Language: Do You Use It Or Are You Used By It?

Language. We all use it every day, but how many of us realize when we are being used by it? Does that sound like a silly idea to you? The “elitist” corporate rulers know how to use language to redirect other peoples’ money into their possession, avoid paying taxes on that money and divert the attention of most of the population away from how they do it. Does it still sound like a silly idea?

Did you ever notice, for example, that negotiations between business owners and those they employ are referred to as “labor” disputes (as opposed to “management” disputes) and that management will “make concessions” while workers “make demands”?

Hmmm, interesting. How often do you hear that social programs that feed and clothe poor people are called “reckless” and “careless”, but billions of dollars wasted on unnecessary and unused weapons are “necessary for security” in corporate media? Why is an economic policy that costs so much in terms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness called “free” trade? And, why is it that people unable to find work need to “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” and avoid the embarrassment of receiving welfare, but when corrupt and/or incompetent millionaires and billionaires receive billions of dollars in taxpayer money it’s called a “bailout” or a “subsidy” and considered necessary in order to stabilize the economy?

We need to avoid the trap of being caught in a battle that cannot be won. The class warfare waged by financial terrorists against the rights of people everywhere starts with a war of words. It’s insane to remain in a battle using a playbook written by those who are fighting against your best interests. So, why do we allow a small group of people who care nothing about anyone other than themselves set the framework of discussion on all political and social issues? Why do we allow them to tell us what we want, when we want it and how hard we should work to pay them for it?

Why are poor immigrants called “aliens” while wealthy immigrants are called “entrepreneurs”?

Why do we have “high hopes” – but “low expectations”? Are we being set up to accept defeat and, thus, acquiesce to control by the “rulers” of society – the “successful” people?

Speaking of “successful”, why is someone who was born wealthy and never worked one day considered a “success” while the worker who provides a necessity in the community and earns a modest income considered a “loser” by many people?

It sounds insane, doesn’t it? So, what gives? Well, to begin with, most people have decided (or not decided?) to stop thinking for themselves. They allow others to choose what is important to them. It sounds like the behavior of an obedient, abused young child. How do these predators do it? Are they that much smarter than the rest of us? Or is it that they have no moral guidance to let them know when they’ve gone too far in taking advantage of others and use cunningly charasmatic people to get their messages across? As for the seemingly comatose masses, just how does an adult with a functioning brain get to the point of not caring to prioritize anymore? Interesting question. There are several possibilities to explain these phenomena…

One is that there is a “financial elite” controlling virtually all of the media in the U.S. (as well as other nations) and that they use this formidable power to convince a large percentage of the population of the desirability of using their time merely to attain possessions and engage in mind-numbing entertainment. They have learned that an effective way to make obscene amounts of money – and keep it – is to control as much of the behavior of a captured population as possible through clever manipulation of emotions. Sickeningly large amounts of money are appropriated by reliably predicting what useless possessions people will obsess over if the proper buttons are pushed. Manipulation of language in advertisement is a powerful tool in that endeavor. Studies are done to evaluate what particular words are most effective at eliciting a desired response in people. These words – or usually phrases – are shrewdly placed in ads to tell people what they “need” and “want”. Interestingly, because of the subliminal nature of these messages many people who arrogantly think they are immune to this tactic are the most susceptible. This is because they aren’t aware that their subconscious accepts the message and creates a “manufactured need” that they will believe they initiated themselves. The seemingly endless repetition of these ads results in outrageous amounts of money flowing into the bank accounts of corporate executives in the advertising and media industries.

Now, if people were more comfortable with their environment, they probably wouldn’t be as receptive to such evil deceptions. However, the cleverness of these callous conspirators is multi-layered. The cold-blooded way in which they have cultivated a lottery mentality among the population not only enables them to predict behavior, it allows them to spread feelings of desperation in people causing them to think they must take advantage of others to avoid being taken advantage of themselves.

“It’s a dog eat dog world out there.”

“Take care of #1.”

“Nice guys finish last.”

