesting death, destruction, immeasurable suffering and state-sponsored terrorism is what makes my heart sing. Thanks. I’ll check out your Monsanto post. I have another unfinished essay about just Monsanto sitting around. They have a special place in my heart, too. Peace.

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