How Do You Like Your Poison?

One hundred forty six people sick and thirty dead from eating tainted cantaloupes in 2011. More than one hundred people sickened and possibly twenty one dead (four were miscarriages or stillbirths) from listeria contracted from eating cold cuts and hot dogs in 1998. Four hundred twenty five cases of salmonella poisoning in 2006 and 2007 from peanut butter produced by infamous U.S. food manufacturer ConAgra.  Spinach infected with salmonella and mixed salads tainted with E. coli. Frightening headlines in recent years and all this has happened just in the United States. So, what happened? I thought we had learned to use technology to eradicate deadly diseases. Aren’t we learning techniques to keep food safer now that we have modern technology? You’d think we’d be able to protect our food supply from disease and infection with all of the modern equipment and so much intricate testing pushed on the poor food manufacturers who are expected to jump through hoops of fire just to bring us our necessary nutrition. Don’t all of the corporate executives around the world complain every day that regulations are strangling them?

In 2012, Consumer Reports conducted a study of pork sold in supermarkets throughout the U.S. They found that 69% of samples of ground pork and pork chops tested contained Yersinia enterocolitica bacteria. This causes approximately 100,000 people in the U.S. alone to get sick every year. At least four other forms of bacteria were found – most of them resistant to antibiotics. For this, we can thank those in the livestock industry and their friends in the pharmaceutical industry for cold-hearted cooperation in profiting on death and sickness. Amazingly, antibiotics weren’t the only drugs found during the study. Also found were traces of ractopamine, a drug put into livestock feed to induce leanness and quicker growth. While it is legal in the United States, the dangers of the drug have caused it to be deemed illegal in 160 countries. Yes, almost the entire planet. Obviously, there is something wrong there. It couldn’t be that the FDA in the U.S. has been purchased by corporations, could it? Studies have linked exposure to ractopamine with over 200,000 deaths among pigs as well as anxiety and restlessness in people and animals. Who knows what will be found after further studies are done?

The danger of toxic substances in the food people eat is a multi-faceted tale. It’s not strictly about farmers deciding to use dangerous drugs in animal feed. There are the multinational corporations that buy meat, fruits and vegetables and “manufacture” food products. There are pharmaceutical producers that sell drugs designed for specific purposes to farmers and the food manufacturers. There are government agencies responsible for overseeing the food manufacturers, the farms and the pharmaceutical industry. And, supposedly, there is an independent media to expose wrongdoing done by all of those involved. Now, this is where it gets sticky – especially in the United States. Since virtually all media in the U.S. is corporate-owned, no one seems to have the slightest concern about whether or not the truth gets out to the masses. Therefore, fingers are pointed in all directions spreading blame every which way but where it belongs.

Everyone knows that Capitalism has become the state religion in the U.S. (and some other nations) and the fact that it values efficiency over all else, has allowed corporations to grow incredibly large over the years. In some industries, it’s reached a point where virtually no small business can exist due to political manipulation on Wall Street and in other financial centers around the world. There has been a cannibalistic devouring by large corporations of their smaller competition and mass production has become the norm. This, in turn, has created a multitude of problems few people consider.

The business methods used in the age of Big Agriculture have been a boon to pathogens reminiscent of the Dark Ages in Medieval Europe – not to mention, a form of cruelty to animals. The megasized food manufacturers are mostly to blame for this due to their pathological desire to maximize profits no matter the cost to the health and well-being of their fellow citizens. They encourage farmers to take part in practices such as limiting the variety of plant and animal species on farms; overcrowding livestock in tiny pens and cages (which are basically jail cells); bypassing proper sanitation methods and not concerning themselves with clean or healthy food and water for the animals. These despicable conditions have provided fertile breeding grounds for deadly organisms to reproduce prolifically and spread illness around the globe – all in the name of efficiency.

