This is the first thing I’ve written in a while – actually, it’s the first thing I’ve written and posted in a while. I’ve been going through a change lately – no, not THAT kind of change 🙂 – a change in how I feel about and perceive the world. That may sound drastic. Maybe, it is. However, I’m talking about a subtle change. I tried writing a few times in the past couple of months and wasn’t feeling it. I felt burned out.  I needed a break so I stayed off the computer for a few weeks. Then, after going back, I was somewhat hesitant and indifferent . I realized I’m in a transitional period in which my writing (and life) is going through a noticable change. I feel less anger – though I still feel determined to do what I can to raise awareness. I feel a little less frustrated despite the fact that everything seems to be falling apart here in this world of buying and selling souls and bodies like so many knick-knacks. I’ve decided that anger and frustration can only make things worse.

OK. I’m rambling. Sorry about that.

Anyway, this “transition” has given me an idea to write about. I see a connection between what I’m currently going through and what we’re all going through collectively. This is a time of transition for the human race. People honestly need to open their eyes (and hearts) and look around. We need to see what’s truly happening and decide to help humanity evolve beyond selfish greed and petty hatred – or help the predators continue destroying the entire planet. No, that’s not hyperbole. It’s what is going on outside of the self-imposed cells most of us exist in these days. And, there is no “in between”, no moderate view. Usually, taking a “moderate” stance simply allows the status quo to continue and appear to be more reasonable. So, don’t fool yourself with convenient, self-congratulatory  gratification. Don’t get caught up in the show we’re all just a part of.

There’s far too much distraction from what really matters. TV, movies, the internet, magazines, video games – you name it, it’s out there for people to get lost in. We’re numbing ourselves and abdicating our responsibility for maintaining a civilization.

Ha. Civilization. Now that’s something that’s become nothing more than an intellectual curiosity today. I won’t bother with details. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. Or has their head buried in the proverbial sand.

At what point will a majority (enough?) of the human race wake up and realize that we are committing societal suicide? Just how much rampant destruction and sociopathic, predatory behavior will we accept before people say “No more!” and demand actual change?

Change. That’s another interesting word in the modern world – a word that’s lost it’s actual meaning. Now, it’s merely a term used in public relations to tell people to go back to sleep because everything is alright now. The current imperialistic regime isn’t the first to use it. It’s been used by many to manipulate many more. The Washington, D.C. insiders used it after Watergate to tell everyone that there was only one psycho running the show in the early 1970s. And, people believed them

Ronald Reagan Inc. used it to start the demonization of Jimmy Carter in 1980 and get the United States of Corporations back on track to dominate the globe. They convinced the masses that Carter was a horrible dictator bent on grinding the U.S. into oblivion. And, people believed them.

Their use of Fascist tactics has been refined since the days of Nazi bootheels pressing deeply into the necks of the masses, of course. And, it’s all the more insidious because of how “successfully” violent and abberant behavior is encouraged without the masses realizing they are devolving as they are played like a child’s game.

To get back to the original point, a transformation of consciousness is necessary and, in my opinion, inevitable. One way or another. If enough people find their humanity, we will evolve beyond the worship of self and possessions. By continuing to embrace a violent system that rewards hate, greed and blind individuality we are blurring the distinction between possessor and possession. And, we will destroy human life on this planet. Life will continue, of course, but not human life.

This is a video I borrowed from NPR as a visual aid:

Let’s be like butterflies and break out of our coccoons.

Peace and compassion.

9 comments on “Transformation

  1. Madison Avenue did a great job selling selling “hope and change” to the people at the bidding of their bosses. That’s why the POTUS has been such a betrayal, first and foremost, to the black community, but to the rest of us also. Rather than the culmination of the civil rights movement, he represents the cynical co-opting of it.

    It’s good to hear your voice again in the blogosphere!

  2. You’re points about the importance and inevitability of change is essential to tapping into our collective humanity which is where our real power lies. This is what the ruling class fears the most, not just a critically thinking populace that embraces transformative change but a united one as well.

  3. Thanks for the “welcome” back, Jeff. (After this hiatus of sorts, I admire your writing even more so – to write at an exceptional level of talent and do it so consistently).
    Rubin, Geithner and the rest of the Goldman-Sachs/Federal Reserve crowd that purchased the services of the president in ’08 put a clever twist on the old “divide and conquer” strategy. It’s always been about keeping us divided. They’ve perfected controlling dissent by helping manage it themselves. (Tea Party Inc. is a great example)
    Another piece I was writing over a month ago (and might finish one of these days!) is basically about what you mentioned about unity. In it, I point out that we are all part of one living organism (my Native American influence). I also discussed commonalities vs. differences and which of those is conveniently hightlighted by a corrupt corporate media. It’s titled, “Fears Sells, But You Don’t Have To Buy”. Thanks for the kind words, my friend. Peace.

  4. Great post you raised my spirits. Please keep banging out the words.The problems you address are worldwide and indeed in some places are considerable worse.

  5. Thanks, hjfoley. Raising spirits is a great thing. Very happy I could help.
    Yes, the entire planet is facing the dire consequences of the actions of a relatively small amount of people and the inaction of a larger amount of apathetic people who’ve been taught not to care. It’s sad, but we WILL see a transformation. Eventually. I hope you’re enjoying life more now that you’ve slowed down (?) a bit. Thanks for the comment. Peace.

  6. Society has lost their moral imperative. A true sense of right and wrong. Good and evil. Who has the will to stand up for what is truly good.
    There was a time, not to long ago, when people would rather starve than do wrong. Now, the corruption is so rapant, everyone is using the excuse of, ” I’m doing for my family . How else am I supposed to get ahead.”
    Doing the right thing, especially when it concerns your fellow man, is paramount.
    And right now doing the right thing means standing up to this absurdity.
    Thank you for a dose of righteousness
    Welcome back.

  7. Thanks. The Capitalist Indoctrination Process is how the majority of the population has lost it’s moral compass. We are programmed with new “morals”, new ambitions, new desires (disguised as “needs”) and are dumbed down to the point of not being able to think creatively. This has caused an epidemic of immorality that has endangered the survival of the human race and an incredible amount of people don’t see it. It’s easy to fall into despair when looking around at what has become of humanity, but there will be a change. It’s inevitable, but it takes an amazing amount of patience to stay positive. Thanks for the comment. Peace.

  8. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

  9. Thanks for the dose of Jimi Hendrix. (I’m a big fan – especially Band of Gypsys) Jimi knew what was up.

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