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Sowing The Seeds of Our Own Destruction

Greed is a plague that thrives in a society based on economics. A society in which love of money and possessions is so widely accepted that greed & selfishness are rewarded is doomed to destroy itself. This is especially true when moral courage and creative thinking are routinely dismissed as childish idealism that has no place in “the real world.” These traits, when combined with delusional arrogance and a short term vision of a society’s possibilities, can form a sort of spiritual cannibalism in which humanity is stripped from human beings.

Remember, all empires plant the seeds of their own destruction. 

With Capitalism, greed not only spreads rapidly, it leaves its victims with the delusion that they are “doing the right thing”, simply trying to get the most out of life. This happens despite the fact that it has become commonplace for people to do violence to each other – i.e. taking advantage through lying & stealing, manipulating perceptions, suppressing basic human rights, brutally competing for resources instead of cooperating, etc. – in the name of “making a living.” This is due to systematic programming of the masses – sermons from the ruling class polished with a Madison Ave. sheen that promote Capitalism as a religion. This technique to moderate behavior has become so effective that Capitalism is now the state religion of many nations. The evidence supporting this as fact is overwhelming, particularly if one decides to speak of the degradation of civilization caused by such a barbaric system. Obedience is expected. The backlash of the Capitalist Fundamentalists who preach the doctrine can be vicious.

A staggering amount of attention and importance is devoted to the settling of finances today. An inordinate amount of resources, human and capital, are used to collect, count, transport, hold and trade currencies. And it has happened without anyone seeming to notice how out of balance we’ve become. 

People are clinging to the commandments of this religion in a desperately futile attempt to reconcile the obviously opposing elements between Capitalism and any form of spiritual growth. They work hard at disguising the fact that they are selling their souls for comfort and complacency with false, though clever, justifications.

The fact that an entire industry of propaganda artists are manipulating perceptions through mainstream media is no excuse to fall victim to a state of moral bankruptcy and intellectual masturbation. Self-deception can lead to mental slavery. Excuses are convenient, but disingenuous. We all have the responsibility to use our minds and see through the smokescreen of obfuscation – and to help others see through it as well.

Sadly, most people in the U.S. seem to be looking for a reflection of their own ideas – or rather, the ideas that most deeply resonate with the emotions inside them being toyed with by society’s manipulators. They just “think” these opinions are their own. They only acknowledge those ideas that conform to their narrow view of the world and seem more interested in defending these tightly-held opinions than in finding the truth. They find sanctuary in living in a dream world that can be managed every time reality knocks on the door – the path of least resistance. It’s easy for many people to be told what to do, even how to think. This intellectual laziness requires no responsibility, therefore it’s convenient in allowing them to place the blame for defeat on someone else.  

Evolution of the human race will continue once sane people with moral courage can figure a way to get enough people to understand that Capitalism is only a stepping stone and if allowed to become permanent will lead to societal suicide. It’s a predatory system that feeds on artificially strengthened emotions of greed, fear and hate. It has no built-in mechanisms to prevent unbalanced individuals from reaching sociopathic levels of these emotions. And this is why violent people without empathy rise to the top.

It’s said that the eyes can be windows to the soul. Today far too many people in the U.S. have pulled the “blinds” and nailed their windows shut.

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