Wait, there’s more…

In the never-ending quest to get more for less, food manufacturers have foisted upon the public genetically modified foods which have been changed from their natural existence through genetic engineering. This has started a rapidly growing industry – biotechnology – which involves molecular cloning, synthesized DNA and adding or “knocking out” genes to accentuate certain traits supposedly beneficial for increasing production. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s been around since 1973. Now, at first, it might sound like a good idea to increase food production and feed the hungry. That’s how the corporate propaganda makes it look. The reality is that this technology poses serious health risks and has yet to address the plight of the hungry in the world. There are still MILLIONS OF CHILDREN GOING HUNGRY in the U.S. alone – supposedly the wealthiest nation on Earth.

The issue of detrimental health effects isn’t discussed often enough in government circles because the food toxin consumption industry is profitable enough for corporations to buy legislation amenable to their bottom line without drawing much scrutiny. In the U.S. it’s usually done through the evil American Legislative Exchange Council. And, it isn’t discussed nearly enough in the media because corporate predators have purchased the entire media “industry” in order to fabricate disingenuous propaganda to manipulate public opinion on virtually every issue pertinent to the human race.

However, there are many studies linking GMO to various diseases and disorders. Here are a few to ponder: cancer, sterility, hormone disruption, diabetes, heart disease,  immune system dysfunction, intestinal damage, metabolic syndrome, insulin disorders and premature aging. But, the United States FDA allows it in our food anyway.

Sounds hyperbolic, doesn’t it? Yes, supposed “news” stories financed by people who have billions riding on the future of this technology will have you believe that the studies aren’t conclusive. Even if that were the case, doesn’t it make sense to err on the side of safety rather than expose ourselves to something even potentially that dangerous? Just when did it become acceptable to gamble our health so haphazardly – and without any benefit other than increased profits for a select few who don’t need it?

Meanwhile, the Institute For Responsible Technology reported: “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GMO food; including sterility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system.” Also: “The American Academy of Emergency Medicine asks doctors to advise patients to avoid GMO food.”

A French study done at The University of Caen in 2012 that was peer-reviewed in Food and Chemical Toxicology stated that rats fed GM corn treated with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide developed deadly tumors at a much higher and quicker rate than rats not exposed to it. It led French officials to call for a ban on Monsanto’s GM corn “at a European level.”

Many people will look at this problem and figure it’s just a matter of greedy people trying to get away with making a little extra cash. However, collusion between not only different companies – but different industries – that leads to disease, addiction and incredible suffering is too much to accept even in the bloodthirsty system of Capitalism. If all of the pieces of this grotesque puzzle are put together, we see a conspiracy (yes, I dare use that cursed, overused word) to reduce the majority of the population to mindless sheeple addicted to unhealthy foods and toxic medications. This poisons both the people and the planet and creates a vicious cycle of drug epidemics which leaves the masses unable to live happy, healthy lives (not to mention more pliable to be fitted into the molds the rulers have created for us).

The level of evil needed to propagate a system such as this is beyond comprehension. If people don’t awaken from their pathetic delusion of thinking the “captains of industry” would never do something so insidious as threatening the health of the entire planet, we will all have to pay the price of losing what it truly means to be human. We will be nothing more than lab rats being fed poison. It’s time for the masses to wake up…

6 comments on “How Do You Like Your Poison?

  1. Thanks. Obviously, a very important issue. Peace.

  2. It is very frightening to think about really. Is anything that we eat really healthy if all of our fruits and vegetables are GMOs?

  3. IF all fruits and vegetables were GM, it would truly be a scary world in which to find something healthy to eat. There are still people who are not tools of the corporate sociopaths running this world. They use organic farming methods which provide non-toxic foods with healthy nutrients. However, the corporate manipulators who have stolen our governments have pushed legislation which subsidizes unhealthy food. This causes organic food to be more expensive than poison food. Almost everything sold in the U.S. has corn sweeteners made from GM corn which cause serious health problems. This increases customers for the evil sickness care system – more drug addicts. Shop sensibly and investigate. You will find healthy food to eat. Peace and blessings.

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