This sets in motion a merciless machine-like system that has people fighting each other for a small “piece of the pie” while ensuring the wealthy keep the largest share for themselves. Working class people who struggle for a barely tolerable existence see the wealthy and are told that they can attain great wealth if they follow the rules set up by these “entrepreneurs”, these saviors of the deserving from the despair of mediocrity. These scam artists paint a beguiling picture of themselves successfully “making it to the top” and living a spectacular life. In actuality, they are nothing more than high dollar swindlers playing and preying. They play on people’s manufactured dreams and prey on their gullibility.

It’s been said that “words can be molded until they clothe ideas in disguise.” A concept of evil intent said by an evil man – Josef Goebbels, the infamous Nazi Minister of Propaganda. But, it could easily have been said by Rupert Murdoch, the Australian-born Global Minister of Propaganda who owns media throughout the world – including an incredibly large amount of satellites orbiting the planet.

Murdoch has built an empire that manipulates public opinion in nations throughout the world. He and his fellow corruptors mold viewpoints and create the illusion that a majority of a given population support a particular idea or legislation that will ultimately separate people from their hard-earned money. They usually succeed and, in doing so, increase the obscene profits of corporate charlatans who can’t seem to get enough wealth to satisfy their diabolical desires.

In an interesting twist of logic that works on a subconscious level, we are told in romantic stories (a make believe world) that to think of others before ourselves is valiant and heroic. Meanwhile, we are shown in every day life (the real world) that to think of others before ourselves is foolish and unproductive. This sends us the dictinct message that idealistic, utopian thoughts are childish and unrealistic. Obviously, those involved in making a fortune off misfortune have much to gain by using malicious manipulation of language in this way to control behavior.

The war of words very likely has a long history, but it was brought to a very disturbing level during the 20th century. From the inception of behavior modification by Edward Bernays to the exploitation of perceived needs and hungers by executives on Madison Avenue and in Hollywood, people have been led by their monkey minds to act in whichever ways are desired by the devious salesmen running this obscene system of Capitalism. If those who are victimized by it don’t believe they are wearing chains of virtual slavery, they are being horribly deceived. If you have the sense to see the chains around your arms and legs, then they are not around your heart or mind. If we are to evolve beyond blindly obeying the relentless attacks of these brutally savage masters of deception, we must avoid falling for the automatic responses they are successfully managing to evoke in us. No matter how alluring. No matter how tempting.

We can pretend we are satisfied with a system of holding individual freedom over the collective well-being of society, but how long can we pretend we are satisfied with a system that is fueled by dissatisfaction? Since the engine of Capitalism is greed and striving to achieve, then we cannot succeed without taking advantage of others. And, we cannot possibly achieve. Otherwise, the system breaks down.

And, more important, do we honestly want to be remembered for the time civilization gave up on what being human is truly about? Do we want to be reviled by future generations as the people who decided that life was worth living without freedom and compassion – that merely existing in technological dependence and ignorant apathy was enough?

People say money talks. They also say talk is cheap and you get what you pay for. I guess we’re getting what we pay for.

I’d like to leave you with something to dwell on. It isn’t about language, but addresses the issue of the direction we’re heading as a society. They are sacred words from the heart – instead of heartless words from manipulative minds:

“Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”  – An ancient Native American proverb

2 comments on “Language: Do You Use It Or Are You Used By It?

  1. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness I’ve come across in your blog. I try not to toot my own blog on other people’s blogs but I wrote about similar themes in a previous post: http://deconstructingmyths.com/2012/11/04/the-citizen-who-came-in-from-the-cold/. Language is the key to decoding the hidden messages of the dominant culture.

  2. I consider it an honor to receive a compliment like that from so gifted a writer. I don’t want to come on too strong, but your blog is my favorite – though I am new to blogs. Nevertheless, you have moved me with words and that is a rare talent. I will definitely read what you wrote on language – as well as anything else of yours I come across. It is amazing what people have been able to accomplish with the power of words. Some good, some (very) bad. I mentioned Edward Bernays and the birth of modern advertising in at least one of my essays. Also, the powerful indoctrination process in this country is touched on quite often. Perhaps unfortunately, I have managed to overlap themes a bit much in the few things I’ve posted. It’s how my mind works. I see the inter-relationships of things and my writings reflect that. Anyway, thank you once again. I look forward to reading many more of your writings.

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